Stop talking about mountains and start climbing📈

During my dads battle against brain cancer I learned so much. Everything was put into perspective about life. Through his fight, he continued to teach me by way of his actions. How he handled it was such strength, grit, and determination.

He was up against a mountain, yet without complaint of how high the mountain was (less than 3% survival rate from Glioblastoma), he didn't complain, whine, worry, or ask 'why me.' He had every reason to complain and yet he continued to climb and fight. He climbed until he no longer could.

I think there alot to take from that. So many obstacles we all encounter throughout our lives, peaks and valleys, trials and tribulations. The most important thing we can do is keep climbing.

#CoyUp 🎗

"Everything I've aspired to do or been connected to, the purpose of it was greater than the individual. And so the opposition, adversity, and the challenge was always superseded not because I was something special, but my association of adversity, opposition was totally different. In other words, I understood perspectice drives performance. How I view what I do will always effect how I do what I do." - @inkyjohnson

1 year ago today it all begin. My day had his second brain surgery, an awake cranitomy. From that day forward nothing was ever the same. That time frame, from mid April to late August when he passed pushed me to bring awareness to Glioblastoma. By lunging 3 miles up Mt. Scott and 3.4 miles down and back over The Golden Gate Bridge.

I'd trade it all away to have him back but that's not how brain cancer works. Looking back on it, I don't know where exactly I found my strength I just knew I needed to fight for his cause. I know it was found somewhere along the lines of watching him suffer yet never complain. Proud of my dads strength and courage. He was a lion if there ever were one.

Lunging insane distances was my fight to honor his fight.

My performance was driven by my perspective.


#CoyUp 🎗

The month of May will be here soon!

The month of May is brain cancer awareness month.

The color for brain cancer awareness is grey.

Go grey in May!

The entire month of May I plan on honoring my dad and those who are currently battling glioblastoma brain cancer.

Stay tuned.


Circa 1996

I could have swore he walked on water. I wanted to be just like him.

#MyHero #CoyUp🎗

About this time last year, all was okay. Things changed soon thereafter. The month of April last year was hell. My dad endured 3 brain surgeries in a ~4 week span.

This time last year, we had no idea what we were really up against. If we only knew about the devil Glioblastoma.

If we could just go back to this time, Sawyer Kate Wilburn with her Grandpa, when all was okay for the most part.

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Today marks 7 months since Coy has passed... although I did not have a chance to know him before he became ill, I have had the pleasure of @poweraesthetics_by_cw telling me stories of the adventures and memories that they shared. I have to this day never heard a bad thing about this man. If he is anything like Cody then he must have been an ambitious, motivated, and hard working man.
I woke up this morning healthy... not something many can say and yet I show no grace. I want to start becoming more grateful for who I am and what I have. Coy fought for so long through pain and misery, and with that I should have no excuse.
I stop going to the gym for awhile and I lost some of my strength, but slowly I have gotten back. I went up in weight with my Sumo deadlifts 175lbs for 3 sets of 6 and goblet squats with 50lb dumbbell for 4 sets of 10. Be proud of the slow achievements! #fit #fitness #girlswholift #coyup #fight #fitnessjourney #likesforlikes #likes #likes4likes #gym #gymtime #gymlife #lifestyle #life #grateful #strengthtraining #strength #flexibledieting #powerlifting #deadlift #instavideo #instagood #instafit #fitgirl #goals

#PowerAesthetics⚡CLIENT spotlight @darren_kelley14. Hitting two new deadlift PRs of 410lbs and 415lbs.

Powered by the #CoyUp shirt🤘

About time last year deadlifting 345lbs was a struggle, now it's 415lbs.

Squatting 285lbs was a 1 rep max a year ago, now it's 4 sets of 8.

Bodyweight when we started was 187lbs. Current BW is 210lbs.

Bicep vein was kinda there a year ago, but now it be poppin💀

D has put in the consistent work and the best is still on the table for the taking. Nice work🛠

Oh and happy 21st birthday #Lit

The most massive of shoutouts goes to Sergeant @j1s13
This guy serves our country everyday and has completed 4 tours overseas. He is on his way to becoming an E7 in the United States Army. @usarmy
He was gracious enough to invite myself and @poweraesthetics_by_cw out to show us a little taste of the Army on Tues! And I loved every second of it! It’s obvious by my cheesin in almost every pic! Problem is you can’t let the enemy see you smiling around artillery or bearing arms! You automatically become not tough. *
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It takes the hardest moments of our lives to find out who we truly are.

Through my dads battle I learned, I'm at my best when my back is against the wall. When a moment in time requires all that I am, especially for someome I love, I'm willing to suffer great lengths. You never know these things truly until you are tested beyond your previous measure.

The last 4 months of my dads battle were rough. What I witnessed him suffer through, I haven't shared alot of it with anyone. I might never. Last year in the month of April, hell began. My dad had 3 brain surgeries in 4 weeks and nothing was ever the same.

September 9th at The GGB, the hardest day of my life to get up for in performance. I really wanted my dad to witness me lunging 3.4 miles over The Golden Gate Bridge.. but brain cancer had other plans. My dad unfortunately passed ~2 weeks before this September day.

No doubt he was there in spirit to carry me through🦁


It's only impossible until someone lunges the way.

Glioblastoma brain cancer took away many things.. my father's ability to walk, feed himself, sight, speech, and ultimately his life.

But one of the things it cannot touch is that special day when the stars aligned in more ways than one.

Father's Day, June 2017 forever stamped our last name to that mountain in southwestern #Oklahoma.

When you think of Mount Scott, don't think of me, think of my dad and the battle he endured.

I call it Mount #CoyUp


Haven't deadlift in 2 months. Felt rusty. Beltless for just 2 sets with just 405.

Deadlifts, bent over rows, pullups, pulldowns, and unilateral rows.

I'm a big fan of doing the harder exercises because they will lead me to the change I'm hunting for.


First time to get under a barbell for press in over 2 weeks.

This next block will be mostly focused on horizontal pressing & incline pressing, + few isolation movements which will be rotated.

I get the best chest gains in reps ~ 5-12 typically, training the chest 1.5 - 3 times per week depending. Today was a total of 14 sets. I don't typically do more than, say ~24 sets due to not being able to recover. I used to make the mistake of hitting a bunch of sets with mindless reps using a bunch of exercises yet was not getting optimal growth due to lack of recovery. More is not always better. Quality > quantity.

Mindless reps: high reps light weight/low intensity, in my experience, deliver a burn, decent pump at best, yet the chest doesn't grow optimally. Is that to say _NEVER_ utilize high reps? No. But I wouldn't make it of focus if your goal is a bigger chest.

Generally speaking, the chest muscles are mainly composed of fast twitch, very large muscle fibers that respond well to high forces

First time to touch a barbell in 8 days.

Felt good to get under a barbell again. Feel like I'm training and not just working out.

Today is the 6 month mark of my dad passing. Had alot on my mind so felt good to exert it through a loaded bar.


Lunging outside today in honor of 13 year old Justin Rodriguez from Lawton, Oklahoma. Today, he was laid to rest after a tough battle with Glioblastoma brain cancer.. the same cancer that my dad fought almost 6 months ago.

These lunges are to help raise awareness towards GBM and childhood cancer. More needs to be done. Please visit their facebook page at 'Hope 4 Justin.' For what it's worth, my thoughts and prayers are with Justin's mother and his entire family and friends. Thank you for sharing your sons journey with us. He will never be forgotten.

#Hope4Justin #KillBill
#CoyUp #LungingAgainstCancer

Received a special gift from a family member today. My dad's fingerprint. It's been almost 6 months since that day 🦁#CoyUp🎗

#SquatEveryday day 1,000.

It has been conquered!

What a journey it's been. Thank you for those who have followed this goal! Now on to the next chapter with some big things planned!

Big thanks to all who came out to support this fitness milestone with me!
@bryyy13 @_mindym_ @jjhype @sethmcgraw @dsmatthews0 @raeven_c_lemons

Swipe left for rest of vid! HYPE Alert!🚨 We recorded this a few days ago but today is the day for ol’ CDub! @poweraesthetics_by_cw ! Day 1,000 👀 of SQUATTING EVERYDAY! What?! 😳 It’s actually insane but he’s done it! And it just so happens to be on Valentine’s Day! We are going to have a Squat party tonight at 4 Star Fitness Edmond at 7-9pm! Bring your significant other! Let’s get fit together!
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#SquatEveryday day 1,000 on deck!

Let's gooo🤘

#SquatEveryday day 999 / 1,000

What a ride it's been. Almost 3 years at this.

The funny thing about this journey, squatting has been the easy part. I don't say that to sound tough or cool or strong, I say that because this almost 3 year journey has entailed the hardest years of my life.

To name a few:

Becoming a father.
Relationship change.
My Achilles tendon tear at day 509 from basketball
My dad's brain cancer battle
Lunging 3 miles up Mount Scott to raise awareness
Losing my dad
Lunging 3.4 miles over The Golden Gate Bridge to raise awareness
Finishing this mission in the wake of losing my best friend/dad

So much has happened I feel I could write a book on it. So when I say #SquatEveryday has been the relatively easy part I mean it.

Strength isn't necassarily about numbers on a barbell. Strength is watching someone go toe to toe with brain cancer, lose all of their abilities, and yet continue to fight and remain positive. That's true strength in my opinion.

I've learned alot about myself in this discipline.


#SquatEveryday day 995 with @jjhype.

Bent over rows and pullups THEN front squats!

Solid day. We got better today, the name of the game.


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