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That's why we wake up every morning
It's why we seek each others' smile
It’s why we know that its so worth it
It’s why we hold on and make the sacrifice
- Beautiful Life/Corrinne May
Get inspired,

정말 캄캄하던 때에 우연히 창원 시내가 다보이는 꼭대기에서 코린메이님의 노래를 처음 듣게되었어요.
첫소절부터 뭉클했고 5분안되는 그 시간동안
노래 들으면서 혼자 울컥울컥했던거 같아요.
코린메이라는 가수의 노래가 흘러나오던때를 잊지못해요.
그 이후로 잠들기전에 꼭 코린메이님의 노래를 다 듣고 자는데
특히 이 “fly away”이라는 곡은 하루에 몇번이나 듣는지 모를정도로 좋아하는 노래예요😀 가끔씩은 fly away를 처음듣던 그 순간이 생각나서 펑펑 울기도 하고 마음이 말랑말랑해지기도 합니다:-)
뭔가 아무도 없는 외딴섬에 갑자기 누군가 나타나 위로를 해주는 느낌이랄까🌠
그냥 나만알고싶은 가수고 나만알고싶은 노래지만
모두가 알게되어도 좋을거같아서🙃💞
공연 보는 날이 오길🙏🏻💫싱가폴을 가야하나..🤔
I can't forget the first time I heard that song.(fly away)
I received a lot of consolation in your voice.
If I get the chance, I'd really like to go see the show.
I pray that I may see you.
I’m not good at English..So If you can speak Korean well or have a Korean friend, I really want you to translate this article and read it to me. I'm your Big_fan.❤️

【Corrinne May ✩ beautiful seed】
#CorrinneMay #beautifulseed #Singapore #シンガポール #Music

🎶 #CorrinneMay #TheBirthdaySong
Happy birthday my friend
Here's to all the years we've shared together
All the fun we've had
You're such a blessing
Such a joy in my life
May the good Lord bless you
And may all your dreams come true

#corrinnemay #nowplaying

Corrinne May /Fly Away🍀 優しいビアノの旋律と歌声。ざわつくキモチを静めてくれる✨多くの人に聞いてほしいな。「Love Song for ♯1」という曲もぜひ聞いてみて🍀

"You can make the whole world believe
Break the strongest fortress, change the way the world thinks
You can build a bridge where foes can meet
Hope for the future, shout it, don't whisper
'cos dreams are what we make them to be
There is hope in every heartbeat, tiny as it seems
You're a beautiful seed"

아...좋다 🤪
프라하갔을때 길을 잘못들었었는데
우연히 갔던 곳이 상상이상으로 좋아서
잠시 쉬며 젤좋아하는 노래를 들었는데
그기분이 아직도 안잊혀진다
다시한번 더....#corrinnemay
#마나가하섬 #잉여롭다 #여유롭다
#스노쿨링 #숨차
#saipan #진주

9 December 2017: After Saturday CHC Service and fellowship, made my way down to MBS Events Plaza to watch one of my favourite singer/artist Corrinne May perform. Had been a fan of her voice and godly-inspired songs during my school days. Managed to take a photo with this anointed woman whose songs and music deeply inspired me as well as a rare opportunity to interact with her and her husband Kavin Hoo who was one of the composers. May God continue bless you and your work as you continue to touch and inspire the lives of fans and people around you 🙏 #marinabaysands #corrinnemay

Throwback Thursday of finally getting to see and listen to @corrinnemay in person live at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza last Saturday as she has been missing in action for a long time! Missed her mesmerising and angelic voice and am happy to hear it! Anticipating for a new album from her in the New Year 2018! 😀

#corrinnemay #singaporemusic #love #music #marinabaysands #tbt #Throwback #ThrowbackThursday
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smile, it's a beautiful life. #corrinnemay #lifelessonsthroughsongs #latergram

"I often feel like I'm two steps behind
Somebody must have moved that finish line
There are a thousand reasons
Why I should give up
But I'm stubborn in the things I believe"

Finally getting to hear Corrinne May live again after so many years! Still my favourite song #crookedlines #corrinnemay #latergram

Super excited to grab a pic with @corrinnemay yesterday! Been such a huge fan of her songs ever since my JC days ☺️ Love the music, the lyrics and of course her voice.
Thank you Corrinne for your music and for the lovely showcase yesterday, and for being so genuine and down-to-earth. May God bless you, and continue to use your voice to touch the hearts of many people around the world! #corrinnemay

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