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So much love in this one!⠀

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I can't put it in words!

Today is father's day and I am remembering what my therapist said to me, you have to earn the right to certain titles in life. Just because someone has your genes, it doesn't make them worthy of certain titles. She no longer refers to mine as my dad or my father, we simply call him "him," a man who helped to biologically create me as she says. A father isn't someone who make you terrified of the sound of footsteps outside a door even twenty years later. I don't have a father (or a mother, or any family) but that's okay. It is okay even when it doesn't feel okay. I heard my therapist say out loud "you don't have a father" for the first time this week, and it felt good. Not sad, not wrong, just someone validating something I've known my whole life. At last.

I still have a long way to go with getting some parts of me to acknowledge this and just a long way to to in general but this is the first year I mostly see this day as any other day, because it is!

Having said that, being with Becky and seeing how wonderful her dad is with her has shown me what a dad actually is. It's a foreign concept to me, but it's also beautiful. So if you have a father (whether they are still here or not,) please celebrate them today. If you don't, then just have a nice Sunday. And remember that everyone needs to earn the right to titles in your life. Mothers, fathers, friends, partners. You get to choose who gets titles and who doesn't. 💛 Everyone makes mistakes and some relationships can be hard, they deserve work and time and effort. But there's a difference between mistakes and abuse.


Man... I've lived a life of chronic illness and pain. I was first tested for a chronic illness (arthritis) in 1st grade! (But my traumas also began before I could speak) I have many illnesses, but so many lifelong floating symptoms that are just shoved under an umbrella diagnosis (i.e. fibromyalgia) I've been wanting #b12injections for years, but never had success with my Dr, as they assumed I wanted a boost. Last week, my doctor (she's newer) realized b levels had never even been checked! I was found severely deficient, and received my first injection today 💚 I was also tested for #celiacdisease and based on my endoscopy, it's looking likely. So many answers!! Today is the first time in at least 15 years that I can say I don't feel half dead. That's not an exaggeration... and now that I just smoked some weed, which made me eat, I'm on cloud freaking 9!!! 💚🌹💚 I can't wait until I can make the world feel this good!! It takes one person at a time...😜
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I'm all over the place today😅
Spent some time baking and made Triple Choc Macadamia Cupcakes. What even is life?
Still feeling the full effects of my cold and struggling a lot with it. That's okay though. I shall enjoy this cupcake and roobios tea.
Had a massive bowl of porridge for lunch so I think this is a nice dessert. Can you have dessert for lunch? I am hehe🙊

"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift."
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A stranger inboxed me feeling the need to share how un-Yogic my weight training posts are. That they thought they followed an authentic Yogi, and apparently I am not. Now I must admit I am not perfect, but I am real, and I have a lot to work on, but I'm always honest about it. When I teach my Yoga Classes and set intentions for the class, and discuss Yoga philosophy throughout the class, it's not just for my students, it's for me too. I learn a lot more from my students than I could ever teach them. When times are tough I am honest with myself, when times are flowing well I'm honest with myself.
Hmmm 🤔 interesting, the last time I checked passing judgment was also un-Yogic. But hey, who am I to say? 😏
Well, here's another few for the haters 😋 and for those who need inspiration 😘 Yep, I post my progress, not only to be able to track it myself, but to inspire those who think they can't. For years I struggled with my weight, due to a toxic relationship that left me with scares to last a lifetime. It also took me years of ups and downs to finally find a place I'm content with, which is still at times a work in progress. I was sitting at 115kg when I left him, it took a long time, 2 years of changing my lifestyle and doing it the right way, rather than some shitty diet that doesn't work; in 2 years I lost 40kg. Although I lost the weight, I also lost myself a long time before that, Yoga helped rebuild myself, and now strength training has helped me continue on this path we call life, on the path of healing, proving to myself I am stronger than yesterday. This here, my journey, it represents more than body image, it represents strength, it brings me peace of mind & allows me to feel like I can achieve anything. When you spent a majority of your early 20s being beaten, called nasty names & spat on, I think it's safe to say that you can be proud of where you are now & want to share it with the world.
So please, before you judge someone's posts, maybe ask, to help you understand, and if you still don't like it, lump it... Ya'll know where the unfollow button is. 🙂🙃 Sending love to those who have always supported me & continue to support me. 💜

Not expected but when you're desperately needing something to help that isn't self harming... (yes I obviously know I'm not juggling yet before I get the dms telling me that. But I'm working on it)
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I hate that the memories still pop up just like it was a few minutes ago. But I keep going and it's made me strong. #cptsd #keepgoing #notallwoundsarevisible

Being an Italian woman with C-PTSD, I tend to be very wordy! 😅I have learned over time that less is more. So tonight I'll simply say "God bless you" and know that's more than enough. 💫🌙💙🙂🙏🏼#godblessyou #goodnightworld #theemptiedheart #emptiedheartsareempoweredhearts #addictionrecovery #ptsdrelief #cptsd #peacefulnight #childofgod #recovery #thirdstep #mindfulness #mindfulselfcompassion #restwithgod #youarenotalone #youaresafe #positivethoughts ***Photo from Pinterest uploaded by Mary Gerada

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