The amount of love I have for this girl is indescribable. I grew up with horses. I would get home after school and immediately run out to the barn and spend my time out there until it was dark and my mom dragged me in. When I moved away, I felt I was missing a huge part of what made my heart skip a beat so to speak. I toyed around with the idea of getting a horse for a few years, even stopped and met a few. However I couldn’t commit, money and time were huge contributing factors. I moved over to Walla Walla a year ago with the love of my life and finally with his help and support I finally got a job that changed my life for the better. I told him my dream and he was nothing short of supportive. I found Remi on a Facebook site and no one wanted her. Remi has a degenerative condition called navicular. Without the proper treatment and preventive measures, Remi is very sore. Me and Jarrod went out to meet Remi and I was history. Remi was very sore when I worked with her but still did everything and more I asked of her. I knew the moment I saw her she was going to be mine. Fast forward three months, Remi is rarely sore and happy as can be. She truly is my dream come true and I can’t wait for a lifetime of memories with this beautiful girl. 💜 #photooftheday #love #horselover #horsesofinstagram #loveyourlife #dowhatyoulove #liveyourpassion #daretodream #achieveyourdreams #achieveyourgoals #hardworkpaysoff #workhardforwhatyoulove #countrygirl #AQHA #aqhaproud #equestrian #barnlife #mylove #happiness #horsesaremyhappiness #soulmate #remington #horses #horseselfie

If I don’t love you right in this life
find me in the next
and when you see me for the first time
shake the sky
rain on me
warm and heavy

How cute is this! 😍😍 #calf #stable #country #countrygirl #love

Remember to take care of you first!!! #oregon #pnw #lifestylesmiles #huntershotsprings #countrygirl

I took a lot of pictures today, but this is probably my favorite.

Almost as long as I can remember, my Dad has been helping me and my siblings manage and train horses. He started with a shetland pony named Nuggets, who had a mean streak, and continued on to help us each train our own horse.

The horse in the background is my horse Kieko. She was born on our farm when I was 16 and Dad gave her to me as a yearling. He helped me halter break her, and lounge her. He held her while introduced her to a saddle and when I got on her for the first time.
Today, dad and my husband introduced my horse's first foal to a halter. My two favorite men, working with one of my favorite animals. I may not have many chances or much time to ride anymore, but I'm so grateful I can still have horses in my life. And my Dad. ❤

#myhorses #mydadisawesome #countrylife #countrygirl

California Bacon Eggs Benedict! Jerry’s has the best morning cook.
I love her cooking!!!! #spoiledrotten #foodie #oregon #countrygirl #shoppingclub #selfemployment #eattotreat #happygirl

ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ sᴀʏ ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴀᴛ ᴀʟʟ
♫alison krauss♫

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