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Who do you think this is supposed to be, guys?! Free download link to this game in my bio! Can you create an Episode character on there? I'd love to see who you can make! Thanks so much to @jemu776 for creating this one! #covetfashion #episode #episodelife

Meu look, minha pontuação... #covetfashion

I've been messing around in a really fun free game called Covet Fashion! Who do you think this is supposed to be, guys? Let me know in the comments below! The link to this game is in my bio! You can create all kinds of looks, and enter them into competitions and stuff! I'd love to see you guys make some of my Episode characters on there! If you do, be sure to send them to me 😁Also, if you want to add me on the app, my name is JosephEvans. I'll see you on there! #app #covetfashion #freegame #fashion #episode #episodelife

Anyone else loving these edits by @butterflyhudgens as much as me? I adore covetfashion and this is really damn cool 💯
#vanessahudgens #covetfashion #style #fashion


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