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if you’ve ever watched America’s Next Top Model then you would be familiar with the song but i changed it to America’s Next Top Snake! Tag the boys please!!😂💛
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@whydontwemusic ✈️❤️
Follower of the week is... @mia_danielxdeanxavery ❤️ congrats👏 DM me for your personal imagine☺️ (remember to follower her if you wanna be follower of the week next week) 🔐
Hope you all have a good day💜
FOTW🥀: @mia_danielxdeanxavery -
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Im so excited to hear all the songs of the new Ep😱❤️

Tag them for spam - @whydontwemusic @imzachherron @jackaverymusic -🌿
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When someone says "Why Don't We" 😏😂
I hope you like it 💛
🌼Should i start posting memes?🌼 If you want to repost, please give credits 😊❣ #whydontwe
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Whoooo I might be getting the hoodie ❤️
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i have like 30 topics for history to revise but i’ve only done 1 in like 2 hours oh my god -
- @seaveydaniel @jonahmarais @whydontwemusic

Y/n pov- they walk up to us and ofc they r snarkey
Me and dani just stayed silent
G-so i was wondering if u wanted to go to my prom with me?
D-i have a girlfriend
G-well she is my cousin i dont think she will mind will you y/n
Me-ofc i mind wth kinda question is that
D-thats ur answer im srry
We both walk away and we order we sit at a table and luckly for us gabriella and isabelle left. Dani made me laugh a whole bunch while we were there. You get a call from your grandma(ma)
Ma-sweaty u need to come home
Me-y is everything ok?
Ma-actually no i fell down and i broke my ankle they wont discharge me from the hospital untill someone who lives with me signs papers
Me-ill try to be there by tonight
I hang up
Me-dani i gtg but ill txt u later i swear
D-whts going on u sounded worried
Me-i gtg rn but i will explain everything later
I run out pack my stuff check out the hotel and catch a flight by the time i got to the hispital by the time i got there it was 5 pm. I signed a bunch of papers and then i took my grandma home. I call dani and i tell him he said that he would be back on friday wich in 2 days. Tomarro was thx giving.
Me-Great we not spending our first thxgiving together
D-ik im sad too but we will have a lot more
I started to blush a little then i felt dizzy and i passed out

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