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어제 식사하고 반해서 바로 예약하고 오늘 또 간 베누! 이틀 연속 가서 몇가지 다른 메뉴로 나왔는데도 어떻게 하나같이 다 맛있지...하 #benu #베누 #michelin3stars #coreylee

Asian (mostly Korean?) inspired fine dining. #benu #coreylee #sfrestaurants #michelin3star

Thank you #CoreyLee and the whole team @insitu_sfmoma !! It is a privilege to be a part of your project and it was great to be there cooking with the team and talking to @chrisyingz
@insitu_sfmoma is an incredible project that very few can pull through. It's one of those things that for the "outsider" seems like a "cool thing", but when you know how things really work in the back of he house you're left with admiration. Culinary approaches, philosophies, tastes and techniques from completely different minds and places.
Man, you guys truly nail it!!!

'I don't know of a culture, and have yet to visit a country, that doesn't have its own version of porridge, although I'm not sure if the origins lie in its universal appeal or universal necessity,' says @benurestaurant chef Corey Lee nominated yesterday for a @beardfoundation award for Best Chef on the West Coast. While most depictions of porridge aren't that appetising, we think you'll find the pictures and text accompanying Corey's Spring porridge with sea urchin recipe, featured in the book benu, available at Phaidon.com as inspiring as the California coast it comes from. Well done on the nomination and good luck Corey. #benurestaurant @insitu_sfmoma

it finally happened!!!!!! got to meet BOTH of my two culinary heroes, chef @davidchang and chef corey lee!!!!! it was such an honor to hear them speak about their journeys & philosophies. as a fellow korean, so proud of everything they're doing for the korean cuisine and culture. #davidchang#coreylee #momofuku#benu

The stars were out tonight @mbenjamin. Congratulations to #CoreyLee, @davidkinch, @dominiquecrenn, @californiossf, @mourad_sf and all the #MichelinGuideSF #MichelinStars of #2016

Congrats Corey Lee. Best chef. West region. #rockstar #benusf #coreylee

the best "3 Michelin stars" I have ever tried
#benusf #coreylee


Exactly one year apart pictures . Corey in my tummy and Corey out of my tummy he will be 1 in 47 days people . Oh my how time has flown by #coco #coreylee #number5 #my baby #ourrookieoftheyear #timetobeafitmom

Corey Lee Dropped Off His JRach Produced Track "Why Not" | Check it out right now on earlybbq.com #CoreyLee #WhyNot

Lunch highlight @insitu_sfmoma was the Jasper Hill Frarm cheesecake 🧀 from Albert Adria of @ticketsbarcelona it looked like cheese but tasted like cheesecake. And yes I did polish it all off myself. Swipe for more pics or check out my Insta story #coreylee #insitu #sfmoma #newopening #sanfrancisco #gcinsanfran #gourmetchick

Lunch today @insitu_sfmoma which @nytfood just dubbed "America's most original restaurant". Chef @clee_benu served up iconic dishes from chefs around the world. This is the lamb shank manti from chef Mehmet Gurs of Mikla in Turkey. More on my Insta story #insitu #sfmoma #coreylee #sanfrancisco #gcinsanfran #sanfrancisco #newopening

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