zach: “kate you have to
match the tops to the bottoms” cue all the laughter bc who knew there was such an exact way to make a candy cane heart... ••• currently traveling in the car to lynchburg, va & passing the time with some editing and posting 💗

Noah proposed to his now fiancé Carly on a picturesque island shoreline in Holland during a romantic trip to Europe. They rode out to the water on touring bikes and had a casual picnic by the ocean before he asked to take a few pictures of her. When she got turned away for the photo, she glanced back and suddenly he was on one knee! She was totally surprised, and it was the best moment in her life! —————————————————
Carly saw the bubbly bottle in Noah's backpack before they left on their adventure - she thought he just wanted to have a fancy picnic and had no clue they would be shortly be toasting their engagement! In the end everything worked out perfectly. 🚲
Noah definitely wanted just the perfect diamond and he was able to find it at Gittelson Jewelers working with @mollyjbraun . He actually came in several times to make sure all the special details were in place for the love of his life 💕🥂 —————💍—————————
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// Just another one of this lovely couple //

these two finally took a few mins so I can capture their love amongst the love and chaos of being parents. (Freezing cold while the kids were in the car lol.) it is so important to take time with each other. after all, that is where is all started, isn’t it? ❤️ @_smash_photography

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Couple photo shoots 💓

Here’s hoping all the yummy food I’m going to eat for Thanksgiving will make me forget about how busy these next few weeks are going to be! 💻📸 👩🏼‍💻🙋🏼‍♀️

Pumped cause it’s halfway through the week 😬 except... I work Saturday 😭

My #1 tip for planning events?

For those that know me (and now for those that are just getting tuning in to my IG - welcome 🤗), you all know that I absolutely looovvvee to plan and organize timelines for the things I do. Benefit concerts, work events, weddings, baby showers, game nights...the list goes on.

Like so much so that I literally do my fast clap 👏🏻 and jump in on planning right away. I’ve been in project management for well over 8 years, and I totally Project managed my own wedding, and events too.

And so the #1 thing I’ve learned throughout the years as a Project Manager is that You cannot do everything yourself. Especially for a big day like your own wedding day or event.
If your budget allows for a wedding or event planner, then by all means hire one. But if your budget does not allow for one, find a good trusted friend or acquaintance that loves seamless planning that can actually do an amazing job at it.

☝🏼This person should not be in your bridal party or participating in the actual event (they need to support you on your wedding day, not be running around getting things done).

☝🏼this person will help you find folks to help lead the different elements of your wedding or event. As in, making sure mom is not doing all the cooking for your wedding or event, and risk missing out or smelling like food the entire day.

I’m sure there are people you know that can be part of that team, or simply hire a catering company if your venue does not offer catering. If they do, then that’s one less headache 😊

☝🏼No matter how big or small the event is, you’ll avoid so much stress at the end if you delegate and have trusted people coordinate for you.
Happy planning folks!

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