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Everyone, meet BAE #CorgisDoItBetter #RoyalButt

Getting my socialising on with @levi_thecorgi #fbf #flashbackfriday #dogcafe

Apparently mom didn't think I was smiling wide enough. #fakingit #happiestpuppy #corgilife #lowlife #corgisdoitbetter


Empty water bottles are NOT okay!

If I lay like this for long enough, maybe it will become comfy and not awkward.

Ruff! 🐾

Corgi - 0 ; Verticle blinds - 1

🌈I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy today 🌈 Very proud to call myself an Aussie Corgi πŸ’— love won πŸ’—


Cheezels, gimme, gimme, gimme! #tot

My favourite place tuh sleep is in da crotch of mine #corgmoms pajama pants. 🀣

LIISTEENNNN! I has a lot tuh say tuhday!

And that's a wrap! My mate Charlie and I had the best time today at Dogapalooza. We met so many new friends 😍
Denim by @hellopethaus

Hey girl ❀️ #dogapalooza

Best day ever β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ@dogapalooza_melb

TGIF 😝 I'm all excited about Dogapalooza on Sunday, who else is going? ❀️ @dogapalooza_melb #crazyeyes

Can we getcha some more please?!

When I go hard at da dog park #corgmom carry me like a babeh...she know my stumps be tired!


#hoomans not rub my belly enuff

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