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H E L L O! We gained so many new friends yesterday, so I wanted you to see muh face! I’m Amanda! You’ll be reading my thoughts here on Instagram, but you’ll see images from our whole team!

Queso is an official part of our brand. We try to include it in as many events as possible! No, really.

A lot of people are surprised to hear that I’m an introvert! I need that alone time, y’all! BUT I’ve learned you can’t use it as an excuse to be a hermit! Guilty! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Most days you can find me spoiling my pup (#CopperJones), drinking coffee, putting on chapstick, and jammin’ to Aerosmith or gangsta rap (I know, weird combo).

I have a really fantastic talent of being able to fix just about anything. Mainly because I break things on the reg.

My first paid photography gig was a pro MMA (mixed martial arts) fight! Yep, that’s how I started. My dream was to work for Sports Illustrated. (Clearly that didn’t work out.)

So HEY!! 👋🏽 It’s nice to meet ya! Tell me who you are below!!

I couldn’t get my life together enough to get out Christmas cards this year, so here is our very millennial-esque seasons greetings.

Merry Christmas from the Cokers (and sweet #CopperJones). I think the word that represents this year is “hope”. We’re thankful that on the majestically high mountain tops and in the dark, deep valleys of life we have hope because of Jesus. ✨ We pray you have a hopeful Christmas and New Year!
• (this is a small glimpse of the epicness created by @mrslindseyroman while we were in Oahu. 🖤)

Doing some GoNoodle with Copper 😁 he was giving him high fives!! #copperjones #germanshepherd #gonoodle #blessed #myloves

Milo was feeling left out so he decided to join after making everyone move over ... #milojames #copperjones #kevin #adoptdontshop

This baby 💕 #CopperJones

I think Copper likes being a Minnesotan 🎾 #lakedog #hesobsessed #copperjones

I've had a terrible habit of forgetting birthdays these days, so happy belated 5️⃣th birthday to this little squishy!! #copperjones 🐶🎉

Since it's #nationalcatday I figured it would be appropriate to introduce our newest addition, Kevin! Her legal name is Lilo, like the scrappy little girl from Lilo and Stitch, but mom uses Kevin because it makes dad mad, and also because it's like the movie Up! when Russle named the bird before he knew of it was a boy or girl😂 #Disneyanimals . She's super sassy and insanely cuddly. She's also now the boss of the animals and #copperjones and #milojames don't have a choice 🤓
So grateful to her godmother @mrzkgreen for bringing her in to our lives at the perfect time. 😍🤗

One last 🌅 before finally getting @brandoncoker back home. I hope #CopperJones remembers his smell after a good sniff. 🐶

Easy breezy Friday morning at home with my loves! #ConnorMichael #CopperJones #WrigleyRyne #happymama #wemissIvyGrace

A little late on posting this, but five years ago (yesterday), was my "adopt anniversary" with our boy, Copper Jones 🐶. Not only have you been through thick and thin with me Cop, now your loyal soul gives our little baby girl piggyback rides and I can't wait to see you two become best friends just like we did. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our family, and for being my best friend always. I love you Jones 😘 #dogsofinstgram #adoption #anniversary #copperjones #mammasboy #myprotecter

These two... intently watching "Bolt". #justaboyandhisdog #ConnorMichael #CopperJones

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