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Anyone else sick with a cold right now?? 🙋🏻‍♀️
The annoying common cold is an infection in the upper respiratory tract usually caused by a virus, and in 24-52% of clinical cases, some type of “rhinovirus”. ☣️ Rhinovirus is transmitted through aerosols 💧 or direct contact with a contaminated surface 🤝. It thrives in environments slightly cooler than our body temperature, which is why it finds a home in airways like our noses👃🏼that run a bit cooler.
If you’re sick and dramatic like me you might be asking yourself, “WHY MEEEE!!!?!?!?!” 🤒
While most adults only get sick 1-3 times a year thanks to our lovely immune systems, things like lack of sleep and psychological stress can actually increase your chances of getting sick. (Well that explains it…)
So what works to help you feel better? I’m not a doctor and your health team often knows better than a random on the Internet, but here’s my summary of the scientific evidence behind common cold advice:
✔️help to combat dehydration from a fever and chills
✔️perhaps loosen mucus so you’re less congested
🚫 don’t overdo (hyponatremia)
✔️ temporarily soothes sore throat
✔️ in a study, those who gargled daily were 35% less likely to get sick than those who didn’t
🚫 Probably doesn’t hurt so might as well?
🚫 LITTLE TO NO evidence taking vitamin C regularly will prevent you from getting sick *UNLESS* you just ran a marathon or did some intense skiing
✔️ those who take vitamin C regularly tend to have shorter colds
🚫 starting to take it at the onset of symptoms hasn’t been shown to shorten sickness
✔️ buuut OJ is delicious so imma drink it anyway
🚫 evidence spotty
✔️ at worst may be a harmless placebo
🚫 kill bacteria, NOT viruses!
🚫 only 5% of colds caused by bacteria
🚫 do NOT take for common cold except in RARE cases
🚫 very dangerous to take without need (sUpErBuGs!!)
Most important advice: sneeze/cough into your upper sleeve (not hands), wash hands with soap and water regularly + before touching face/eating, and stay home + rest if you’re sick!!
What else have you heard about beating the cold??

How to make cough drops at home. 😘
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What's up mom? 😂😂. ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
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Oh hello cold, I want you to meet my friends. #cold and #cough #season hittin me hard right now.

We like to get personal, it's crucial to be close with the ones you most care about. With that being said, you should come to our show tonight in @boontunes Come say hi to us and enjoy some music. #grabashovel #imeaniguessyoudonthavetocomeifyoudontwanttoo #itsnotlikewewillhateyou #cough #please #!!!!!!!!


It's 4.30am. My shadow has a cold, no seriously. Having to give him decongestants and antibiotics. I'm exactly the same. Raging sore throat which feels like I've need gargling with cacti, pounding headache, can't breath, can't sleep for coughing. We are both lying here, in the semi dark just feeling sorry for ourselves. I can feel the perversely pleasurable squish of self-pity between my toes. My only defense is that I'm not the only one down here in the muck. #weardalepiper #snotmonster #selfpity #dogdays #bordersofinstagram #sneeze #cough #splutter #urghhhh

Currently living in my lungs and he needs to get the fuck out! Off to bed! Hopefully I feel better in the morning! #cold #sick #cough #mucus #cantbreathe

Family cupping weekend. Son had a cough. Husband and I both have neck issues. I actually did my cupping myself, tried out an extension cord. Worked quite well #tothepointacupuncturenj @fb_the_garden #aimsclinic #cuppingtherapy #cupping #relief #cough #stiffneck #acupuncture #acupunctureworks #eastbrunswick #eastbrunswicknj #newjersey #caughtacold #coughing #feelingbetter

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Balsem dari @beautybarnindonesia ini bener2 ampuh lho buat batuk.. Gaby sering batuk karna alergi debu (rumah di pinggir jalan yg sering dilewati bus & truk ditambah lg ada renovasi trotoar di seantero Cepu) plus kalo salah makan jajan langsung uhuk2.. Minum obat jg pake mingkem dl & mama nya ga telaten dah.. 😁

Sebulanan yg lalu pas iseng buka tokopedia, nemu ini di toko @atozfamilystore.. Pas Gaby batuk, langsung dicoba.. Diolesin di dada & punggung tiap 1-2 jam.. Wanginya balsem tp enak & ga pedes.. Puji Tuhan, batuk Gaby cepet sembuh lho.. Maksimal 2 hari uda hilang batuknya tanpa obat sama sekali.. Kalo Gaby uda mulai uhuk2, langsung aja diolesin balsem ini.. Sebelum kasih review ini, saya uda membuktikan di Gaby 3x..
Jadi sudah saya uji dulu, ga ada kata kebetulan.. 😁

Mungkin kalo mommy lain ada yg anaknya juga gampang terserang batuk, semoga tulisan ini bisa membantu.. 😘
Selamat malam.. Tuhan memberkati 😇

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Those who know me, know that I have battled for 5 years to improve my respiratory health. For nearly 5 years I have been #sinus infection free thanks to some very supportive #essentailoils and nutritional supplements. That said, my body's worst enemy seems to be cold fronts. When I was in #Oklahoma No matter how many oils I slathered on myself I could not avoid the double whammy of a cold front and a moldy #pumpkin patch. Ended up having to have a steroid shot. And it all ended with a horrid #cough...which led to basically no voice. I was watching a live broadcast from my team's monthly meeting Where they were talking about how essential oils can support your respiratory system in the upcoming Winter months. Someone mentioned diluting the #YLEO #thieves mouthwash and distilled water and putting it in a spray bottle for the throat support. So I tried it Thursday...By Friday I had enough voice left to start practicing some music for #Christmas, by Saturday I was pretty much full voice. I have never got my voice back from complete #laryngitis that fast...and my breath is great lol #youngliving

Oh hello cold, I want you to meet my friends. #cold and #cough #season hittin me hard right now.

Hmm 🤒😷🤕 #fever #sick #cough #headache #cold

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