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The best moments are created by people simply sipping water next to you in the #surfcafedubai ✌🏻 The best thing about Dubai is you make friends from everywhere, the worst thing they then come back to this "everywhere" 🌍 and you have to miss them😿 and hardly see them again😅 This one got caught 💃🏻💃🏻on the way back ✈️ to Austria. #cantgetenough #goldentimes #countdowntothirty #dubai #dubailife #weekend #weekendvibes #dubaiweekend #uae #friends

#day29 #beachtime #guilty I don't go to the beach in Dubai, it's maybe my first time in a couple of years🙈 So, it was the right choice for #metime credit to @irina_za thank you for taking me out 😘#mydirtythirty #countdowntothirty #dubai #dubailife #weekend #weekendvibes #dubaiweekend #uae #beach #secretbeach

2 days until i turn 30! (oh boy) 
Nu Wear Styles was doing well. But I was always intrigued about having an online business internationally. I felt that there were endless opportunities out there and I had to find it. I didn't want to be confined to only making money in The Bahamas. I wanted to expand and explore what the world wide web had to offer. I began researching online constantly for business ventures. I found countless online stay at home jobs. However, one evening I landed on a webinar stating you can make 1 million dollars in year lol (I didn't believe it) but in the comments someone said "this is ok but click this link for something even better". I was curious so I clicked the link.
And that is when I was introduced to THEE online selling platform.I was amazed. I found out I didn't need to physically touch or ship any products to sell there, I did not have to store any inventory, I didn't have to deal with customer service.This platform actually allowed basically anyone to sell on there, like Ebay. And it was no other than the biggest online website in the world, AMAZON! I knew how huge Amazon was. After numerous investments in my education for Amazon I found out that it was almost an automated business and Amazon could handle almost everything. It was all so fascinating to me. I knew I had to get in on it.So once again I told my family and boyfriend about it and they were, as always, supportive. I was determined to start this business. I wanted to experience the business first hand to buy my initial inventory.So my boyfriend bought my ticket to the US as a bday gift with my sister. I took the little money I had saved and I was well on my way. I went to the US and bought my initial inventory and my Dad later invested.And in Nov 2013 my Amazon seller business began. I did not know any other Bahamian doing it or how they were doing it so I invested to figure out all the logistics on how it can be done. I started my business with $500 and it has grown exponentially from then to now. We call Amazon a beast! (yall know how great Amazon is). And I love it in their sand box! I am now a successful seller on Amazon living in The Bahamas. Read more in comments

When a two year old gets a silver coin from his money box to stick in your birthday card, how can you not well up?! 🥰 Lush day at the zoo with my favourites to start off the last year of my 20’s! #birthdayfun #newquay #heartbreaker #countdowntothirty

When your mom gets you all the samples! 🙌🏼 I’ve been a fan of two of these already - like the little green one is SO good for dry winter skin!! Have you tried any of these? Or do you have a go-to product you can’t live without? 🧖🏼‍♀️👸🏻🛀🏻 #originsskincare #selfcare #countdowntothirty #fancy #smellssogood

When your favorite brand has a pop up in town and you go a bit crazy shopping 🙈 #countdowntothirty #fashion #streetstyle #birdwilliamsburg #doen #shopdoen #doencollective #treatyoself #birdbrooklyn

8 Days until I Turn 30! Whoa! 
So in my last post I mentioned that my parents business skills rubbed off on my siblings and I. Not only was I supplying my friends with Crystal Bay, Everfresh Juice (I was reminded in the comments on Instagram by a old customer lol) and Blood balls gum(reminded by my sister). My sister and cousin (@ashleylynnn05 @phe_nomenal11) started selling to their classmates AS WELL. So we had a Lil chain of sales going on. Two at St Paul's and the other at St George's 😂. We had a full distribution going on. We were making our coins. We were "supplying" our friends with the hot items. I believe I sold the Crystal Bay for $1-2 and the gum for 75 cents lol. It got to a point where you could always point out our "customers"... they all had a red thumb or red tongue from the gum. But one day our hot sales came to a end. I don't remember how it happened exactly but the principal came down looking for the people/person responsible for selling gum and crystal bay on school grounds. She came and in a very stern voice said whoever was selling those gums and soda was NOT allowed to sell anything and gum was NOT permitted. I was a bit scared and taken back (after all the principal had to come down for me lol) as you can imagine, that day my school hustle was crushed. I did not sell another soda or gum again. LOL
As I reflect on that time in school I believe that was the first time I got that "rush feeling" of making my own money. I had sold my "own inventory" (put aside the fact that I was sneaking the gum and taking more soda from home than I was allowed lol) But there was one thing I realized at that age, once you have a product that people want they will buy it!

Throughout my time in high school and College I admired my parents drive, success and freedom. I knew that I wanted the same for myself. That urge and excitement of being a entrepreneur stayed with me up to this day.
Before I graduated from College I discovered one of my passions in business. I'll continue that story next time.
Are you enjoying my reflections as much as I am?

Picture of the Blood balls gum is posted in my Instagram Stories. They were so good!

Feeling pretty relaxed about entering into my 30s tomorrow. “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25 #CountdownToThirty #ThirtyFlirtyAndThriving

10 Days until 30! (this is getting real! Lol) 
Today I'm Reflecting on the time in High school the Principal had to come down from her office to stop me from... Pause. Let me start here. So I was raised by two entrepreneurs, my parents. Therefore, their savvy business skills rubbed off on my siblings and I. That being said while we were growing up my parents ran two successful businesses in Freeport, Bahamas. One of their businesses were a janitorial business and the other a storefront selling Cleaning supplies. My siblings and I worked in both of our family businesses when we were growing up. One of my responsibilities while we were at our store was to be a cashier. So everyday after school or after our practices we went to our store until closing time. But I remember there was a time when my parents sold Crystal Bay soda (are they still around?) and some kinda of red gum with filling in the middle. (I cannot remember the name, but it was good) My mom made sure we had snacks for school which included the Crystal Bay soda and we sneaked the gum home from our store and took it to school (lol sigh). Every night we put our Crystal Bay in the freezer so by the time we were ready to drink it at school it was cool and refreshing. If any of you remember Crystal Bay or still drink it...You know when that was icy on a hot day that was everything! Lol My friends loved Crystal Bay and they got hooked on the gum. I eventually started bringing an extra one or two for a few friends. One day it dawned on me... that I could be making money from this 🤔. So I decided to sell my soda and the gum (keep in mind gum was not allowed on school grounds). Story to be continued. Have to keep it short only could type so much here. Lol

P.S Picture of me in the 12th Grade. St. Paul's College.
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From a small house on Edenvale Rd. to 2 service facilities! Our passion and drive to serve our neighbors remains the same. We are counting down to 30 years and who better to kick it off than our longest serving team member, Jacqueline Jefferson! Take a moment to listen to her story. Link to the full video in our bio and website! •

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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin
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If you haven’t figured it out yet: you’re amazing because you’re God’s creation and He lives in you. You’re valuable because you belong to Him. You’re worth investing in because He paid the ultimate price for you. Dare to take the risk. Love yourself because He loves you. • November 4th • 📸: @thelizlifestyle @noelphotographyy#CountdownToThirty #ThirtyFlirtyAndThriving

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