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📚 this semester starts my last year in the MFT Graduate Program and if there's one thing I've learned so far, it's that my homework cannot be done while sitting in my bed// #ineedtogetoutofbed #psychology #mft #counselingpsychology

Guardiamoci negli occhi. Non priviamoci dell'emozione che regala il contatto visivo.
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"Wife type, gon' throw rice to it..." | MASTERed that ✨#MasterOfArts #CounselingPsychology #MaurniDontWannaGoToSchoolNomore

It's all about #counselingpsychology ! #apa2017

Besok result Final Exam Last Semester keluar😂tak tau kenape berderau semacam padahal ni last Result ! Agak2 dapat result Dekan lagi tak😔wish we luck💃🏻for semua bakal graduan Dip Counseling Psychology🎓😘
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Dance First, Think Later... Haha... :) #dancer #Enjoy #counselingpsychology #lovesingle #book


I was speaking to a friend yesterday about humanity as a whole, and I felt like sharing with you all here, some of that which I told this person (rephrased): While we as healers can't take the burden of the whole of humanity on our shoulders, we help one person at a time to find the truth within themselves.
It is one thing to come to a counsellor and vent out your problems to feel better. That is healing too.
BUT, it is another, more difficult feat to watch oneself through the weeks of counselling. We have 50,000-60,000 thoughts in a day. For a client to watch many of these thoughts and realize how judgemental, needy and victimizing these thoughts are, to look at oneself in the mirror and realize how they have been contributing to the negativity in their lives, to accept themselves as they are with these thoughts, to resolve to change themselves in the face of all this, and finally to work at maintaining that change.
And THIS is why I have a deep sense of respect for my clients. Sometimes more than the everyday person. Clients who come in for counseling are true warriors. They fight the most difficult battles - those within themselves.
Even if some don't win it (and the rest do) - they tried. They took that first step. Which in itself is laudable.

Thus, for all those who mock others for seeking counseling saying that they are 'mad' or 'crazy': Yes, they are mad and crazy enough to go within in a world that only emphasizes sensory pleasures. They are crazy to see that there is something beyond that which the eyes can see. They are mad enough to seek the heaven which lies within.
To my clients who walk the fire with me: I have no words to express my appreciation for you, and I can only thank you for trusting me with yourself, and it is a privilege to be on this journey with you.
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This special edition of Time was shared by @drallisondavis. She said she's putting a copy in the waiting room for her clients. What kind of reading material do you keep in the lobby?

I'm spending the weekend at the lake with a fun new book. Did you know Wonder Woman was created by a psychologist? I found that fascinating. This book is a collection of essays about Wonder Woman, her creator and the psychological lessons we can learn from my personal favorite super hero.
Wonder Woman Psychology is part of a series that analyzes several different super heroes. Have you read any of the others? What are you reading this weekend?
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They are a blank slate on which parents write something everyday. Write good. Teach them, dont direct them!!! Dont feel they are weak, after all they also pull their hand from candle if they feel it hurts!
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Tip #5: Going to college can be one of the most exciting times in your life 😁.You are about to enter a new chapter in your life and the possibilities are endless. Although college is meant to be fun, there is also a lot of hard work needed in order to succeed 📖. We all go to college thinking we will get a piece of what we see in movies. In college we are supposed to have fun and make it a time to remember, yet that is not the only reason you are there 🙅🏾. When it comes to higher learning you really have to kick things up a notch. You have to be more responsible to get your work done, especially since no one is there to make you do it. Your success is all up to you! It is all about having balance. Every new stage in your life requires you to have a fresh new approach and perspective. Your mindset will change along the way, which is totally fine. That is exactly what this experience is for; to explore who you are. Remember your goal at all times and why you are there. Breathe your way through this experience because, it can and will be stressful; but that’s just apart of the journey. Comment a 🤔 emoji below if this tip was helpful. #alwayslivelovely #boutthatcollegelife

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무사히 공부 마칠 수 있게 도와준 일등공신, 가족👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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함께 고생한 우리 연랩 동기들❤️
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What's on your bookshelf? We're creating a resource for therapists who work from every theoretical orientation and with all types of clients. What books have helped you in your practice or personal growth the most? Let us know the titles that absolutely must make it on the list.

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i'm taking a class on psychopathology, and i'm very excited because mental illnesses are my jam!!

We all ruminate to some extent. We all get stressed out at times. These experiences are completely normal as human beings. However excessive rumination and excessive stress affect our mental and physical health negatively. According to research, Rumination causes stress and stress causes more rumination. This vicious cycle keeps on going until we take initiative to improve the symptoms. Use the following link to get free stress management tools:
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