Would love to wake up to her 😍😊🍑😉 @didi.did_xx go show her some love!! 😙 #booty #bootybootybooty #bootyfordays #crack #buttcrack #crackkills #bumcleavage #thong #thongpull #sexypanties #panties


"One method of getting loved ones to look more fondly on your climbing is to tell them that since you've started climbing you hardly do drugs anymore." — David Harris #happyglobalclimbingday #crackkills #climbing

When two powerful forces collide, magic happens in front of us. When someone happens to be in the right spot with their GoPro they can capture this fleeting moment in time. When this powerful force is done colliding with the other powerful force it then collided with me and my GoPro sending me and my camera sideways and backward up the beach and over the rocks. Had I not surely captured this moment in time, I may have experienced a tiny bit of embarrassment having all this happen in front of a crowd of people. But I’m a photographer so instead I stand up, pull my trunks back up, and feel inward victory knowing I harnessed that power both in camera and in myself where shame has no hold.

A little frame repair I'd did last winter on my 45" frame. When I pulled the backbone out the seat post forging was fucked. It was full of cracks. So I spent some (A LOT) of time filling with weld and reshaping. Remember kids. CRACK KILLS!

This made my day 🤣😂 This lil Neon had THE LOUDEST exhaust I have ever heard. The video does not do it justice. Idk how such a small car with a small engine can be so loud lol. Everybody around us couldnt stop staring at it 😅

Happy Saturday. Make someone's day ♥️♥️♥️
#happysaturday #makeaday #crackkills #gstring #cantunseeit #humor #whoops

When you spose to be @ Peacock but you hear about a joint called Mr Crackle!!? That’s playing Nas!!! #crackkills @nico_taurian you know you down bro 😜

Just another day at the park....! Sun shinning ... Butt this foo really climbing a childs playground with his cracc showing!!! Haha LMAO
#crackkills # park #funinthesun

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