Date Night with my boo!
Actually....more like Date Life with my boo 😍
How is it I never get bored spending my days with him?! I think we're meant for each other😜💕 #cornypost #Idontcare #blessed

Today I came home and sat on my parent’s bed and watched my dad as he studied and wrote this weekend’s message. I realized that sometimes we don’t know or take the time to appreciate how much work and love our Pastors put into the Kingdom of God. As a Pastor’s kid, it’s hard to separate the father I see everyday and the God appointed Man he is. To me he was always just Dad and now he is so much more than that, especially to so many others. He went from someone who was gone for periods of days on drugs to this Man who loves God so much that he just wants to talk about him all the time. He isn’t perfect and that is okay. All that matters is that he said yes to God and now there is a place for people to come and freely worship God. But this is his life, this is what the life of a Pastor looks like and I am so proud. I pray that God sends me someone who loves Him just like my father loves Him ❤️ #PastorDad #HisDailyLife #ALittleEmotional #ProudDaughter #MyParentsAreTheBestPastors #EarthlyFatherDoingHeaveyFathersWork #CornyPost #HeHasWayTooManyBooks

Not Your Average Or Typical😉🙌🏾 #oldiebutagoodie #cornypost

I'm always nervous and anxiety ridden since I was a kid and that is is never going to change I'm insecure and accident prone but God dammit I love being me and accept who I am may not be everyone's cup of tea but I like me and that's all that matter. I'm happy where I ended up in my journey to accept my self and I can't wait to see what I can do in the next new year 🖤❤️💚 #acceptyourself #youareenough #dontneedeveryonetolikeme #dorky34yrold #cornypost #lookingforwardto2019 #iamenough #finallylikemyself

#tbt I love this pic, so many friends in one room ❤️ we aren’t all together as often anymore, but when we are, it’s all 😂🤪🤗 Thanks for the reminder, Timehop! .
#nerdalert #cornypost #nonewfriends #timehop @roseswarbrick @moganmoproblems @jweeks81 @claireasmud @karenkubey @odasarah @dancefeefer @azizifer

🌸 They say it's not where you go, but who you go with. However, in my case I get both spectacular experiences AND amazing company, so I'd say I'm pretty lucky with this man 💜

1. #Travel buddy.
2. Epic #adventure buddy.
3. #Bushbashing extraordinaire buddy.
4. 'Carry all our heavy ass packs because I can't hold my own with my ankle hurting so much' buddy.
5. Yummy #foodie buddy.
6. 'Gets up early everyday to make me my favourite breakfast' buddy.
7. Also, 'gets up early on weekends and helps me with my laundry so I can sleep in longer' buddy.
8. 'Always takes care of me' buddy.
9. 'It's apartment cleaning day' buddy.
10. Movie night buddy.
11. 'Make me yummy FODMAP friendly food' buddy.
12. 'Jessy learns the #kiwi ways' buddy.
13. 'Makes me want to be a better version of myself' buddy.
14. Date night buddy
15. Cuddle buddy 😊
16. Picnic buddy
17. Other worldly conversations buddy, but also meaningless conversations buddy
18. Sexy ass buddy😂😍 .
#mystud #thelistgoeson #cornypost

Hard to believe that something so small, with the right amount of support, can grow into something so much larger. At the risk of sounding cliché, seeds really are a great metaphor for how much potential we all have, and the extent to which we can continue to grow.
#cornypost #seed #growth #raglan #whaingaroa #metaphor #macrophotography #seaside #blacksandbeach #potential

Having such a good week with my favourite dorks... anddd I know I’ll be back from time to time but gonna miss you lot so much! 🤗😍💗
#friends #allsmiles #squad #friendship #quadbiking #mud #iceskating #england #happybunny #positivevibes #cornypost

Loving the mountain corn at the moment, getting ever so closer to cobs. Will try not to have to many corn posts fill up my feed. Put the sound on to hear the birds in the background feasting on the neighbours cherry tree.

Thanks for hanging out with me for 4 whole years, handsome. I love you lots and I can’t wait for another 4 🥰🥰🥰 @yourmindmatter #anniversary #isitweird? #babe #loveyou #loveyoulots #loveyoumore #cornypost #sentimental #4moreyears #youandme #andmeandyou #bettertogether #theseasalttomyfrenchfries #bestfriend #favoritehuman #hadsome

Love park with my love 💜@lucasjcarlson #cornypost #philadelphia

About my journey—
I cannot believe that I am now in my fourth year of teaching. #cornypost warning but I am truly so grateful to be where I am.
My journey as a teacher started, as cliche as it is, as a young child with my early passion for whiteboards and teaching my peers seemingly pointless subject matter. In my heart I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher; although sometimes distracted by fashion design and interior decorating... However, every day, despite the many obstacles, my passion grows deeper.
My love for English started later on. As a young kid I loved reading. I have many fond memories of my brother reading me Harry Potter, and then taking it on as my own. But through school I began to struggle. I found my love for literature and it’s power from my 11th grade ELA teacher, and my college applications quickly turned into applications as a double major in English Literature and secondary Education. My professors at Roger Williams University breathed life into my passions and brought light to the many areas of both English and Education that could truly be life changing.
I fell in love with mythology, Shakespeare, and various texts in between; and was taught the essential skills needed to bring 13-18 year olds into the magical worlds within books.
Now, in my fourth year I am teaching both Homer and Shakespeare to 9th graders— and as I watch them analyze, act, interact, and ask questions, I am moved by the transformative powers of teaching and literature.
I am blessed to be in this wild and beautiful profession!! #teacher #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowingteachers #elateacher #highschoolela #highschoolelateacher #fouthyearteacher #journey #keepcalmteachon #shakespeare #homer

💋I #feel like you are my #reward 🏆 for everything I did #right ✔️ in my life ... How did I get so lucky? 🤩
Maybe believing what #family once told me... ✔️
”Be the #goodperson in the situation, it may not be easy. However, the reward you get in the end, #paysoff.” 💋Spending a life time with you is the biggest gift I could have received💋
#Thankyou 😍 for being you, and always being there for me @rjunck3 😘

#luckygirl #goodkarma #forevermyJUNCK #YoureMYkindOfPerfect #cornypost 🤓

2018 happened in a flash. We’re close to the end of another great year, hope you all made the best of it, made memories, and made happy decisions. 🙏 #cornypost

11 months with this goon today! We celebrated by cooking dinner together 😋 Nashville hot chicken and mac n cheese 😍 #thanksfoodnetwork #snack #cornypost

25 🎈 On paper, this was probably one of the hardest years of my life. In reality, I think it has been one of the best. Despite the struggles, the hard goodbyes, and the serious medical complications I faced early this year, all of those things only helped me to appreciate all of the amazing people, things, and opportunities I encounter every day. 🎈My best friend, @katyabentsa texted me early this year saying something like, “I feel like you’ve had the hardest 2018, but you haven’t complained about it at all,” and that’s how I always aim to be from now on. 🎈Sorry for getting sappy, but thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of my journey in some way, shape, or form (even if that form is simply liking my Instagram posts every once in a while). I appreciate all of you so much and, as weird as it sounds, find myself being thankful for the internet more often than not. I’m looking forward to another year of growing, learning, and figuring out WTF to do with my life (but not stressing about it too hard). 🎈Thank you to my best friend @sabrina_berman_ for flying all the way out to LA to spend my bday with me! 📸 @mattdeifer

My handsome #hubby
I am #SoLucky ❤️💙 #SoulMate #CornyPost

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