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Some messing around photos from our last munute uni help shoot with @cassascosplayshots "IM FLYING JACK"
I finde it best to always suround my self with positivity and haveing fun with my hobbies, yes it can be stressful at times at the end of the day its what i love to do. Its all about haveing fun l and being a charater that you love and enjoy and bring them to life makes it all worth it... you always need to remember not take it to seriously have a breake from being in charater muck around a bit have fun with it you do you and at the end of the day you will be happy and thats whats important.
I love these photos of coba and i because we are from two completely diffrent animes and they make no scence but we are so happy and were haveing fun!
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Never give up, or you will never humiliate your critics. Critics, everyone has them, the Internet is full of anonymous people who just speak bad on anything, or even people in person that want to say their two sense. I can find something in anyone I like, something in every photo, costume or piece of art I like. Don't let anyone stop you, I won't.
Living well is the best revenge.
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