Кепки C.P. Company с линзами👽
❓ЦВЕТА: коричневые, чёрные, тёмно-синие. ❗️РАЗМЕРЫ: М, L
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The Luis have been together for over 65 years. And the pink hats? Just a coincidence (or so they say...)💕

Lilac and Burgundy, one of our all-time favorite Chinatown Pretty color combos. She once told us: “I will tell you stories all day, but no photos.” We caught her on another day where was game, and luckily she was wearing her signature outfit.

Florals on florals on florals sported in Oakland Chinatown. Side note: we have a gallery of awesome hats over at #CPhats.

Sydney Yuen, 73, our retired butcher friend with his signature beard, beanie and pinky nail 🤙🏼

Feng Linh Feng looking pretty in purple.

Mrs. Shen in a handmade seersucker bucket hat. Also, this picture makes us smile every time.

When we took his photo, James Yang proclaimed "I'm a real fox!" Although his outfit is pretty simple (monochrome beige with a red beanie), his personality made him one of our all-time favorites.

Met 90-year-old Joe Tam while he was on a quick bok choy run (the joys of Chinatown living!). He speaks Canto, Vietnamese, English and French 😮

For those who've asked... #kangol #CPhats #CPtheidiot

Joyful outfits on rainy days. Mrs. Wong wore a pinwheel umbrella hat and green rain jacket as she stocked outdoor fruit displays.

"Did you go to Puerto Rico?" we asked. Hong Xi Liang: "No, I went to a travel agency and they gave me this hat."

Mrs. Chen wearing a hand-embroidered hat she bought from Thailand nearly two decades ago 💕🐘

Another San Francisco summer look: puffy + denim jacket combo worn by Liu Qiang, 83, who was on his way to read the newspaper at a restaurant.
Jacket: from China
Hat: from grandkids

Guam Cuixia, 74, in her super wide-brimmed sun hat. She wears it everyday along with her thick gloves to keep from getting "too tan."

Mrs. Shen, 89, in Oakland Chinatown ☺️

No "I" in team. Bo and I crushing some team PC calling from Trent & Brock. Distance ain't stop the heat 👀 #CP #CPHats

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