we had so much fun shooting with Gurjot & Suman; the lighting here was perfect, casting warm light☀️

Thankfulness #2: I am thankful for a roof over our heads, nestled between my aunt & parents, and lots of land 🌳
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You would never know that it was 30 degrees out or that it started sleeting 30 minutes before we took this... 🙃🧡🍁 // #JennaMariePhotography #Indiana #IndianaPhotographer #Couples #CouplesPhotos #FallSession #Fall #FallPhotography #IndianaPhotography

happy dancing all the way into this long holiday weekend 🥰

Cozy sweaters and flannel #winteriscoming

This is NOT me waking up on my thirtieth birthday, looking refreshed and ready to start the decade. (I actually have a cold and I fell asleep in my corner chair with a knitting project and five photos left to edit. Old age waits for no man! Or woman!) But it could be you, if you hire me to come take lazy morning photos in your bedroom like I did for Seth and Brittney! #iwokeuplikethis #couples #couplesphotos #familyphotos #portraits #naturallight #lazymorning #model #modeling #tattooedmodels #girlswithtattoos #local #localphotographer #philadelphia #philly #philadelphiaphotographer #phillyphotographer #lexibirdphotography

Fall Minis are always so much fun!
I get to meet awesome people and capture a little bit of amazing...because these two were amazing.

Moments of magic with this dreamboat.
Crystal I love you!
@crystal_anthea | Gold Coast | Nov 18

If there’s one thing I know in life, is if you kiss each other like this, you’re gonna have a happy life. ✨

Nothing sweeter than a campfire snuggle session with Reeses smores...


I am an enneagram 4. Jamey is a 9. We haven’t had the easiest marriage, as good as it may seem on social media it isn’t ALL good. I just read what the trouble spots can be for enneagram 4s and 9s in romantic relationships and I about fell over dead from the pure truth of it all. “The biggest area of conflict between Fours and Nines is that each tends to react differently as stress increases: Fours become more emotionally volatile and demanding, while Nines become more disengaged and impossible to get through to. Fours can feel too unstable and dramatic, unpredictable and moody for Nines, while Nines can feel too unresponsive and emotionally inert, unsatisfying and uncommunicative for Fours. Nines can become angered by the Four's sense of entitlement and demands for attention and exemption. Fours can become angered by Nines' irresponsibility and apparent inability to learn from their mistakes and experiences. If conflicts and tensions increase between them, Nines can shut down more and more so that communication stops, and they give Fours the subtle message that they don't want to hear their reactions or deal with their feelings. Fours can feel that talking with Nines is like playing tennis with yourself—there's no one to hit the ball back—and there is too little relating in the relationship.” 🤯☠️ I copied and pasted that but literally could have wrote it word for word myself about Jamey and me. PRAY FOR US YALL 😂

Squinted eye smiles and laughs ❤️

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