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I got a surprise parcel in the mail today from @bloomsburypublishing, with a few books that are releasing in Australia soon. 📦🎉

One that stood out to me a lot was #countless by #karengregory. It follows a young girl (Hedda), who struggles with an eating disorder (Nia).
Hedda finds out she's pregnant, and decides she'll do what it takes to recover and give the baby its best shot at life. 17 weeks, 119 days, 357 meals.

Since I'm sick in bed with pneumonia, and this book has me SUPER INTRIGUED, I've decided I'm going to start reading it now 😂

our laughs are #limitless
our memories are #countless
Nd our yaraana is #endless
Hail #AgriDazzlers
Hail #HAU

Dance till the last breath 💯 so here's glimpse of it ❤.... dancedancedance☙ #countless #happyinternationaldanceday

Our laughs? #limitless 😃
Our memories? #countless 😍
Our Friendship? #endless 😎
#bff❤️ 😘 #throwbackbirthday
F O T O : @swamy_bondada 💯❣️

So I couldn't find any decent photo of us in my phone. Most of our photo are in my pc back in Kch. So yeah. But that is not the main topic that we gonna discuss. HB to my friend @hanilutfi . Being ur friend is a blessing and thank you for informing to me abt scholarship in Intec (sometimes I hate u for tht but wtv), improving my english and france language, how to suck a dick right (ahaks i know nobody gonna read my long ass caption) and all the great memories. #countless I wish you all the best in life and keep our friendship fair & lovely. Love you babe. 💕👑💵🎂🎁🎊🎉🎊🎉 #dildo4lyfe #haniturn21 #hanilulululu #huneyunmei

Happy belated birthday jess😚! Anw thank's for the treat👌 #countless friendshipp☻💘☻

Our laughs?? #limitless 😄
Our memories?? #countless 💭
Our friendship?? #endless 👭

There are those who give with joy and that joy is their reward....#countless

Food is either feeding disease or fighting it. Focus on nutrient dense foods! #CountLess #EmptyCalories #MealPlansForYou #TorontoNaturopath


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