Michael & Fredo & those times when the Corleone family was like a Roman empire 🗿

Movie: The Godfather
Year: 1972


Fredo, you are nothing to me now 💔
Do you think Michael was too harsh on Fredo?


Movie: The Godfather II
Year: 1974

Now here's a Royal Wedding 👑

Michael & Apollonia ❤

Movie: The Godfather
Year: 1972

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It's Michael's turn now #OldHeadshotDay

Movie: The Godfather
Year: 1972

I was a Young man, when I went to shoot The Godfather. I remember being in Sicily, and it was so hot. If you haven't slept and you're not feeling well and it's 120 degrees and you're dressed in all wool, well, you just want to go home. You start feeling, What am I doing? I'm just shooting this over and over again and I don't know what this is anymore.

All these Sicilian extras were lined up. They all got wool clothes on, too. This one guy, this Sicilian extra, says in Italian, "We've been out here all day. It's hot. I'd like to take a break." And the production guy says, "You take a break and you're off the picture." Now, the extra obviously has no money, which is why he's doing it in the first place. He looks at the production guy, shrugs his shoulders, says "Mah!" and walks away. And I said to myself, This guy, he's my hero.

These are the things that stay in my head. I loved that guy. Could I have done that? No. Could I do it now? Nahhhhhhhh. That was freedom. For a moment, that guy made me feel good. Suddenly, the wool was OK.

I didn't know what was gonna happen with the movie - and then, the most amazing thing happened. We were in New York, doing the burial of Don Corleone. We'd shot all day. It's six at night and I'm going home. I see Francis Coppola sitting on the gravestone, and he's crying. Literally bawling. "Francis," I say. "What happened? What's the matter?" And he says, "They won't give me another set-up." Meaning, they wouldn't let him shoot the scene again. So he's sitting on the gravestone crying, and I thought, This guy is going to make a movie here. If he's got that kind of passion, that kind of feeling about one set-up ... That was the moment. I could feel it then. This guy cares. And that's it. That's the way to live - around people who care. It may be a tough ride, but something is going to come out of it.

Al Pacino- The Legend (March 8, 2003), Al Pacino speaks to Cal Fussman.

In love with the stories, Al shares ❤

The first time I felt like I had money was in Boston, when I was in a repertory company. Before that, the closest I'd come was bus-transfer slips. When I was a kid, they had these transfer slips that came in yellow and pink and blue. There was a place where these rejected slips were, and we would stuff our pockets full of them. Even though they were valueless, there was a kind of value to them. You could imagine what it was like to have a pocket full of bucks.

Later on, I got a job delivering a trade paper called Show Business to the newsstands. Rain, sleet, and snow, I delivered. I'll never forget - I got $12 for it. A 10 and two singles. I would always cash my 10 so I had 12 singles. Then I could peel off the singles at a bar and it looked like a bankroll.

I must have been 25 when I got that pay cheque from the repertory company in Boston. I went into a bar and had a martini and a steak. And afterwards, I still had money.

Al Pacino- The Legend (March 8, 2003), Al Pacino speaks to Cal Fussman.

1 Day To Go 🎂

The Countdown has started ❤

My mother died before I made it. You know, here's what I really remember about my mother. We're on the top floor of our tenement. It's freezing out. I have to go to school the next day. I'm maybe 10 years old. Down in the alleyway, my friends are calling up to me. They want me to go travelling around with them at night and have some real fun. My mother wouldn't let me.

I remember being so angry with her. "Why can't I go out like everyone else? What's wrong with me?" On and on I screamed at her. She endured my wrath. And she saved my life. Because those guys down in the alley - none of them are around right now. I don't think about it that much. But it touches me now as I'm talking about it.
She didn't want me out in the streets late at night. I had to do my homework. And I'm sitting here right now because of it. It's so simple, isn't it? But we forget, we just forget.

Al Pacino- The Legend (March 8, 2003), Al Pacino speaks to Cal Fussman.

6 Days To Go 🎂🎂🎂

How do you say Banana Daiquiri?

On the occasion of National Banana Day, Coppola special 😁

Movie: The Godfather II
Year: 1974

100% Vegetarian Burger
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From this moment on, call yourself Vincent Corleone.

Happy Birthday Nephew ❤

Movie: The Godfather III
Year: 1990

How many times have you heard that "this movie made me fall in love with Cinema". The childhood dream to be a gangster & the reality check brought by The Godfather III made so many people wise, some became "wise guys" too.

Here's to the birthday boy who created something which will live as long as the world exists & people watch movies. And above all thanks for believing in Al so much when the whole world was against it. History would always be kind to you. Long Live The Godfather of all directors.

Thanks to everyone who shared so many beautiful stories & pics of that time & the era.

Happy Birthday Don Coppola 🎂

Thanks for the memories ❤

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