Sai um risoto de cabelo para a mesa 1!

There’s something about hands that tell a story...

Who is ready for fall?! Their colors and location were perfect.

We had such an amazing time with Dana and James’s wedding in Carmel. After their wedding on the beach we headed south towards Big Sur for several different photo locations!

After days of gloomy weather I finally got to see the sunset again!! These two were so fun and comfortable in front of the camera, I mean aren’t they just PERFECT 🌿🌿

emily + travis

Todavía les quedaba mucho camino por recorrer juntos. Pero no les importaba: esta carretera era su vida....

Guardando il volto delle nostre #spose e le emozioni che vi si leggono, sappiamo immediatamente di star facendo un lavoro #unico.☺️ #CityNowWeddingStories 📸

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