Spring Anthology - Writing Contest Winners Announcement!

Before we announce the winners we would like to thank everyone everyone who participated, and the volunteer judges: Rob Rinne and Amanda Torgis. And also the WCYR co-sponsoring this event with us (You guys rock!). The event was very successful and has us very much looking forward to the next one.

I will start by announcing all the stories and authors who will be published in our anthology followed by our 4 prize winners under 3 categories: Favorite Story, Favorite Poem and 2 Spotlight prizes for writers who maybe didn't make it in the anthology but something in their work stood out to all of us. (Drum roll) And the winners are (in no particular order) :

Short Story
*The Caged Angel
by Norman Gray
by Nanci Pattenden
by Maria Marchese
*Project Rebirth
by Justin Wright

*Never Mind the Eclipse
by Nikki Donadio
by Kamal Parmar

Prize Winners!

Favorite Story
The Caged Angel by Norman Gray

Favorite Poem
Never Mind the Eclipse by Nikki Donadio

Spotlight Authors
Anne Lumley
Joshua Bruce Smith
Thank you again everyone for your time and sharing your talent with us, and the WCYR for being part of this joint venture and all of their support. Now, the next step is getting this all printed and in the shop! - The Cardinal Press Team

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