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🐶 lil cuties 😍
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Big corgi teaches little corgi to sit. 😂 #corgination #corgilove #corgicommunity

다리 짧아 서러운 애기첫누니👶
#shortlegproblems #tbt #corgipuppy


This little pupper's almost 2. His first collar didn't even fit him coz he was so tiny. 😢😢😢 #TBT #throwback #throwbackthursday

It's National Pupper Day! Here's me at 8 weeks old 🐶

I am exhausteddddd 🤷🏻‍♂️

#HappyNationalPuppyDay to the sweetest babies in the whole world (says every mom) I am so thankful for all the joy these nugs bring to my heart, and for all the furrriends we have met through Instagram 💕 Celebrate your pup today and take advantage of @pupbox huge #nationalpuppyday sale and use CODE: PUPPYDAY for $30 off any multi-month subscription!! Believe me, you won't regret it 💜

Happy National Puppy Day!!!!! #tbt to when Finny was a baby guinea pig and had lil nubbin feet that were so darn cute you could just dunk him in your coffee! Even from the tender age of 5 weeks old, @ravyn_neville had won over his heart. We love you puppies!!!!
#herfingertastesgood #babycorgifinn #trueloveisawarmpuppy

And the snow is back! What a blunder that I've lost all of my fur.
#nakedcorgi #snow #woof

Happy #Internationalpuppyday !Here's me when I was only 5 weeks old.

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