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A preview of something new—call them one off pieces if you will. I’ve been making predominantly functional ceramics for the past three years, simple vases are about as decorative as I’ve got so far, these, on the other hand haven’t been made with function in mind. They serve simply as a vessel, a term that is often overlooked and thought of badly by many potters. Before I started making ceramics I thought my career might lead into graphic design of some kind, I certainly haven’t lost that interest. Graphic imagery and photography have become very much integral to my craft and means of promotion as of late. Something was lost in my work due to it’s simplicity in form and surface, a sense of ‘play’ and a means of creating marks and the answer is simple. It’s quite incredible what difference a discrete line can make. Not only does it create work that is more sculptural, but it opens up a whole new domain, combinations of lines, crossing, intersecting, parallel to one another, following the forms of the pots or contrasting against them. I’ve only made a handful of these and the process itself was enough to draw me completely in.

Firing and glazing these will create a vastly different object than what’s on show here. The idea with the sharp lines is to create regions for the glaze to break on and pool. Rims of pots coated with the darkest green often split on sharp edges to reveal glorious metallic browns and my white glaze cuts to a grey, almost black hue. I’m hoping these marks will encourage the same effect to happen. I’m yet to fire any, so time will tell and I’m feverishly excited, it’s new ground, finally.
I’ve had quite a formal training when it comes to pottery, and while making usable pots is something I love doing, this adds something else altogether. I don’t want to be a potter trapped making functional pots forever when there’s so much more to the craft than continually making utilitarian work. Spending an afternoon carefully creating these vessels was the most riveting and terrifying moment I’ve had in the pottery for months; and it was induced by a measly coil of clay.

@mercedesamg is turning 50 and we celebrate our partner's anniversary with a special limited edition from the Ingenieur family: the #IWCIngenieur Chronograph Sport Ed. "50th Anniversary of Mercedes-AMG". Follow our Snapchat story for the watch launch at the 24-hour Nürburgring race.
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Для тех кто еще не вкурсе, Мы запустили новый бренд аксессуаров.
Мини кошельки, чехлы на телефоны из натуральной кожи крокодила и питона, а также серия "умных" брелков и гаджетов готовится покорять мир. Подписывайтесь и следите за новинками @smartaccessories.pro

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The ‘Sweptail’ is without question a Rolls-Royce that fits to the marque’s DNA #RollsRoyce #bespoke #sweptail #luxury #craftsmanship

One from my personal collection. Purple on purple 😍 Just put 4 of these babies on etsy. Some of the best glaze patterns I have ever managed!!

The largest of any modern era Rolls-Royce, the grille is milled from solid aluminium before being polished by hand to a mirror finish #sweptail #bespoke #luxury #craftsmanship

This explains why my allergies are so bad this spring: Oak tree pollen! I live in a grove of oaks and those worm like things on the truck bed are catkins (technically aments), or clusters of male flowers that produce pollen. Once they've released their pollen they fall off the tree, so this is a sign that allergy season is nearing completion. Willow and Birch trees also produce catkins.


Boungiorno Tutti 🐝🐝🐝 Yellow Capri out & about on this beauty @littlelakshmi #GrazieMile 📸😘 #craftsmanship #madeinitaly #familybusiness #danishheritage #slowfashion #happystripes #summer H💥T Ciao 👋


Amazing what man can make out of nature's own elements🌾🐘🌸🌺🌹🌷. The work of a true artist indeed, so dreamy! 💕. #ChelseaFlowerShow #thelavendercloset .
#sloanesquare #craftsmanship #flowers #london #sunnylondon #chelsea

Special BIG UP à toutes les mamans 🙌 Odette vous souhaite une très bonne fête 💞

Ici petit combo solaire : choker Venice, colliers Nevada & Summer ☀🌴🚈
SS17 (lien dans la bio)
Credit photo : E-Motion
Modèle : VR
Special BIG UP to all moms around the world !! Enjoy your day ✨
Here perfect combo for sunny days : choker Venice, necklaces Nevada & Summer (link in bio)
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Have you placed your order for Tuesday production? Plenty of new coffee in from the 2017 harvest. New Kamwangi AA lot, new washed processed Ethiopian, Dhilgee and a new espresso MC from El Salvador.

A lot of rumors floating around that I hot mop my pans... dumbasses. #flexseal #likeaboss

For sale on eBay now, 1806 Spanish 8 reales covered in chop marks from the Far East. Merchants would stamp their own specific symbol into the coin in order to authenticate and verify it, once it had made its way by water to the other side of the earth. Coins are always fascinating simply because they are a representation of the time in which they were made, in addition to the fact that everyone had to have them, unlike a luxury like jewelry coins were an essential part of life. It's a piece of history that has been traded back n forth for a couple hundred years passing through countless hands, traveling thousands of miles, remaining desired while everything changed around it. Point is coins say a lot but to actually be able to see where the coin has been and even just to know that a Mexican territory Spanish coin made it to China sometime around 1806 is beyond fascinating. If your interested in owning a unique piece of history or even a beautiful piece of silver head over to eBay and throw down a bid. Message me if your having trouble finding the exact listing, my selling name is westleyp216 and I do not ship overseas. #silvercoin #history #antique #coincollecting #spain #mexico #china #silver #craftsmanship #unique #rare

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