I shared my finished #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns on my podcast last week {link in profile if you want to check it out} but here is a shot of them! I love them!! I really enjoyed seeing the details of this design come together!! I thought it only appropriate to get a photo of these gloves at a coffee shop! Mmm now what color should I do these in next?🤔 Do you like to do colorwork?

Cozy Cuppa mittens. Done all but the thumbs. The only change was the cup on the right hand mitten is reversed. I wanted to be able to "cheers" the two cups🥂. They still need to be blocked too. #cozycuppamittens

My #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns are compete. I just need to give them.a good block to shape them a bit. I love them💖. This is my first ever stranded work, and now i want to make all the stranded things. ,😁😍😍

One Cozy Cuppa Mitten complete. #cozycuppamittens #lettlopi

Knitted these for my daughter for Christmas...only I made a mistake on the 2nd one. At least she will know which is left and right 😂 #cozycuppamittens #knitting #strandedknitting #loveknitting #knittingkeepsmesane #knittedmittens #handmade #handknittedwithlove #handknittedwithcare

Guys!!!! Check out these amazing #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns. I used Birch Row and Chewy. #theperfectstitchfibreco #yarnporn #yarnaholic #knittersofravelry

Oh yeah I am.doing it. Real first attempt a stranded work and I am getting the hang of it. The tension is getting better. So excited about getting these done. #cozycuppamittens

Just got my Lopi for my #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns . I got this from @thewoollythistle during cyber Monday and I can't wait to get started. Maybe if I knit them we will actually have cold weather.

My work so far on the #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns. With a matching mug rug and mug cozy. My 1st mitt was too long for my hands so the 2nd was done on size 2 needles for the hands (size 5 for the cuffs). Still need to fix the 1st and add thumbs.

{{Teal Tuesday}} I am working on the cuff of my second #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns I really love how the first mitten came out! The fit is perfect. I will soon be ready to go build a snow man with the kiddos.

Just fueling up before getting back to orders!!! Thank you all so much for your support and orders that have come in both with my update and sale! You are keeping me busy and I love it! The sale runs till Monday. I cast on my second #cozycuppamittens as I bound off my first mitten last night!! Woohoo! It’s so cozy!

I finished my first #cozycuppamittens and I feel like my colorwork is getting better. Hopefully blocking will even things out a bit more and make it look nicer. But I'm happy with it so far. #strandedknitting #knittingmittens #colorworkknitting

Just a quick reminder that my first mitten pattern will release Monday, November 20th. That's just 3 days away people...omg I can't believe how fast it got here. These mittens are knit from light worsted yarn and are a quick last minute gift if you know a coffee/cocoa/tea lover!
And as promised they will be free--for ONE DAY! so if you are excited about this pattern be sure to take advantage of this deal and download on Monday. This is the first of 4 patterns coming to my Ravelry shop this winter and I couldn't be more excited to share them with you all. 😘 #simplyservingdesigns #ravelryshop #knitmittens #cozycuppamittens

{{Teal Tuesday}}
Making more progress on my #cozycuppamittens while I drink a little afternoon pick me up with my favorite “mommy’s special treat” Milano cookies in mint chocolate. This mitten design is looking at being released by the 20th!

{{ Teal Tuesday }}
Time to talk about all things Teal! The sign is this photo was a little DIY I did about 5 years ago. I took a plain wood sign and painted it then added this sticker which was a dollar store find. My Teal project this week is my #cozycuppamittens by @simplyservingdesigns I am loving seeing the color work come together. I can’t wait to turn my other skeins of Teal goodness into wonderful handmade happiness!! Today’s Teal Tuesday could not have been topped off any better with the arrival of my very own #happymail in Teal from @midknitcravings 💕💕 I got my first package from them. I ordered their newest colorway Twinkle. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! What does your #tealtuesday look like?

Even my needles ❤️ this grey weather we have today. It calls for cups of coffee and candles being lit. I cast on last night my #cozycuppamittens That I am test knitting for Lindsay @goodallwifeknits And I am ready to start the color work. It seemed only appropriate to use one of Lindsay’s charms I got from her shop for this project since this is her pattern I am working on. The teal and white combo won from the polls. Thank you all for helping me decide! I am loving how my project matches my bag I received from @fatesthread You will see this later this month in her shop along with a lovely progress keeper from me to match, as well as this mitten pattern! Im@so excited for the release of both! I think they will make excellent gifts!

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