#tbt to Blake and I attempting to take a couple's "we voted" picture. Blake isn't really into pictures so he tends to forget to smile and sometimes talks while we are taking the pictures. 😂 I am proud to have a partner who cares enough to vote and cares enough to take stupid selfies with me. 🇺🇸 #anyway #wevoted

11/6/2018// #coupleswhovotetogether Even though we were disappointed (but not surprised) by the outcomes here in Oklahoma, I will say I’m pleasantly surprised that SQ 794, or Marsy’s Law, passed with over 78% of the votes. And while it’s hard to think about the country as a whole when you live in an individual state who’s vote didn’t go as you had hoped, there were a lot of firsts today in the nation. While they are long over-due, they do show the importance of voting in order to create a government that can truly represent everyone:
1.) An unprecedented amount of women, and LGBTQ+ candidates ran for office. There were at least 244 LGTBQ+ candidates this year.
2.) This was the record year for women of color running for House seats
3.) The youngest woman has been elected to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is 29 and a woman of color
4.) Sharice Davids became the first lesbian Native American woman elected to Congress
5.) Ayanna Pressley became the first black woman Massachusetts has elected to Congress
6.) The first openly gay governor won in the US, his name is Jared Polis
7.) Marsha Blackburn become the first woman Tennessee has elected to the US senate
8.) Rashida Tlaib became the first Muslim woman elected to Congress AND the first Palestinian-American elected to Congress
9.) Ilahn Omaris, along with Rashida Tlaib, became the first Muslim woman elected to Congress AND first Somali-American elected to Congress
10.) Debra Haaland joins Sharice Davids as the first Native American woman elected to U.S. Congress
11.) Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia become the first Latina women elected to U.S. Congress from Texas

Damn right! @mochicko and I voted together today! Couples who vote together, stay together. #californiavoter #sandiego #coupleswhovotetogether

I promise I don't care HOW you cast your vote, just that you made your voice heard. #njlifestyle #coupleswhovotetogether #votewithus #voted #tuesdaymotivation #momstrong #thatmomlife #gotmysticker

Our voice was heard today! #wevoted Did you? 💙

Ugly mugs, sexy stickers. #coupleswhovotetogether

@kosher_ink and I waited in line for 2 hours, but we voted! I vote for equality, and to make this country a safer and cleaner place for generations to come!! #coupleswhovotetogether #ivoted #midtermelections #vote

Proudly voted for the first time today with my husband. They even let us use the same booth and we kissed in it too 🗳 😘 ✅ ✊

Me and bae voté todaé 😂😂 #coupleswhovotetogether #tevoté

Feels good to have the right to have a voice! #coupleswhovotetogether #wevoted #election2018 #govote🇺🇸 #usa #nevadans

The best date I’ve been on. #coupleswhovotetogether #wintogether

We #voted✔️
Took our kiddos to learn about voting and how important it is. Our 16 year old was really interested and it was a good experience with our little girls.
P.S. you can't tell but we are both reppin' Navy. Richard and I didn't even mean to match! Lol que cute!
#gonavy #matching #coupleswhovotetogether

We have no more left over Halloween candy and we voted! #coupleswhovotetogether #snickerswithdraw #itsonlytuesday #morewineplease #reddeadredemption2

Got our vote on first thing this morning! If you don’t vote, you can’t complain... and if you do vote? Let’s face it, complaints either way, really, but vote anyway! #CouplesWhoVoteTogether #GetYourVoteOn #Vote #YayPolitics

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