Good day, pls don’t disclose my ID. Im 24 and a graduate,i have a very handsome, patient, overtly caring and considerate boyfriend.he is so supportive, my business is really growing all thanks to him, I met him when I was in school. We’ve been dating for 5yrs. I used to look forward to our love making. I get wet even before his touch. My nipples gets hard when he says something nasty,i could get wet anywhere, our sex life was spontaneous, we’ve had sex in d gym, his car, his aunt’s wedding, I get so wet that we keep cleaning during sex. For the first time in our relationship we were apart for three months straight, he traveled out, but we talk on phone, video call, almost all the time. Sometimes, we sex chat. I felt he was there even when he wasn’t. He came back February, we were both excited, we had sex. But it was painful I wasn’t getting wet, other times since then getting wet becomes difficult, he’s been patient, he takes time to fore play. He goes down dere more often now. I just get wet for a very short while and the next minutes I’m dry. Pls fam what could be the problem? I really love him, I’m attracted to him,why isn’t my body responding, it’s weekend I went to visit, last night he bought a lubricant. I felt so sad. We tried using it, it was so cold😔.
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Hang in there.

единственное, куда я не опаздываю - это консультации с моими клиентами 🛋. на любую другую работу я опаздываю, а еще на всякие услуги и приемы к врачу, на консультации к своему психологу, на деловые и дружеские встречи, на учебу, на концерты, и даже почти опаздываю на поезда🚂. но только не сюда! прилагаю максимум усилий, чтобы прийти заранее и развалиться в кресле, ожидая. можно читать или настраиваться на работу, можно писать пост в инстаграм, или просто жевать сушки (они в этом офисе очень вкусные). главное прийти вовремя, что для меня правда очень сложно, потому что я неорганизованная. просто я правда люблю эту свою работу. спасибо всем, кто меня учит, тем кто поддерживает, и клиентам которые доверяют мне 🤗. #психолог #люблюсвоюработу #councelling #psychology #психологвмоскве #⚜️ #яжпсихолог

Good morning,l need an advice on how to handle this challenge..
I have being in a relationship for three years nah, its being amazing.. Ryt now, it is threatened just becos l refused to send the screenshots of a chat that l had with a married man l was working with...,when l met this man,l knew he was married and l avoided evry thing dat will be a dent to me...but recently l chatted him up on social media becos he didn't pik up when l called him...even though it was business related but sometimes we do exchange pleasantries...l av successfully worked With this man for few months and he seems to have his ways with words but most tyms,l ignored him and pretend lyk l don't hear him...l m sumone that gets affected by words easily but l av guided myself from this man..we had a discussion on social media recently and it was not business related but wasn't a bad discussion.. I told my partner abt these challenges dat l am having with him and he wants to kw hw deep it is, l told him dat we do chat on social media but nt always.. He then asked me toSend the screenshots of our chats..though the conservation btw me and my boss is not a bad one but he has on several occasions tried to flirt with me but l ignored him.bom,l refused to send him this chat becos of the following reasons..
Firstly, he has a friend who works dere with us though the frnd is yet to kw abt dz man becos we all work in different organizations,l don't want a situation whereby he might discussed this with his frnd and probably hz frnd may share to anoda staff and this might start some rumors.. I just av few months to work with my boss and den go bk to school... I wouldn't want a bad record of any kind..bom,he is threatening to break up with me or l send the screenshots..
Plz,what do you suggest l do?.

Not only ”crazy” or weak people go to psychologists. Smart people go to psychologists if they need help with some aspect of life. Don’t be afraid to seek help! #seekhelp #gethelp #therapy #clinicalpsychologist #mentalhealth #psychology #coach #councelling #cbt #selfie #health #psykolog #terapeut #mentalhälsa #hälsa #depression #anxiety #egenföretagare #businesswoman #instagood

Well today’s therapy session didn’t go so well. I think a full on anxiety attack didn’t help! 😝 #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #mentalhealth #therpy #therapist #seefirmiles #councelling #talkingtherapy

NB: No destructive criticism, it takes courage to ask for help. PositiveVibes only. Thank you.

Ral, my joy as a mother has been shattered. My husband is a lawyer, am a teacher. We have 2 kids a boy and a girl. My husband is a cheat cos of that I stopped having sex with him because each time I do, I must treat infection. This man defiled our 14 year old daughter simply because he wanted to check out if she was still a virgin. My daughter didn't tell me first, she went to tell our pastor who in turn call my husband to ask him but he asked the pastor to stay of his family now my child Brought it to my notice and he warned me too saying I should stay off how he trains his daughter. Should I report him to the police?

Turning the resentment of an affair into a motivating factor is a lot easier said than done. We've found that setting small goals for yourself is a great first step. In the initial phase, you might not be able to do this, but as time goes on it is helpful to think about how you would like your life to be in the future.

Good afternoon Ral, Pls I need your advice. My husband left me in the hospital because I gave birth to a baby girl making it 5 girls. Ever since then he abandoned us and refused to take care of us. Later on he got a lady pregnant and the lady gave birth to a boy. My husband became worse. He maltreated us and stopped spending on us. He even sent us packing. The month I returned home to my father's house. I found out I was pregnant. I informed my husband but he insisted I should abort it but I refused. All through my pregnancy my husband didn't even call to find out how we were doing. To God be the glory I gave birth to twins. Two boys. He is now asking for reconciliation. Should I forgive him or not? My mum is telling to forgive since God has decided to wipe my tears, but each time i remember what i passed tru in his hands, tears flow from my eyes. Please i need ur advice

Our #MondayMotivation is inspired by @ninetam- kill letting food control you and do something different!! A change is needed in your tummy for a change to show on your body and cloths. Your health is tied to what goes into you, join @weightlossboss_ng let’s teach you how to make a better version of your self!! #lekki #lekkiwives #lekkiphase1 #diet #mealplan #worldwide #art#love #life #food#weightlossboss_ng #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightwatchers #exercise #gym #workout #dietplans #dietplanner #councelling #nigeria #london #america #usa #nyc #dietplan

Remember this, Good morning Lovers.

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