Trying to combat dry and cracked skin with CounterMatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion a lightweight lotion that helps skin adapt to the ever-changing aggressors of modern life and it actually adjusts hydration levels throughout the day.
Lotion that adapts to the environment... that’s my kind of lotion. Plus it last for 24 hours the world knows I suck at using lotion so it’s a win in my book. Here’s to hoping I have less hang nails and cracked cuticles this fall and winter! This stuff is like the wonder product with it’s multiple uses for your face, neck, chest, and hands.
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So something awesome that beauty counter has is a rewards system called Band of Beauty Membership, it’s $29 to join and with it you get all the rewards: 🛍 15% product credit back with every purchase 🛍 free shipping on all orders over $100 🛍 free gift with initial $50 product purchase which right now is full size Countermatch adaptive body moisturizer 🛍 special offers just for members such as early access to new products like our holiday line which
is now available to only bob
Why wouldn’t you want to join? ( link in bio)
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Because I want to be authentic and real, not a highlight reel... this is my everyday look. With grabby baby hands, my hair tends to stay curly and pulled back most of the time, and I am ok with that! I do love my @beautycounter makeup... I use the #countercontrol line with #countermatchadaptivemoisturelotion (amazing, btw!), #tintskin in linen, blush stick, and volume mascara. #cleanandsafeproducts are important. You are worth it!

If you had to pick one... which would you pick? • CLEANSING BALM: multi-tasking balm can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, or hydrating overnight mask.
• COUNTERMATCH ADAPTIVE MOISTURE LOTION: this lightweight moisturizer adjusts to skin’s needs throughout the day.
• NO. 1 BRIGHTENING FACIAL OIL: this lightweight facial oil with vitamin C quickly absorbs and penetrates to awaken and replenish skin.
• NO. 3 BALANCING FACIAL MASK: absorbs excess oil to visibly minimize pores and clarify the complexion.

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Good to the last drop! Here lies my brand new countermatch adaptive moisture tube alongside one that just retired. I appreciate how Beautycounter’s packaging yields every last drop! .
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These were my very first products from Beauty Counter. I just love what this brand is all about. Harm free chemicals in every product. I can rest assured I am not putting anything toxic via makeup and skin care with my Beauty Counter products. #countermatchadaptivemoisturelotion #beautycountervolumizingmascara #beautycounterliquideyeliner #beautycounterconsultant #beautycountermovement

Thank you @dr.chak_healthandbeauty for introducing me to Beauty Counter. I am loving every single thing I just bought. And I love that the products are harm free of chemicals that cause so much damage to us. #precisioneyeliner #countermatchadaptivemoisturelotion #beautycountercosmetics #beautycountersunscreen #beautycountervolumizingmascara #beautycountermovement

Countermatch is the line of skin care that I use, and my skin has never been happier! I have samples of the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer, message me if you'd like one, I'll happily bring you one!
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🧔🏻 Because men have skin too! And skincare needs! Why do our poor guys hide in the shadows sneaking their lady’s products? Guys need to own their desire to have gorgeous skin too! And we need to embrace that fact and put them up high for taking excellent care of themselves- 🙄you know, just like general marketing tells us women to do! That’s the beauty of being #counter to doing what the world thinks or expects. @beautycounter #overthrowthestatusquo #CountermanCampaign
John is a proud #counterman using our #charcoalbar #cleansingbalm #resurfacingpeel #countermatchadaptivemoisturelotion and one of our new #countercontrol products because he still has occasional adult breakouts. His words this morning (after using his products for less than a week)👉🏽 Blemishes already going away!
He’s told me how much he’s loving the products performance and the way his skin feels! #beautywithoutthebeast 👹 #becounter Rugged men, pretty men, ALL men- bring your sexy skin my way! Let’s slather it in some good stuff and send you back out into the world and see if you don’t add this to your superpowers! 🙌🏽 #GetYourOwn #saferskincareforeveryone #men #drangeliquebehindthecounter 🙋🏻‍♀️

Sign up for Band of Beauty today! With just a $29 membership fee, you will receive a FREE Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion ($49 value) when you spend $50. You will receive 15% in product credit for every order and free shipping on all orders $100 and over. There are special offers just for members!

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Dry skin? Feeling like a dried up prune? This Lightweight Lotion is great. It’s CounterMatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion.
Just used mine for the first time today and boy what a difference. It absorbed quickly and easily without me having to rub and rub the lotion in my skin like I did with “other” lotions.
No sticky or greasy residue feeling. Just 2 pumps covered my arms and lower legs.
4 hrs later my skin still feels hydrated , soft and smooth.
Love ❤️ this new lotion!
If you’d like a lotion with safer ingredients let me know and I’ll tell you how you can have softer hydrated skin.😊

If you’re not already a Band of Beauty member, you’re throwing away #freemoney. And an awesome free gift! Right now you can get my favorite #dailymoisturizer for free. It’s a $49 value, free to you. A full size product that will last you months and transform your skin. No tricks, just perks. Offer is good through tomorrow and then the gift will likely change so don’t wait! #beautycounter #countermatchadaptivemoisturelotion #bobgift #melodyflanneryforbeautycounter ——————————————————— http://www.beautycounter.com/melodyflannery

Who wouldn’t love this deal?! 1) 20% off sale still going on. Some items are sold out already so don’t wait.
2) BOB is such a great savings! Who wouldn’t love a discount and free shipping on qualified orders?!
3) Countermatch Adaptive Moisturize Lotion as the FREE gift right now 😱😱😱 Sign me up!! Link in bio. Msg w/any questions.
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Giveaway time!!!!🎉🛍⭐️ Do you or do you know someone you love who needs help cleaning up their beauty routine. This is the perfect time to switch to safer.
Why Beautycounter:
-we ban over 1500 harmful ingredients -EWG verified
-strict safety testing -never tests on animals -focus on recyclable packaging -movement to get better regulations and laws passed in the beauty industry.
Get entered to win my favorite daily moisturizer- Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion travel size.
For those who placed an ordered already yesterday and those who make an order by Sunday will be entered.

Link in bio and don’t forget to use promo code LOVE at checkout for 20% off. Only exclusions are sets, flawless in five, get the look, resurfacing peel & Countersun. ❤️

As far as #cleanbeauty 🌿 goes, you can’t beat @beautycounter .
They’re commitment to educating 📚on the need to look into the ingredients in the products you use every day & ensuring that the products they put out there perform 💄💋better than most other brands out there is unparalleled. Add on that they are advocating in Washington🏛 to update the laws governing the beauty industry and you’ve got the perfect trifecta IMO. 💥💥
My absolute favorite products they have is the #countermatchcollection. I use this collection every day plus add in the #rejuvenatingtonerpads and my skin feels incredible and has never looked better! And at near 40 years old, that’s pretty impressive!. I’ve noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles 👵🏻, the dark circles under my eyes are less scary 😱and I’ve seen a reduction in sun spots. 🌞. My skin always feels ready to take on the day! The ingredients in each of these products are all extremely nourishing, there’s nothing in them that our skin doesn’t need. 🙌. It also helps skin adapt to the elements 🌞❄️💨, plus helps defend against the environmental toxins✈️🚒🏭 we are exposed to on a daily basis. You should definitely give it a try! I promise you will love it!! And if you don’t, just send it back with the return label that comes in your package. So easy! .
Right now, All of my favorite @beautycounter products are on sale for 💥20% off 💥through August 13! You can get this entire collection plus the toner pads for just over $200! It lasts most people about 6 months, so that adds up only about $1 a day. I love a #killerdeal!! Check LINK IN BIO to order (add each product into cart separately to get discount and search for “toner” to add pads to cart)!!
BONUS! Get the #countermatchadaptivemoisturelotion for $29 (that’s 40% off!) 💰💰when you sign up for the Beautycounter rewards program. Plus you’ll get FREE SHIPPING 📦 on orders over $100 and 15% back in product credit on all orders for an entire year! Check link in bio for more info!!

BIG NEWS you guys(Almost as big as my belly)Today is all about sharin’ the L O V E ...♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Beautycounter is having our first ever “Cleaner Beauty For You & Everyone You Love” offer aka 20% off!😍 I love sharing the love of healthy-beauty to ma frans and fam 💋
Such a great time to stock up on your faves! .
❗️Make sure to use the promo code: LOVE to get that 20% off discount!
👉🏻please let me know if you need recommendations! (swipe to see some of my faves) .
Shop link in bio🌿 Offer ends 8/13! ((While supplies last)) HAPPY SHOPPING 🛒

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