Being on the beach this weekend in Spain and seeing all the tanning got me thinking about sun exposure and vitamin D. A #current #globalhealth issue is vitamin D levels, specifically the 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) level. This is commonly obtained via diet and sun exposure, but it’s been found that many adults have vitamin D levels below the recommended amount. For example, it’s estimated that almost half of the population in France have vitamin D levels below the recommended amount. Even those who are frequently in the sun can still have low vitamin D. In Oregon, people above the 45th parallel (Corvallis-Salem area) have a different type of radiation exposure from the sun than those in more tropical areas due to stratospheric refraction. In Menorca, we found that there were so many beaches to choose from and they all were free to enter and had public transportation options. This strikes me as a #healthequity. Having equal opportunity and access to a beautiful beach and clean water no matter who you are (even non-Spanish speaking Americans) was a luxury and experience we thought a lot about. #osuinlondon #cphhs

Roman baths were built 70 AD. The water that flows through the Roman Baths is considered unsafe for bathing because of it having to pass through the still-functioning original lead pipes. #WASH These baths were created so individuals would be able to come together as a #community to bath themselves. A lot of individuals at this time would make friends at these baths. Individuals were encouraged to use the baths of royals and upper-class individuals because it prevented diseases and helped them to create relationships in their communities. This is an example of #interdependence because the cities built these baths to provide access for individuals to bathe and try to prevent diseases. Even though the upper-class population had their own private baths there were still baths for lower class citizens, so nobody was left out. #healthequity #ancient #osuinlondon #cphhs

The health benefits of animals as a companion has been shown through many studies. They make great friends and protectors. They rely on us for a home and owner, while we rely on them for love and companionship. They have been shown to help people with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. Animals are non judgmental creatures, so they are available to anyone who cares. #interdependence #equity #cphhs #osuinlondon

This sign was found by the border control stations at the Southend London airport. Human trafficking is a #current #globalhealth issue because in 2016, 40.3 million people worldwide were in modern slavery. 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children. Women and girls make up for 99% of victims in the commercial sex industry. Being a woman can be a #socialdeterminant of health in that women are more likely to be sexually assaulted and victims of human trafficking. I1 in 5 women in England and Wales have be sexually assaulted since the age of 16. #osuinlondon #cphhs

In Spain, we went to a beautiful beach that was full of all different types of people. Everyone was very friendly and the water was amazing. It is very important to get out in the sun and enjoy nature. Mental health is just as important as physical. Salt water also has skin benefits, such as exfoliating dead particles. For people who may not have access to baths, this could be another option. #experimentallearning #community #adventure #personaldevelopment #osuinlondon #cphhs #WASH

Right now, a group of College of Public Health and Human Sciences students are in London studying global public health. As part of their experience, they’re sharing photos that illustrate public health course concepts. From what we can tell, @carinaburgher is nailing the assignment! You can follow along by checking out #osuinlondon and #cphhs.
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Views from the London Eye 🎡
I thought the slow ride would make me anxious and I was right... Not because it was so high up, but because I had so much time to contemplate the #current #globalhealth concern of air pollution! The pictures of the horizon get more and more hazy, indicating problematic emmissions and air quality (#socialdeterminant). King's College London, in association with London Air, has been doing a lot of research on air quality and health outcomes. The research suggests that, along with the assumed respiratory issues associated with exposure to pollution, long term health effects also include increased risk for other #disease, especially relating to the heart. Some studies even conclude that air pollution adds to health #inequity because impoverished and disadvantaged people are more likely to experience negative health outcomes due to poor air quality. #osuinlondon #cphhs

Mental illness, specifically depression, is a huge #current issue. In England, 1 in 6 people will report experiencing a common mental health problem (depression or anxiety) in any given week. Organizations like the Grassroots Suicide Prevention have developed services to help those who are suffering from mental illness and contemplating suicide. The Grassroots organization has developed an app called Stay Alive which gives users instant access to local helplines and crisis services. This is an example of #interdependence because the organization is giving people access to mental health resources and in times of crisis people rely on their services, like the app, to help them. #cphhs #osuinlondon

This is one of only two printed collections of the human genome in the world located at the Wellcome Collection. The complete discovery of the human genome is a recent accomplishment in the world. It created a competitive community to accomplish this task and this lack of #interdependence spurred progress. That has provided #current opportunity for human disease treatment. The limits associated with knowing the human genome are limitless. The #globalhealth implications of specified treatment allow more more specific treatments. Most these treatments are limited to the upper classes the #socialdeterminant of cost and income provides a difference of treatment. Although the genome is copy-written, it is available to all forever. #community #cphhs #osuinlondon

This replica of the #BroadStreetPump in SoHo is a #britishicon for their community, or for anyone who has an understanding as to why this structure is significant. This pump, at the time, unknowingly contributed to the spread of cholera to hundreds of individuals in the area. Cholera is a #disease that spreads through fecal infested waters and spread throughout the homes of loved ones and took over 600 lives in a matter of days. In the 1850s a lot of individuals in London did not have a lot of access to cleaner water, so they had to get water where they could (#WASH). The locals, at the time, had trust and there was #interdependence on the policies that the Board of Health put in place after John Snow discovered the true source of the outbreak. Their water. However, their form of government didn’t take the steps needed to ensure that cholera wouldn’t strike again and years later, the disease took even more lives. #osuinlondon #cphhs

This is an empty cigarette box I found littered on the ground in London. In the UK all tobacco products must be in plain packaging which includes no fancy fonts, claims, branding, and many other regulations. This is an example of #interdependence as the local health departments at an organizational level are depending on those at the policy level to implement these laws and regulations for the tobacco companies. This may be an attempt of #prevention at the primary level because it is trying to reduce the attraction of tobacco products to susceptible populations who do not already smoke. #osuinlondon #cphhs

With less than a week left in London, I am looking back and thinking about all of the great #adventure s I have had these past few weeks. I now know much more about traveling abroad, dealing with difficult situations and understanding a new culture as we have had so much freedom on this trip. #personaldevelopment This photo was taken at the Buckingham Palace on one of my first days in London #britishicon #osuinlondon #cphhs

The #ancient Roman Baths were created around 70 AD as a way that the community could sweat and bathe themselves to wash off their bodies. Many people would bathe very frequently here, which was very uncommon at this time for other cultures. The Romans had the intentions of keeping people in a community clean however this quickly became a health issue since many people bathed in the same water and would also drink the contaminated bath water that often had parasites such as lice and fleas #WASH I had a great time exploring the Roman baths and having the opportunity to see all of the history in person makes for a learning experience that is hands on. #experientiallearning #osuinlondon #cphhs

Archeologists found 17577 coins buried in by a Roman building near the Roman Baths. These coins were hidden in 8 leather bags that date from 32BC to 275AD! They are believed to be money from the tax payers. People at that time already know to exchange goods with coins to buy soap and food to maintain healthy living. Tax goes to building better health care system and infrastructures

By providing free newspapers, there is accessibility for all in London to keep up to date with current social and political events. With multiple daily presses comes an uptick in litter, which contaminates the streets and can pose public health concerns. Excessive print and litter demands a full-force workforce to keep the economy balanced. #socialdeterminant #interdependence #cphhs #osuinlondon

Got a chance to go on the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour and it was pretty cool. I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I got a chance to get a different perspective of what it means to be apart of that community. People from all across the globe came together to share this experience with one another. Being apart of a community can be beneficial to ones mental health, because it allows one to be themselves with like minded people, without the fear of being judged and unwanted. #TeamGryffindor #Community #Adventure #CPHHS #OSUInLondon

Science denialism is a #current global health threat. The denialism of climate change is dangerous because without change, Earth will no longer be able to sustain human life.
An additional reason science denialism is a public health threat is because people believe false facts about vaccines such as the idea that vaccines give children autism.
Vaccines protect both the individual as well individuals who cannot be vaccinated (herd immunity). Vaccines protect individuals from different #diseases such as meningitis. Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges (protective membranes which surround the brain and spinal cord) and in serious cases can lead to death. According to the CDC, there are over an estimated 1.2 million cases of bacterial meningitis worldwide each year.
#osuinlondon #cphhs
These pictures were taken at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

This weekend I took a trip to go see Stonehenge all by myself! Stonehenge is a piece of stone work built by peoples of the Neolithic period, which is why it can only be speculated as to what it was constructed for. Historians, Archaeologists and the like have thrown out many suggestions like: it was used as a burial site, a healing site, a temple for prayer, a calendar/clock, and even for charting the stars. At first I was nervous of going alone and almost backed out, but being on this trip has taught me to seize my moment and not be afraid. I’m so happy I went because it was breathtaking to see a major piece of ancient history outside of a textbook. I think my #ExperientialLearning of taking London public trans helped make me more confident to venture out on my own. At first glance, the public trans systems are very daunting, but after doing it for two weeks it became pretty easy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Ancient #BritishIcon #Adventure #PersonalDevelopment #CPHHS #OSUInLondon

This exhibit at the Science Museum highlights antimicrobial resistance and explains why it's a #current #globalhealth issue. This portion of the exhibit explains that one of the root causes of antimicrobial resistance has been linked to feeding antibiotics to farm animals. One farmer knows that he must keep his animals healthy without the use of antibiotics so that drug-resistant strains don't affect the animal. To prevent his animals from getting sick, the farmer wears different boots and cleaning equipment for each animal species #prevention. According to the NHS, the drug-resistant strains can pass through humans or the environment in three different ways: direct contact between humans (especially farmers) and animals, contact during the preparation of meat, or through the animal's excrement. Microbes know no borders. This is what makes antimicrobial resistance a global health issue. It's hard to predict the specific number of people who would be impacted should a drug-resistant strain or superbug become powerful enough to determine who lives and who dies. #osuinlondon #cphhs

The cigarette packaging in the UK is unlike anything you’d see in the US. Last year they implemented laws requiring all cigarette packages to be in standardized packaging with graphic images of the dangers of smoking. Packages must be contain at least 20 cigarettes to ensure they are big enough for the images to take up 65% of the front and back. Australia implemented similar laws and saw 100,000 fewer people smoking after one year, showing the #interdependence between cigarette packaging laws and the health of its citizens #osuinlondon #cphhs

This Roman Bath is an #ancient example of #WASH. The temple was constructed in 60-70AD with the bathing structure built over the next 300 years. The baths were intended to keep citizens clean. Most people bathed once a day which was a lot for that time. Women were allowed to use the baths in the morning and the men used them in the evening. The entire process of bathing took hours and involved oils, massage and hair removal. The baths were communal and as such often polluted with dead skin, hair etc by the multiple people who used it. Some wealthy people had their own private Bath at home but commoners would use these baths to keep clean #healthequity #osuinlondon #cphhs

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