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Trying my first cob of one of @cornellanddiehl New series called Appalachian Trail.
The cob seemed the perfect match.

The raspberry and vanilla are real mild and nice finishes to the VAPER mix.
Looks great in a mason jar too.

Cant wait to try the rest of the series.

#thispipelife #corncobpipe

We’re RESTOCKED on @missourimeerschaum pipes, INCLUDING THREE NEW SHAPES. The Marcus has a Dublin-shaped bowl with a hardwood bottom and is stained dark for a burnished appearance. This bowl is similar to but smaller than the Mark Twain pipe, hence the name Marcus. With a wide, nickel-plated band on the shank gives it a unique appearance. The Little Devil Cutty is a nosewarmer style pipe with a lot of attitude! A bold profile forward canted bowl that is highlighted by the dark stain applied. It will easily fit in your pocket, don’t let this pipe’s size fool you.  The Cob Cigar is for the pipe smoker who likes things that are unique, a little unusual, and attention getting and is a feat of corn cob pipe engineering! Designed by Chris Morgan of Morgan Pipes, it is made in the reverse Calabash style to provide a smooth, dry and cool smoking experience. The tobacco chamber holds approximately “15-20 minutes worth” of tobacco. The acrylic mouthpiece forms the head of the Cob Cigar, snugly fitting into the cooling chamber, and gives the pipe the look of a Figurado shaped cigar. The pipe comes with a cork so that you can cap the tobacco chamber. Stop in and see!! #missourimeerschaum #corncobpipe #straustobacconist #straustobacconistflorence #smokingpipes

Jandy @mrs.aristocob asked me to snap a picture of the new white Royal bit, but it just looked so lonely so I added all three colors and a few of the pipes that can accept it. #ThatsBetter #CobLife #CornCobPipe #AristocobDotCom #MissouriMeerschaum

Post work Peacehaven

Corn Cob Collection. Front pipe is 100 years old. @aristocob #missourimeerschaum #corncob #corncobpipe #corncobnation #cobsmokerforlife

Smoke some real tobacco #real #filterless #pipe #corncobpipe #whiskey

33°C abacus/troutstream in a @dagnerpipes #corncobpipe

Snag a free Missouri Pride from the illustrious @missourimeerschaum in your first box with promo code FREE PIPE #pipesmoking #pipetobacco #tobacco #men #corncobpipe


Post work Peacehaven

Smoke some real tobacco #real #filterless #pipe #corncobpipe #whiskey

Getting ready to enjoy some C&D Engine #99 in my MM Freehand and relaxing on this humid Sunday evening. Have a great night all and keep em lit.

Came in the mail yesterday, but the powers that be didn't allow for a post until today. This is my sissy cob. @jwk2366 is passing on his art of cob modification to his daughter and I was fortunate enough to get # 2 cob mod. Excellent work, that stem is awesome! Makes me want some orange sherbert. The tamper is awesome too. I don't know how many sissy will be making but if you see her selling some more grab you one, she has her father's talent. #corncob #corncobpipe #cobmod #notmydadscob #yournotasissyifyousmokeasissycob #datstemdoe #antlertamper #coblife

Starting my day with my bible and a dark side pipe. Make sure to get you MH #custom #corncobpipe today from my #etsyshop

First night with #corncobpipe

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