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First of all we want to thank people who has been following us these past 7 months.
Without you guys, we won’t reach 10K followers today!
Mum started this instagram account as a journal about Ian.
Mum tried to post stuff about him that mum found interesting and worth remembering.
Mum also tried to make a detailed caption so when she looked at the post, she can relive that moment again.
But turns out there are some people out there who takes interest in all the gibberish that she posted.
Those people encourage mum to post more, to do better photos and captioning.
And then little Patrick joined our pack!
And suddenly everybody went crazy over his cuteness...not to mention his fluffy bum!
And more people followed our journey.
Of course there are some people who gave harsh remarks.
But hey, that’s life!
Not everybody will have the same reaction and opinion.
We will take every comment as a lesson.
To learn more and be better.
Not just for us, but for all dogs out there.
We will try to be wiser when deciding what content to post.
Whether it’s appropriate or not, will it give people new knowledge and good value or not.
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