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A delicate lace
Drapes your face
With a certain grace
And all the words
That left their mark—
Once tattooed
And misconstrued—
Deep within your heart
Are fading in quicksand
And resolute you stand
Grounded in the earth
A home within a home
It's deep in your bones
Nothing can shake you
The faces that face you
Are hollow and faceless
You've seen all the storms
Their claims were all baseless
Yet you still remain...

Paseo en festivo , mirando #puertas .


No t'atrevexis a entrar!!! Picaporta de la porta de mercaderies d'un restaurant xines a la 7 avinguda de Nova York.

Cuando el sol brilla, déjalo brillar en ti. La nieve siempre está esperando - When the sun shines, let it shine on you. Snow is always waiting (Gayle Forman).

Purple, indigo, and red were the colors of the battle Sebastian had fought. Bruised, bloody and blue, one door was locked, closed, with dignity it stood in the midst of its wounds where he had left the journey to walk with tender feet upon rocky ground. The other was open ever so slightly, draped in the colors of his dreams. Even as decay shrouded its entrance, the glow about it spoke to the promise on the other side. He took the steps that no one expected, that few understood, with faith, hope and love he made his daring leap into the light of his destiny. And within he found friends, family, lovers and dreamers alike, all dancing in unison to an unheard beat of the soul.

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