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Details Today 💕
Feierabend jetzt geht es mit Junior zum Zahnarzt 😅schönen Nachmittag euch 💋
Schuhe @converse, Mantel @tommyhilfiger, Pullover @zara, Armband @petitefrancaise.de, Uhr @urvaerk (10% Rabatt mit fashionsabs)
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My favourite cozy place ✨💖

Photo Inspired by bae @alexisren 🌹she makes me feel all body confident & such but anyways... I recently found my way back to the vegan lifestyle. If you be been following me for a while, you know I've gone back and forth trying to figure out what is best for me.

I would say I found my way back in a natural process; meaning my body wasn't craving meat, dairy or anything of the sort. I just didn't want it quite frankly.

I've been vegan for about two weeks now. I can say in my experiences that I feel so much better not only physically but mentally. When I was consuming animals & animal products, I tend to feel depressed, uninspired & emotional. (Ask Levi 😂) This was really getting to me as a creative. I wasn't wanting to put new content out into the world. I would wake up sad & not want to make my brain work.

I am certain this has to do with the amount of hormones the meat industry pumps into animals before humans consume them. Those hormones don't just disappear. They're going into our bodies when we consume animals & I want no part of it.

Living in LA, being vegan is so freaking easy. I have everything I could possibly need as well as it being a more common lifestyle choice here. I want to make a change & have a part in changing the destiny of our world.

Part I of my scattered story. Stay tuned for more 🌎

good night everyone✨
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Why do I like Rae Dunn??? When I started buying this pottery in early Spring of 2016 the anticipation of not knowing what new pieces you would find made the hunt so fun! It became a fairly inexpensive form of entertainment. Something fun to do with friends- hunt and trade pieces. And I enjoyed the overall aesthetic of all the pieces together! I love the neutral colors and the whimsical words. And the imperfect shapes of the "handmade& #34; look makes it very endearing. I never would've imagined the Rae Dunn craze would become what it is now. I go into the stores these days and there is nothing. Luckily I'm pretty well set with what I have (obviously 😜). But that doesn't mean I still don't want those darn mixing bowls! 😍😍😍. Where are you, mixing bowls??? #neverdunn #girlsjustwannahavedunn

Today was a good day.... 🍃
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What colour is piedmont gray by Benjamin Moore
sofas are from La-Z-Boy
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Cozy bed good night🌙 Credit @roomforgirl Via @bridescoveted #goodnight #cozy


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Cappadocia, Turkey 🇹🇷 📷@doyoutravel

Палантин "Мятное Облако" . Соткан вручную на ткацком стане🙌🏻 из 100% кашемира Loro Piano. Идеальный для нашей переменчивой погоды🌨🌤⛈. Автор 🙋🏻 @mary.zhu.weaving

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