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Here's another WIP video of the completion of the Prismatic Penumbra Egg - this one is my best seller (and also the one in my profile pic!) 🌈 It's currently out of stock but I will be doing a shop update next week and will have this and a few new eggs re-stocked! 🐲🥚🐲 #wip #workinprogress #timelapse #hyperlapse #dragon #dragons #dragonart #dragonegg #dragoneggs #art #craft #handmade #handcrafted #prism #rainbow #penumbra #prismaticpenumbra #supportart #supportartists #supporthandmade #supportsmallbusiness #howitsdone #howitsmade

By @ohhholly88

Pass us the joint, please 😏
Did you know we have a Facebook group exclusive for woodworkers? Join it so you can meet other woodworkers in your area, ask questions, and post your coolest creations! Please search for: INSTA WOODWORKERS // KNOT & GRAIN on Facebook!
PC: @bubbasbubba

Double tap if you're single and ready to flamingle! 💖💖💖 or if you just love flamingos 😂 These cupcakes giving me that good summer feeling. Who else is ready for warm days and vacation? ☀️ #flamingo #cupcakes

Day 52: Marshmallow
Craving for some marshmallows toasted over charcoal 🙊 Today my alumni friends and I had a sharing session with the Primary 6 kids at my alma mater. It's funny because when I was a 12 year old like them, I was so shy I'd never imagine giving a talk to hundreds of people on stage. And there I was, telling them to get rid of limiting beliefs. #walkingthetalk

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A narrow store jar and its lid. These pieces are fired together with minuscule waddings separating the two, ghostly marks left by these can still be seen on the bare clay of the body. The clay around them flashes a warm red hue as the flames wash around the forms. I fire them together to ensure they fit, occasionally they fire tightly, or a warp might develop, especially on the thinner bottom section. There’s an easy fix to make them fit with a glassy smooth finish. I use what is essentially a gel that contains very fine or coarsely powdered carborundum. I run it around the gallery in an even layer and carefully grind the two pieces together until they run smooth without grit or sand getting in the way to create a rough sound.
The underside of the lid is very simple in design, it has a locating gallery that goes both inside the pot and horizontally outward. They’re rather substantial, the lids, as the thick corners aren’t completely hollow. As I turn the lid in situ with the body I carefully trim the top surface to be concave, only just, but it’s enough to easily let the glaze pool, resulting it quite spectacular crackling and colour.

As pieces go, these take longer to make than you might imagine. I turn and smooth every inch of them when leather hard, save the interior which is left with its throwing rings traveling up inside. The base, outside walls, gallery, rim are trimmed and burnished, the same goes for the lid. As they’ve developed over numerous batches they’ve got taller and narrower, more elegant I hope. The lids have come a long way too compared to the first iteration of these. Repetition truly does yield better results.

For so long, I've lived my life with this pressing feeling that I will die the next day ☁️ I never lived in fear, but it was always "what's the point?" After I discovered what passion really is, I was able to turn that perishing and debilitating feeling into "If I'm not going to make it until tomorrow, I may as well be as productive as I can today!" 👊🏼 The future was still bleak with that mindset. It's been a process to do what I've needed to for myself, but I am liberated. I can finally see a future, I can feel that I will be alive tomorrow and I'm really happy and proud to have reached it 😊 It feels really good. I am not sick, I am Vincent. I am happy. I am alive. Perfection isn't happiness, and it never will be. If it was, I don't think anyone could feel content! It's hard to see, but my yarn is in my hand and I can finally feel the sunshine☀️This mental illness I was given, I've learned to love and appreciate it. It's part of who I am. It's helped me accomplish my dreams. Bliss. I haven't opened myself up completely, but I want to. Thank you all for accepting my mind for what it is and the words I pour onto a screen 📱YOU have changed my life, and I could never repay that. It's a debt I am happy to have. Please know, wherever you are in your mental health journey, you are not alone and you are not sick. You rock in your own way is all 💕 Thank you for accepting this young man ❣️(Photo credit to @genzo.raw)

Meyveli Yaz Pastası😋😍😊
Video sahibi:By @sumeyyeomer 🎥
👉Krema malzemeleri;
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1,5 çay bardağı tozşeker 
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1 poşet toz krem şanti
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2 adet hazır pastaban (Kekini kendiniz de yapabilirsiniz, sayfamda pandispanya tarifleri mevcut.)
Krema malzemelerinde krem şanti ve vanilin hariç karıştırarak pişirin. Fokurdamaya başladığında vanilin ekleyin. Ocaktan alıp soğumaya bırakın. Biraz soğuduğunda krem şantiyi toz halinde ekleyip çırpın. Pasta kekini süt ile ıslatın. Kremadan sıkın. İstediğiniz meyvelerden ekleyerek kat kat tamamlayın. Ben 2 pasta keki kullandım, 4 kat oldu. En son üzerine krem şanti sürerek tamamlayın. Kenarlarını bisküvi ile süsleyebilirsiniz. Üzerini de istediğiniz meyveler ile tamamlayıp servise sunabilirsiniz.Afiyet olsun.😊
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Daha Fazlası için Takip Et👉@harika.videolar

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Люблю свою работу 💕
Это правдивые слова, сказанные от всего сердца. Длительная кропотливая работа с прекрасными материалами, в результате которой рождается красота!
Рада видеть счастье в глазах своих клиентов, учеников и всех вас, друзья!

Мои готовые работы: @rimel.handmade
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#448 LUCARIO: Fighting/Steel
Gen: IV
By catching the aura emanating from others, it can read their thoughts and movements.
Scene of Lucario mastering its aura in a cave!
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Domestic scenes

Berikan yg TERBAIK! .
We Draw You Funny Face...
"Because everyone has their one stories & they deserve THE BEST CARICATURES"
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Photos up on the Facebook from last week's Flaunt - Come party with us and Johnny Raincloud tonight

Repost! 😍
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You're such a good mom! Raise your hand if you went to Bloom and got to enjoy the sign art project with @boardsandbottle? Scroll through to see all the cuteness! {Missed out? No worries! They're available for custom made wood signs, and hosting your own party!}
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매주 토요일 부산시민공원
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The nation's exquisite masterpieces– 'Pebbles' by Hwang Samyong, the Mother-of-pearl Inlay Master from South Korea.

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