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Oh, hey 2012 illijam.

This was the first 'promotional' picture I ever put out as an artist. I was a freshman in college, and I had just entered into @viktoryr4's R4 Featured Emcee Contest in hopes of making it on to his album. I didn't win, and listening to the submission is pretty cringe-worthy now, but it was a start!! Lol.
Also noteworthy: Olivet Nazarene lanyard (sister's school), Millersville hoodie (friend's school), & Auburn-colored sneakers?? Quite the combo.

My #libertyuniversity school-pride grew over time haha. 📸 cred: Nick Scott, my freshmen year roommate.

#tbt #CountItLoss

I got engaged on Saturday to my Love & best friend, Stephanie Robert (@stephy_rob)!! I also can't smile without squinting, but that's neither here nor there haha.

We are excited to walk w/ the Lord together & reflect the Gospel to this hurting world! We were discussing how, despite what a blessing it is to be engaged, the best part about the day was, nevertheless, getting to commune with, enjoy, & thereby glorify, Jesus. She is a beautiful woman of God!! Thank you Lord!! #CountItLoss

We (@evanfiasco & I) are heading to Waco, TX for a concert tomorrow night @vlcwaco.

As an indie artist, it's a cool blessing to get to travel out-of-state occasionally for a concert. •
Pray that God would open all of our eyes to His Glory more, that we'd authentically encounter, be enthralled by, & enjoy Jesus, and that lost souls would be saved as we share the Gospel. Let's go!!

Business trip for the 9-5 means portable studio in the hotel room. Boom🔥 haha


"What do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?" I Corinthians 4:7

Glory to God, I graduated from Liberty University!! A ton has changed since I began college in August 2011, but I'll tell you what hasn't:

My God.
He's faithfully seen me through. He's been there for me, even when the bottom fell out. Even when this fickle-hearted, broken, sinful man didn't want to look to God, God's been right there, wooing His wounded, often-rebellious son back to Him.

Can I brag about Him? He's the psychological & literal Rock of my existence. He is my Joy -- my soul-satisfaction. He is my Hope that things will be alright. He Delivers & Sustains. He is good, and captivatingly Beautiful.
I wouldn't have selected everything that happened during college, but because I trust that Jesus does all things well and works everything for His kids' good, I wouldn't change a thing!

And God saw fit to put this beautiful, God-fearing woman in my life too! I love you Stephanie❤️ #SoliDeoGloria #Graduation #Graduation2015 #LibertyUniversity #CountItLoss

Our first apartment!! Thank you Lord!

Yesterday, our families helped us move our things into our first home.

I am keenly aware that we do not view this event as most do, however.

As Christians, we love, know, & enjoy God. His commands are an extension of His Being, and to disobey Him is to hinder our relational closeness with Him.

Therefore, we strive to abide by what He says. God commands that we reserve certain privileges & gifts (such as living together) for marriage, and so we mean to obey Him. Knowing Him is so good.

So Steph will be beautifying our home until we marry and I join her. Soon, my Love!

We praise & thank God for this wonderful gift!


I'm super excited to marry my Love, Stephanie Robert (soon-to-be Walters) tomorrow!!! And truthfully, we feel a bit nervous haha. Marriage is a weighty, glorious calling designed by God to image forth incredible, glorious spiritual realities: namely, Christ's sacrificial love for His Bride, the Church.
God ordained marriage to show us something of Himself. And as one man & one woman enter together into a holy Covenant before & with God, we all see a little picture of the Gospel. We see how the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, wooed & won His Bride's heart. He became the substitute punishment for her sins & the substitute performer of her righteousness. He died on the Cross to save us, rose from the grave to reconcile us to the Father, chose us, changed us, and gave us new hearts that increasingly scorn sin & savor Him. And the day is coming when all of His people will be joined to Jesus Christ in marriage forever.

So pray for us, if you wouldn't mind!! Pray that we would 'count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord' (Philippians 3:8), and that our marriage would show the world how precious, beautiful, satisfying, and glorious the Only God, Jesus Christ, is.

#WaltersAtTheAltar2k16 #CountItLoss

It was awesome hanging out w/ the teens at Faith EFC last Thursday. Thanks for having me out!! @faithhighschool
#fsfallkickoff #CountItLoss

Just finished my last show on campus as a student!! It's been such a blessing to have the opportunity to encourage folks to "count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus..." (Phil. 3:8) through hip-hop.
#LibertyUniversity #LibertySA #SACampusArtist #CountItLoss


Come through LU!!💯

I'll be trekking down to my alma mater this weekend to celebrate homecoming & to perform Saturday night alongside my bros @prominencemzk, @advomusic, @rhomarjessy, @iamczarjosh & more. •
I got a fire in my heart, Good News to get out, & new music to share. You already know.

You wouldn't believe the difference a music engineer makes. When I send Skyler a raw, unedited, uneffected song, it sounds ROUGH. Like amateur GarageBand & XBOX Live microphone rough (disclaimer: I use neither of those, though I may have 7 years ago....).
Skyler puts the sauce on the mix🎵
[Link in bio]

Hit-up my dude @mixedbyskyleryoung for excellent mixing & mastering services.

I dedicate this song to my wife on our 3-year date-a-versary. We began dating at Uprise Festival in Shippensburg, PA during our senior year of college, 9/20/14. I love you Steph!!❤️

I hope this encourages anyone with a broken heart or scars from a past romantic relationship to trust God & be willing to trust a potential suitor again. God is faithful to guide, heal, & bless His kids with what's best for them in His perfect timing.
[Song Link in Bio]

Sampled "Walls" by The Rocket Summer
Prod. @kevmomusic
Engineered by @mixedbyskyleryoung
Artwork by @kevin.hackett

🌴Summer Vibin Music Video🌊
Link in bio.
As the new school year begins for many and others return to their normal work schedules, remember that summer (like all blessings) is a foretaste of forthcoming splendor: a mere glimpse of the Glory of God, meant to lift our soul's gaze to Jesus for true joy & satisfaction.

Summer Vibin [Prod. @onbeatmusic] music video mañana.🌴🌊☀️

🎶🎥 Directed by @alexheider_

Wednesday. Summer Vibin🎵🎥 Directed by @alexheider_

I know how it ends; I ain't worried how it goes/
Good designs superimposed, that's why i i ii iiiiiiii.../
I be summer vibin☀️🌴🌊

ICYMI: I had the opportunity to write an article for @rapzilla earlier this week weighing in on recent events. •
Summary: Sincere brothers can sincerely disagree, and God will still sovereignly use both for His glory.


Hanging with everybody at the concert this past weekend was dope. It was a privilege & joy to encourage the Fam to stay on their Phili 3:8. I also got to perform "Summer Vibin" live for the first time☀️🌴🌊 📸 @evanfiasco

Windows down. Shades on. Volume up🤘🏻Link in bio!

"Summer Vibin" is a celebration of summer as the foretaste of forthcoming paradise. The many blessings typical of this season are mere teasers of the joy to come and point past themselves to the Person in whom true joy is found. •
The beautiful weather, vacations, cookouts, drive-in movies, more time with family & friends-- I pray we won’t absolutize these good things, as though they can truly satisfy & save us, but rather that our hearts would enjoy them as Heaven-beckoning glimpses of God & His Glory. In short, may summer & its blessings cause us to eagerly anticipate our true Home and treasure, Jesus Christ. This is summer vibin.

Prod by @onbeatmusic
Artwork by @kevin.hackett
Engineered by @mixedbyskyleryoung

Last night's concert with the Light In the Park & Victory Valley Camp Staff was super fun!! •
It was a joy sharing some music & worshipping Jesus with y'all. I'm praying for you guys as you share the Gospel with the kids this summer!! Godspeed.

📸 @mathewrparsons

Post-Concert in Reading, PA. •
Tim, who has been the Paul to my Timothy since 2008, is the youth pastor at Grace Bible Fellowship Church, and it was a joy to hang out, perform, and focus on Jesus with y'all last night. May we "count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus" (Philippians 3:8).

PS: That's a piece of the ceiling on my head from when I got a little too hype and hit it 😬


My man @mixedbyskyleryoung in the studio making the magic happen👌🏻 Skyler is the dopest engineer in the land, and I feel super blessed to work with him. (Artists: Hit him up!)

Download "Enjoy" for free now on @rapzilla, or peep it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. If you're feeling it, do ya boi a favor and share it on social media/tag friends below!👇🏻

#EnjoyGod #CountItLoss

--Concert in North Philly last weekend--
Probably saying something suuuper serious here 😉

It was a great day. A lot of the folks in the community came out, enjoyed the day with us, and heard the Gospel. Praise God!!

It'd be really cool if my wife was my roommate/
In the old folks home just awaiting our due date/🎶

(Get it? Like our DOD [date of death] = our DOB into eternity😉)


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