Well our goal to finish up this book by March has come and gone! Butttt I’m hopeful that it’s coming to a wrap. So please await patiently and follow patiently. I do want it to mirror how amazing our little girl truly is and be its best; because, I believe, it overcomes the fears children associate with medical procedures and ailments. In a world of children’s books with “happy endings” there are some kids that have to achieve their happy endings on a rougher path!🤒 my goal is to bring awareness of these bumps children face along the way and how they can find strength in living this different life...and that there are other kids out there just like them! We do love reading at our house...what are some of your favourite children’s books? We love “The Very Cranky Bear”! #theverycrankybear #childrensbooks#favoritechildrensbooks#coronalsynostosis #childrenshealthawareness #bcchf #bccfstrong #kidswithhelmets#thegirlinthepinkhelmet #ookaisland #scholasticbooks #scholasticbookstore

Superstars! For anyone that has dealt with a sick child, whether it be acute or chronic, the flu or an illness that follows them throughout their lifetime, it is heartbreaking! Many times us as parents find it harder to go through than the kids themselves. I know I found strength in our happy little Claire bear right up until the min she left us for surgery and even after. Her strength through it all allowed us to find comfort at a difficult time. These kids are truly hero’s:) they get poked and prodded, tested and tormented! Forced into these uncomfortable, unavoidable situations that come along with being ill and yet we see them handle it like champs. So cheers to these kids!! Xoxox #orthohelmets#kidswithhelmets#selfpublishing#childrensauthors#kidsbooksaboutunderstandinghealth#bcch#bcchildrenshospital #bcchildrenshospitalfoundation #illustrations#coronalsynostosis #coronalsynostosisawarness

We have hit Adelaide which holds a very special place in our hearts thanks to this Man, Professor David, Craniofacial Surgeon who operated on Harley 3 years ago. We had our annual checkup on our way through and our last visit with Prof as he is now retiring, which is the end of an era!! May I also mention he was South Australian of the Year?! #craniosynostosis #craniokid #coronalsynostosis #muenkesyndrome #adelaide #northadelaide

This chick 🐥 had her surgery 3 years ago January 12! We couldn’t ask for a brighter, more intuitive little girl. She is the reason and inspiration behind this whole project! Once we complete the book, we are hoping to give back to Bc children’s with profits from this lil book☺️@bcchfoundations.
#childrensbooks #kidswithhelmets#coronalsynostosis#bcchildrenshospitalfoundation #selfpublishing#canadalibrary #kidshealthandwellness #childrenshealthawarness #read

Challenging ACVR in a 6 month old boy with Apert Syndrome. Craniosynostosis surgery requires teamwork to optimize outcomes. A craniofacial surgeon and pediatric neurosurgeon (@drmarkmittler) are essential to the success of cranial vault remodeling procedures. An experienced pediatric anesthesiologist and children's hospital are also essential components to this team. I am so fortunate to be able to operate with talented pediatric neurosurgeons committed to the treatment of complex congenital craniofacial disorders. I couldn't do what I do without them. Thank you Dr. Mittler and Dr. Schneider!

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İzmir'den ziyaretçim vardı. Kontrollerini yaptık herşey gayet güzel. Zafer işaretimizide yaptık. Yaklaşık üç sene önce kraniosinostoz dediğimiz doğuştan kafa kemiklerinin bazılarının gelişim problemleri nedeniyle ameliyat ettiğimiz tatlı kızımız büyüdükçe dahada güzelleşiyor. 😊❤️#kraniosinostoz #kafakemikleri #craniosynostosis #metopiccraniosynostosis #sagittalsynostosis #coronalsynostosis

Top medical treatments, surgeries at top hospitals in Istanbul / Turkey . 100 % SATİSFACTİON GUARANTEED ! results in all our Face - Chin - Jaw - Skull Surgeries
KRANIOPLAST , First and the only Craniofacial Surgery Clinic in Istanbul / Turkey
Do not hesitate to get in contact with our team in Turkish / English / German languages ( İnternational patients : +90 533 257 85 94)
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In the midst of our packing madness it slipped my mind that today is your 2 year #cranioversary. Each year with you has been magical. You have taught us more than we ever knew we needed to know and as you grow your life and story will inspire many. Big love to you Annie-Rose! 💜👧🏼😘🌹⭐️🎀🎉#annierosestella #craniosynostosis #coronalsynostosis #twoyearsago #biglove

Sharing more about what's been going on with this little one #ontheblog today. It's hard to keep such a secret when you're a blogger, but I wanted to wait until the time was right for us. #princessstellaelizabeth #craniosynostosis #coronalsynostosis

Thank you @lalalalawiley for tagging me to share something I'm grateful for. I'm only going to share one thing, because ultimately the only thing that really matters is that my family is healthy.
Ilana had her first head CT last week. Not exactly a milestone you envision when you become a parent! She has cranial synostosis & is having relatively minor surgery next Monday to correct it.
This experience has given me a tiny glimpse into what it would be like to have a child who is truly, devastatingly ill, and I am grateful beyond words that my two little beauties are basically healthy!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I would love to hear what you are all grateful for this year.

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