“Here she comes a walkin' talkin' true love
Sayin' I been lookin' for you love
Surprise your new love has arrived
Out of the blue clear sky.” 🎶

Cotton farming for my 2nd year Australian Working Holiday Visa.

It was great to take my family back to my home and share a little bit of knowledge of the cotton industry and what my life was like growing up😍
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Provided a spectacular sunset though #sunset #groundprep #cottonfarming #johndeere #camosaglabourhire

Always another adjustment to be made! #cottonfarming

Keeping the wheels turning for this customer while he takes the weekend with his family after cotton harvest. #camosaglabourhire #johndeere #cottonfarming #groundprep #pupaecontrol

Friday night - Yes, Yes, Yes. Anyone else have a big week?? Facilitated the selection of participants for a national ag industry leadership program today. Tough given there were 46 applicants and 15 places! This says loads about this industry. Happy to be facilitating and not actually on the panel. A rigorous process undertaken by all selection panel members. And stay tuned for more news soon.

I have always wondered how a cotton actually looks and feels like...how it is spun and eventually woven into fabric.

Late last year, I bought a cotton grow kit from @habifair (a collaboration with @mnlgrowkits) and it has grown nicely and yielded these cotton bolls 😊

Cotton - seriously, this plant amazes me 🌱. I intend to plant the seeds I got from the bolls but I am not sure what type of soil to use. The cotton kit I bought before included soil, fertilizer & coconut husk pot.

I hope more local farmers would again consider planting Philippine cotton which would eventually be used for Abel Weaving ❤️ #habixmnlgrowkit

Right now it's lunch time at the #cottontrailblazers. It was an amazing first half. During the breaks we also show a video of our Head of Sustainable Raw Materials, @chesteranita, talking about solutions to strenghten the rise of #organiccotton.

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In 2017, a third party conducted a study on the effect of applying Pellet 3-IA to common cotton. The study found that while the plant height of the treated cotton only increased a modest amount, the number of bolls in treated plants was significant. The treated plants also had more branching, more foliage and deeper color. The trial estimated that over 626 acres, a 20 percent yield increase could be expected!
Read more on our website!

Our Head of Sustainable Raw Materials @chesteranita talks about the challenges that come along with #organiccotton.

Tomorrow, when we celebrate the #cottontrailblazers in Bhopal, India, she will be in attendance. Tomorrow we will also post possible solutions regarding these challenges.
#madhyapradesh #sustainablefashion #india #cottonfarmer #bhopal #fairfashion #cottonfarming #organiccotton

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