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Not too long ago me and my group of friends were considered weirdos because of our sense of style. We were laughed at by the commercial crowd for the way we cut our hair and the way we wore "weird" clothes. People like @theonlyscoopmakhathini @mrs_mome @bhubesii_kobayashi @okmalumkoolkat @u_sanele @stilomagolide @mkayfrash @thegooddokta @phikomdi1 and many others took me in and taught me its okay to be different. They gave me an opportunity to be a part of redefining COOL. Not from an office in Bryanston but from a sneaker store in Melville. Without them in my life I wouldn't be the person I am today. Without them I would've been lost.

I say that to say this. Any kid out there who thinks they do not have a voice that represents them or feels like society is not ready for the ideas they have, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are a million kids just like you out there. Find them, Get together and change the culture for those who will come after you. This cover is not tick on my resume but it is a smoke signal for you guys to run through the gates before they figure out a way to lock you out again. Dont get caught in the ego wars. Identify the people who believe in what you believe and teach them what you may have learnt on the road to success.
Thank you @gqsouthafrica for giving this Venda kid from KwaMashu a chance to SHINE and tell his story. I am forever grateful. #StayShining #CottonEatersNeverDie πŸ“Έ: @sachawaldman / ISSUE DROPS MONDAY 8th MAY NATIONWIDE / please go get it and actually read the story inside πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

My dad's old tee!❀ #cottoneatersneverdie #tomboythursdays

I done my left wrist like I'm Harden

@king_hash_world the next bag will be a gucci bag β€β˜”πŸ’―πŸ™

"Its not easy trying to find your place in this world. The road you might need to take may be filled with hurdles that make you question if its worth it. You might feel like giving up. You might feel like you dont have the power to keep going. At those moments its so important to have good people who can motivate you to try your best. People who LOVE you enough to not let you lose your way. FRIENDS and FAMILY who will help you find JOY in all the madness... BE STRONG. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. STAY SHINING." -------------------------------------------------------- #cottoneatersworldwide #CottonEatersNeverDie #Motivation #StayShining #JOY

"There's are few things more beautiful than starting a new journey. Brace yourself for new levels of success but prepare yourself for new challenges that will come your way. The main thing is too keep your eye on the prize. DO NOT get distracted. DO NOT drift from the people that keep you motivated. Ask for help when you need it and give help whenever you can... BE STRONG. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. STAY SHINING." πŸ“Έ: @ross_ramotsamai ------------------------------------------------------ #cottoneatersworldwide #Motivation #hardwork #menofcloth #blackmenwithstyle #CottonEatersNeverDie


My niggas told me to bring stoko so I bought this. #stokosalekgowa @casspernyovest & @kwestadarkar #ngud dope track, and shout out to my favorite uncle @rikyrickworld #cottoneatersneverdie #stayshining #Uncleriky

I don't know when last I done this. Shout out to @rikyrickworld #cottoneatersneverdie #stayshining

@king_hash_world the next bag will be a gucci bag β€β˜”πŸ’―πŸ™

#rikyrickworld - "This one is dedicated to all the kids who get told to stop dreaming... dont ever let anybody tell you you cant make it..." πŸ“Έ: #sachawaldman for #gqsouthafrica #CottonEatersNeverDie #BuyItOut #StayShining

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