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Don't let the blessing become a burden. God doesn't do anything small, so take the time now to enlarge your capacity to receive and walk in.

Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love ♥
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We've got to be able to leave room for mystery and not always need to have answers to all the "why's" of life... TRUST Him. God knows the beginning from the end and he cares deeply about you and your life. He sees and watches over even the smallest of sparrows... He's got you. Proverbs 20:24 NLT #ProverbsForDays #Wisdom #Verse25IsGoodToo #CountTheCost

Masr heya omy, leb howa damey 🇪🇬 #egyptiantourist #countthecost

I'm so inspired by this man's life! Brother Yun has been challenging and encouraging us the last few days. #irisfamily #countthecost

We often wonder if we’ll ever see the fruit of our labor; sometimes God allows us to see it. The call to count the cost is still alive. And when we do choose to give like that, whether we see the fruit or not, HE is still glorified. Link to the rest of this article is in our bio.

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Sending off the Liu's into a new season! Excited for the life and mission God has for your family in Thailand 💛 #CountTheCost #LiveOnMission

Thank you to @femme__fatale__87 for photo and encouragement from this weekends sermon. May we all pick up the CROSS..... DAILY. #denyself #countthecost

This chapter.
Get this book, "Holiness", by JC Ryle.
Read this chapter. Read all of the book but deeply meditate on this chapter.
This chapter is wrecking me right now.
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Just as we cannot be in 2 places at once or simultaneously walk backward and forward, we cannot forge to what's ahead while focusing on what's behind. One of them, we will need to release. Your choice to make - your consequences to take 👀 #CountTheCost ~IK

Take Every Thought Captive:

Jesus tells the parable of counting the cost of building a tower. In summary, Jesus asks his disciples, if they want to build a tower, will he first not sit down and estimate the cost to build it so that he has enough to finish it? For if he lays the foundation and cannot finish, he will be ridiculed (Luke 14:28). He is stressing the importance of counting the cost of giving up self to be his disciple and follow Him. The same is true with any endeavor in life. We must sit down and count the cost to completion.
This might sound daunting, but I think too often people just want to get started and they fail to plan. "Failure to plan is like planning to fail." Changing your physical fitness is not merely about exercise. You must consider your sleep, your nutrition, your company (community / counsel), and probably most important and most underrated, your schedule. Your physical fitness does not fit in a time slot. It is woven into every thought, every decision, and every action. The world is waging a war against our bodies - the busyness, distractions, quick unhealthy food, and overindulgence of the world. Believers, " ... we take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5

Tackle your physical fitness like a warrior defending its temple.
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For those who claim the gospel leads to prosperity but this is what it looks like in reality. Taking up the cross and following Jesus does not always lead to martyrdom but if it comes down to it, would you? Would you follow Jesus even if it meant losing your job, your reputation, your marriage, your children, your family, your life? Whoever loves anything more than Christ is not worthy of Him. Matthew 10:37 Jesus tells us to count the cost, for it will cost us everything to follow Him. Picking up the cross is not an act of self pity, it's an act of crucifying the flesh daily. It's to lead a life of humility and service. It's about the possibility of dying the most horrific way mankind can conjure. Whoever tries to keep his life for his sake will lose it but anyone who lays down his life for Christ will find it. There is no greater love than this ❤️#disciples #countthecost #wwjd #god #christ #history #layingdowntheirlives #persecution #whatshappeningnow #church #heiscomingsoon #takeupthecross

I'm so inspired by this man's life! Brother Yun has been challenging and encouraging us the last few days. #irisfamily #countthecost

What is a prophecy if everybody could already figure it out and understand it now
Prophecies are meant for people to seek GOD seriously more than ever
It's not for people to like you more or seek your knowledge for answers
Prophets are sent to point people to JESUS, so they seek GODs face all the more...
John 15:20 Yiska Version No servant is greater than His Master, if they persecuted Jesus, they will persecute you more because you are not even Jesus... you're just a nobody God chose.
John 13:16 Truly truly, I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, not is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. Luke 14:28 Counting the cost of answering the call

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@Regrann from @ihopkc - "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Rom. 6:23).
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@mikebickle - #regrann

No matter if I lose one friend, or hundreds...I have JESUS . No matter how much pain, hurt, betrayal and so forth that happens in my life, I won't give up. I will always be real and honest to the day I die. You can think and or say whatever you want about me, but I know Who I am!
Sometimes the cost is worth it all.
When you loose just about everything, what do you do..? What do you do when all you have is...GOD.
My questions for you is " who do you put you're TRUST IN? #telltheworld #CountTheCost #Truth #godlovesyou #surrender

"What in the trap?" LOL 😂
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Every seat has a name and every seat has an opportunity to SURRENDER to JESUS tonight! #liftcamp #woke #surrender #countthecost

Think about that for a minute as you seek to identify your calling and fulfill your purpose. There's a price to pay to be great. In order to wear the crown you've got to wear the cross. They go hand in hand. #rise #ftinspires #countthecost #willyourise

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