Haha! Some days are better than others! #coffee #gratitude #godsgrace #countrygirlcansurvive

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Things I’ve noticed / realized since recommitting to my health and the new program I’m doing:

1. I’ve increased the weight I’m lifting every week 💪
2. I have more energy 🤪
3. I don’t stress about HAVING to get a workout in because I have 3 rest days 🙌
4. Your body can do almost anything for 30 seconds ⏲
5. Cardio really isn’t that hard when broken up into short blocks of work 🙄
6. I found the strength, courage, and flexible to try new yoga poses like this one!

I’ve still got 6 more weeks left and I can’t wait to share more insights from this completely new way of working out for me!
You ready to stop watching and join in the experiment with me and my gals?! Seriously you won’t regret it. Message me to jump into the group for Monday!

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When you have to feed goats, but you’re already dressed for a business meeting. #goatproblems #farmlife #countrygirlcansurvive #goatsofinstagram #goats #goatworthy #goatlife #farm #workinggirl #mylife

“I’ve found that if you love life, life will love you right back.” ❤️💗💜

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