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Quick wonky preview of the Edwardian - Victorian hybrid corset I'm attempting to make as the next PDF corset pattern.
All mock up pattern pieces are roughly pinned together & I don't know if what shape well get in the end but this is just one of the possibilities we might end up with. 😄

Link in bio for past FREE multisized corset patterns.

Today a little experiment, something different from my usual corsets. #corset #corsetmaking #pink #corsetry #waspwaist #girdle #couture

Model: @katrin_lanfire
Corset: @moriel_mornie
Skirt: @burleska_corsets
Pendant: @nocturnia.it

Лада @ladalyumos и ее первое платье со встроенным корсетом- боди с отрезными чашками по результату курса @irissaart 🌷🌷🌷Лада- большая молодец! В ее юном возрасте, уже старается делать такие сложные вещи, это заслуживает уважения! 👏👏👏 #корсет #irissaart_корсетнаяшкола #корсетнаяшкола #corsetry #corsetmaking #corsetdresses #шитье #курсышитья #корсетноеплатье #корсетсчашками

Stealthing the satin CS-426 under all this velvet. Going out to the casino tonight and I'm already tired 😴
#corsetlove #corsetry #bodymods #alternativemodels #blaclvelvet #gothbabe #orchardcorset #stackedheels

I’m not #waisttraining but I did throw on a corset for the first time ever and, I’m a weird way, just seeing how little I got is even more motivation 😅 #corset #corsetry

Nothing like slip stitching at 10,000 feet. #handsewing #corsetry #coutil #costume #flying #blistersonmefingers

Day 4. Last night I met a man through a mutual friend whom created an album that's very close to my heart; it was strange to have that voice coming from someone of flesh and blood. I've met plenty of musicians, famous and smalltime, but this was the first where an artists music had helped me through so much. It wasn't strange until he started singing, because I have such strong reactions to that voice.
Today I went out with anthropology club to tour Theo Chocolate and so didn't put this on until later. Now I'm just doing homework and sipping on red wine 🍷🖤
#bodymods #corsetry #waisttrainer #waisttrainingcorsets #halloweenqueen #allblackeverything #waspwaist #cs426 #ochardcorset #hourglassgoals #corsetlove #satincorset

@KimmiKush photographed by @LeMewPhotography in our new "Front Eyelets PVC Underbust corset" ($105) with ballet boots by @PleaserUSA and a PVC Harness Buckle Bra ($100)!
Thanks to your requests we have redesigned our underbust corset with eyelets on the front and back. While we can add front eyelets to any of our existing overbusts or underbusts for an extra $20 this product has the eyelets included in the price and is our newest and most flattering underbust corset shape.

We sew this with four flat steel bones on the front for stomach flattening, flexible steel boning sides and flat steel boning at the back and is just long enough to cover the top of the hips. Available in all combinations of our store PVC colours including striped, half colours (for example half black and half red)! Shown in black with silver eyelets, a PVC face harness ($60), a matching PVC Buckle Choker ($50), and a PVC zipper buckle thong ($45). Have any questions about sizing or shipping? E-mail us at artifice@artificeclothing.com!

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