Segmenting days into smaller slots and schedules for meetings and tasks provides a clearer perspective on progress in various projects. This also gives you a sense of accomplishment after every block of time spent on a particular item. #coworkingbkk #coworking101

Nature is Art's biggest repository for inspiration, and can be applied to whatever industry including science, maths and geometry. #coworking #coworkingbkk #mondaymotivation

The best version of you will always be built on many failings to become perfect. #coworkingbkk #coworkingspace #mondaymotivation

Take a break especially on very busy days. A pause in the day helps reduce stress and fatigue and you become more productive in the long run. #coworkingspace #coworkingbkk #coworking101

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to learn. These are the one who help you grow and become who you aspire to be in the future.

Dianne tries to ensure that she keeps herself in a learning environment because it's what makes working fun and helps her gain insightful and educational experiences. #coworkingbkk #coworkingplaces #residentfeature #coworking

“Yut & Tee” our new batch of Intern from Thammasat University. They find Paperwork as perfect place to foster their creativity while working on their project. The versatility of the space benefits both students and business people sharing one space for multiple endeavors. #coworking #coworkingbkk

Just as art imitates life, so should design. Changes in real life can be applied into designs whether in ergonomics, trends or more urgently in sustainable materials. #coworking #coworkingbkk #mondaymotivation

Meeting other people in a coworking space isn't just getting to know the people with whom you share the space with, it's also realizing how they can help you and how you can help others. The opportunity doesn't end with taking a moment to talk over coffee, it starts with the potential of something new. #coworking #coworkingbkk #coworking101

The best way to share your ideas with a friend, the board or to potential clients is through story telling. The narrative form induces a broader mind with stimulated imagination and a more relatable experience. Compelling stories lend your ideas life. #coworking #coworkingbkk #residentfeature

The workplace should foster freedom in creativity, even delving into the culinary arts for your meals. Don't let the confines of your office define boundaries that do not exist especially in the artistry of how you work. #creativity #coworking #coworkingbkk #vietnamesefood

Others can rest assured that you can do your part in the work force when you have the confidence in who you are and most especially, in what you do. #coworking #coworkingbkk #mondaymotivation

The only true rival you should be competing against is your own list of achievements. Doing your best today means better efforts than yesterday and gives you the goal for growth. #coworking#coworkingbkk

There are those who look at challenges and see impenetrable walls, and others who find adventure in conquering it. Be the former and find obstacles or be the latter and find progress. #coworking#coworkingbkk#inspirationalquotes

When tasks are building up, it's always best to take a moment and see where you can take baby steps to gain momentum for a bigger leap during the day. #coworkingbkk#coworking101

The evolution of the working environment is shaping itself according to the needs of its users on a more professionally customized and personal level. #coworking#coworkingbkk#coworkingforum

Write history with the things you create everyday and with the future that you want to make. #coworking#coworkingbkk

Coworking spaces don't just offer a space to work, but an environment where your network can be expanded to different industries. It's also a place where you can advance your career by growing your ideas into something bigger than yourself.


Paperwork will be represented by its Founder and Director Sombat Ngamchalermsak in the Thailand leg of the Coworking Forum in partnership with Entrepnr, in Bangkok this Friday, 1 June, 2018.

To register,log on to: https://www.zipeventapp.com/e/coworking-forum


As we celebrate the most significant Buddhist festival in Thailand. Paperwork wishes all a Happy Visakha Bucha day! "Everyday we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."

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