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There is a calm that settles over me when I paint, a startling opposite to the turmoil of writing poetry. ☺

This @artypartytt session took place at @c3centre, in collaboration with the #SanFernandoHeritageTrust, and our subject was the recently demolished Court Street Bar, a presence in the city for almost 100 years. It is believed that a car park will take its place.

While I understand the need for upgrades and respect the march of time, I can't help mourning the loss of artefacts from our past, especially when they relate to art, architecture and communal spaces. A regular haunt for lawyers and businessmen in the heart of the city for generations, one can only wonder about the stimulating and lively and dark conversations that took place.

How many deals were struck over shots of rum and puncheon? How many case details slipped past alcohol loosened tongues. How many bar room squabbles ensued? Oh the stories those old walls and floors and windows could tell. Or could have told.

Thanks to @yonika_ks25 for capturing my serenity. :)
#History #SanFernando #CourtStreetBar #AbandonedBuildings #LostHistory #PriceofProgress #CaribbeanArchitecture #Gingerbreadhouse #GeorgeBrownHouse #Architecture #AcrylicPainting

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