From what I understand all Route 91 survivors are meeting in front of the Ferris Wheel on Sunday for a group pic! 4pm See u there 🤠❤️ #countrystrong #hatewillnotwin #letsdothis #breakingouttheboots

Elvis Monroe opening for BUSH @ M Resort in
Las Vegas June 2nd @ 8pm @bushofficialinstagram @elvismonroeofficial @mresortspacasino @ticketmaster

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The bite is on.

You know what is so fun?When things make a little full circle cute moment✨If you don't read anymore know that @kelseaballerini is amazing & you should go support her as an artist & as a person❤️After Route 91,I became 100% sure that I would never be able to be strong enough to put myself in a situation again where a shooting could take place.When @kelseaballerini announced her tour I convinced myself daily to try to go "it won't be that huge of a concert=more safe?"🤷🏼‍♀️I knew I would be devastated if I missed the tour because of fear.A week before tour a car swerved into my lane and crashed into me & totaled both cars.BOOM.I wasn't able to feel my leg.Both legs were all bandaged.The crutches were awful.I looked like a joke trying to walk.And the migraines from the concession was real.48 hours before I left I was sitting in the E.R. wondering how the heck I could even physically make it to the concerts.Yet alone, mentally handle it &not be petrified.I joked with my mom "this tour better be worth it for all of this"😂& holy crap it was.This tour has been the most healing thing for me.I never thought I would be able to go to a concert again.And even tho,I'm still anxious & fearful... I was able to enjoy lots of the concert.I'm seeing @taylorswift @taylornation in AZ in 13 days &I've been so anxious about that whole situation.Trying to find enough courage to even attend.Especially with that huge crowd. Omg😳(Kelsea had no idea about that)A couple days ago,during my last concert I attended,Kelsea stopped her show..GAVE ME THIS JACKET😭then gave the sweetest speech to me about music being healing.Saying how brave I was to attend concerts(swipe to hear it🙌🏻) TALK ABOUT AMAZING TIMING❤️So I'm going to be replaying her speech daily😬because if I am able to go to all the Taylor shows I have tickets for I will feel like an Olympian😂but really tho,I'm petrified.I wanted to hop on here and thank Kelsea for that moment.Thank you for being a freaking angel.I didn't think I could make it through 1 of your shows on this tour,yet alone 6.This tour has allowed me to start loving concerts again, & for that I can't thank you enough. Love you and so proud of you💕

“Sweat, smile and repeat.”

🚨Don’t Miss It 🚨 95.5 The Bull Presents Under the Stars & Stripes: Billy Currington with LOCASH at Sunset Station Outdoor Amphitheater on Fri, May 18, 2018 @ 7PM. Get your tickets at Ticketmaster.com now!
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We just announced our #memorialday #murph @hscrossfit! I’ve decided this year I would like to give the full version a try, so I’ve started doing a little extra training with my 14# weighted vest.
I’m loving these afternoon WODs out on our farm!

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My #Route91Tattoo I felt like #God was protecting me that day and got me out of there. Just in time for #Stagecoach to also honor the #58Angels #Psalm 94:1 #countrystrong .
#hewontwin #takingbackmypower #tattoo #feathertattoo #route91

“Don’t quit.
You’re already in pain.
You’re already hurt.
Get a reward from it.”

Boots like you’ve NEVER seen ⚠️ Exclusive BootDaddy Collection with Anderson Bean Men’s Asphalt Big Bass have hit our shelves + website ⚠️ #gowherenoboothasgonebefore

"I never fear death or dying, I only fear never trying. I am whatever I am. Only God can judge me now!" #independent #lovinlife #countrygirl #pinkhairdontcare #countrystrong

🤘🏽PRESALE BEGINS NOW 🤘🏽 Go to Ticketmaster.com and enter the keyword: MYGIRL to get your tickets to Dylan Scott!
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Estreno de nuestro primer sencillo Mirame a los ojos, este Viernes ! #paxxmusica #newband #newproject #countrystrong #folk #dontgiveup

Some of us grew up playing in sun dappled fields with tractors and trucks, the lucky ones still do 🌄 #farmlife #fields #countrystrong #childhoodmemories #sunsetskies #farm

From Jackie Shildkraut:
Tara Roe always did whatever she could to help others and her community at large. Aside from being the best wife and mother she could be, she also worked as an educational assistant in her local school district, helping students who needed support and an advocate. In Tara’s honor, today I donated books to the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center, a local organization that helps children who have suffered abuse. Each child that comes through the center receives a blanket and a book, so today’s donation will help spread Tara’s memory and love to more children in need of support from a strong advocate. ❤️ #Honor58 #CountryStrong #LoveWins #PayItForward #58RandomActsOfKindness

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