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We love this Brazilian beauty for its sweet woodsy aroma! Try blending it with #Frankincense, #Lavender, or #StressAway. #yleo #Copaiba

Teammates that turned into family 😏 #copaiba

Saya mau sharing sedikit tentang oil ini, beberapa waktu lalu emma radang giginya, saya agak bingung sih jelasinnya, gusinya agak merah, nafsu makan menurun, dan kadang pas sikat gigi berdarah sedikit. .
Akhirnya saya bawa ke dokter gigi rekomendasi teman yg thanks God banget, drg nya minim memberi obat2 an bila tidak terpaksa. .
Jadi setelah dicek, hanya masalah radang yg umum terjadi, lalu dikasih obat ga? Gak loh!😆😆😆 tapi disuru oles copaiba. .
Jujur saya awalnya ragu, ini bener ga ya hahahaha.. masalahnya radang dan rasanya pas saya oles ga gt kena banget. .
Tapi kalian tau donk YL itu kayanya powerful banget, 2 hari saya oles pagi sore sehabis sikat gigi. Sembuh ❤️❤️❤️❤️
No radang, no berdarah, makan ON lagi 😁
Ternyata memang salah satu fungsi copaiba itu sebagai anti inflammatory anti peradangan, bukan hanya untuk gigi atau gusi (ini bisa meredakan teething juga loh!) tapi copaiba jg banyak dipakai untuk radang lain seperti radang tengorokan, kemampuannya meredakan nyeri dalam waktu singkat sudah tidak perlu diragukan lagi 😊
Pernah punya kasus setipe ga? Share donk pengalaman kalian dengan oil ini and amazed me! 😜
Copaiba available with us
15ml idr 730k.
5ml idr 250k.
For order and details please visit our website or simply contact our admin ❤️
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Just found this great blog... Did you know copaiba is a "magnifier"? Have you ever tried pairing it with another oil to stretch your aromatherapy? #copaiba #magnifier #aromatherapy

Minhas lindaaas, amooo ❤❤❤❤
#Copaiba #OlhaElaaa #45

#copaiba ...my go to for a teething baby! I also use this in my allergy roller. I wasn't really sure what it smelled like in the beginning but I've decided it kind of smells like like a woodsy honey. Weird I know. Copaiba essential oil is a product of steam distilling the gum resin tapped from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree. With high levels of beta-caryophyllene and a uniquely sweet aromatic profile, Copaiba oil helps create a relaxing atmosphere when diffused or applied topically. Beta-caryophyllene has been extensively studied for its ability to modulate the body's response to irritation. #thesweetstart #youngliving #essentialoils

First and last copa iba. Thanks for not complaining how lazy i am in the game 😂 #copaiba

#3 happy candid 🙄😋 #copaiba

Phew! We did it! Even though we didn't we have a happy ending but we still have each other 😊 Thank you everyone for giving me such good memories to treasure! Hope that we can train together soon! I love being part of this team, we've been through ups and downs but still stand together 💪 Love you guys to the moon and back! PIKJ FIGHT! ❤ #pikj #captainball #copaiba #copaiba2016


O óleo de Copaíba é o mais poderoso antibiótico e anti-inflamatório natural conhecido no planeta. É considerado o óleo da vida! Tem propriedades curativas, regeneradoras, nutritivas e tônicas. Regula a oleosidade da pele. Age também como regenerador dos tecidos.

Auxilia nas infecções e inflamações em geral; anti-séptico e cicatrizante, podendo ser empregado em feridas, eczemas, psoríase, urticária, furúnculos, nas seborréias e irritações do couro cabeludo; doenças das vias respiratórias, como tosse, gripe, resfriados, bronquite e inflamação da garganta; disenteria; depurativo do sangue e incontinência urinária.

100% Puro e Certificado pelo IBD Selo de Ingredientes Naturais.

Você garante o seu em nossa loja virtual:


Diente de León Champú anticaspa Fruto Salvaje, limpia con suavidad el cuero cabelludo y pelo, eliminando las escamas amarillas y pegajosas, reduce de manera efectiva la caspa y la mantiene bajo control. Reduce el picor desde el primer lavado.
#hebrashermosa #frutosalvaje #aceiteoleosublime #jojoba #argan #copaiba #mamey #hidratacion #FrutoSALVAJE

Copaiba is distilled directly from the tree, is native to Malaysia and South America, and has benefits for every system of the body. Most commonly used for relief of discomfort, you will find it in blends like Deep Relief and Cool Azul. It is also believed to amplify the results of other oils it is used with, causing them to work even more quickly and effectively.
How does my family use Copaiba:
• I always apply a few minutes after Panaway to help with workout recovery • I put a drop under my tongue for overall wellness • Sometimes I add a drop to my hot tea.

This has become my absolute favorite snack! 💙
I wash my blueberries with my Thieves Fruit and Veggie wash!
Add 4 drops of Lemon essential oil! Mix it up and✨ TaDa!
Delicious! 😍


🙌🏽 this was the pure bliss that was Sunday night at my casa! I was feeling so blah yesterday. We had a busy weekend- lots of (not so good for us) food & too little sleep (my 10yr HS reunion was Saturday 😆). I could feel the yuckiness creeping in so I was dreaming about this detox bath all afternoon. I used 2 cups of epsom salt & added Copaiba & Peppermint EOs.
A detox bath is made with epsom salt because not only does it draw toxins out, but it has health benefits of its own {ease stress, improves sleep, reduce inflammation, etc}

Copaiba supports the body's natural response to injury & irritation & helps regulate its natural immune response. I chose peppermint because I LOVE the smell & I knew it would help alleviate my headache 😅 you can substitute peppermint if minty isn't your thing 😉
If you're wondering how I felt after-- I cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, washed Remi's laundry & folded clean towels-- winning!

This amazing oil deserves some recognition!
Copaiba is known to have the highest concentration of anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for joint pain! This wonder oil is part of the VITALITY line which means it can be consumed! .
If you are interested in learning more about this amazing product, feel free to message me! Tag a friend who would benefit! .

Calling all FurMamas! 🐱 🐶
Join us tonight for a class all about how you can support your FurBabies with Essential Oils! ❤️
Lots of amazing information and giveaways! Let me know if you would like to be added!

Best Graduation Gift! 11 favorite essential oils, dorm room diffuser & more! #YoungLiving #Lavender #Thieves #Peppermint #Lemon #StressAway #PanAway #Purification #RC #DiGize #Copaiba #Frankincense #WellnessWithoutSynthetics

For the past year I have dealt with the most excruciating plantar fasciitis in my left foot. There have been doctors appointments/x-rays/massages/ice/stretching/epsom salt soaks, etc. I've made progress a few times, only to regress. I am now on my third pain-free week and I think my foot is finally on the mend, praise the Lord! I think, hands down, the biggest contributor has been my shoes - I typically buy a new pair of running shoes every six months, but I use them for everything (spin class, boot camp, Zumba, etc). I finally broke down and got a pair of cycle shoes for spin class (this probably made the biggest difference of all) and a pair of cross-trainers to help my ankle mobility during my misc. classes. I now only use my running shoes when I am actually running (who would have thought 😂). So if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, I highly recommend you analyze your shoe game.
In addition to changing up my shoes, I also got consistent with stretching and applying my oils 2-3xs a day. Copaiba helps with inflammation, and wintergreen and panaway helped me with the intense pain along with the Cool Azul pain relief cream. 🙌
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Check it out on my story! Also, everyone who snags a kit this month gets a FREE 15mL bottle of Tangerine!
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I feel like this oil is one from the PSK that often gets overlooked. Copaiba is often referred to as the Firefighter oil👨🏽‍🚒 It does an awesome job at finding "fires" in your body and helps to fight those inflamed areas. I don't know about you guys, but if I've got something inflamed (😐) I want all the help I can get! And it's handsome woodsy scent is just a bonus 😍 What's your favorite way to use Copaiba??

What is the Premium Starter Kit? Eleven fabulous everyday oils (with a 12th bonus this month...a 15 ml tangerine) your choice of diffuser, snazzy extras like samples, empty bottles, a roller and educational material. You get a bonus welcome gift from me, access to a plethora of educational groups and the advantages of Young Living. Our Seed to Seal commitment ensures the best quality oils never touched by pesticides or fertilizers, harvested properly at the ideal time, distilled correctly at the appropriate temperature and duration, mixed and bottled on site and shipped direct to you. There is no middle man! Our oils are tested in house and third party ensuring they are therapeutic grade. No obligations to sell. No required monthly purchases. No minimum purchases. Our collection features #lemon (immunity support, energizing and water and food enhancer) #copaiba (overall body support) #digize (digestive support) #thieves (immunity support, cleaning aid) #peppermint (digestive aid, energizing, flavor enhancer) #panaway (sore muscle relief, after workout aid, head and neck support) #rc (respiratory support) #purification (gets the stink out, great to enjoy outdoors annoyance free) #frankincense (skin support, supports peacefulness, spiritually uplifting, calming) #stressaway (no explanation needed) and #lavender (relaxation, skin support) All of this is only $160, over 50% off retail. Perfect for a #thriftymom #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo #bestinvestment

Today's diffuser blend is brought to you by...extreme weather changes! Hello seasonal support! Did you know that #Copaiba acts as a magnifier for your other oils?!? One of my most used because it supports every single system in our bodies! #LLP #lemon #lavender #peppermint #younglivingessentialoils #essentialoils #oilymom #oilylife #oilymama #oilyfamily #seasonalsupport #weatherchange #springtime #diffuserblends #diffuser #tipoftheday

Teething baby?
Copaiba will be your little one's new best friend...and yours too because you will have a #happybaby again! •••
Copaiba comes in the starter kit already, too - along with 11 other oils that you'll no doubt fall in love with just the same. If you've been waiting for the perfect time, this is it! Normally you get 11 oils total in your kit, but this month Young Living is stepping it up & giving you a bonus Tangerine. Fo' FREE. 🙌
They have only done this one other time since I've had my kit, so if you love free things -- RUN!! 🏃🏃

Its Such a great week for a Great week! ❤️
Stay Tuned today for all the amazing classes and deals we have this week!


A Linha Copaíba da marca Cativa Natureza é uma querida! 😁😍 .
🌳Os produtos são feitos à base de óleo de copaíba que é 100% puro e um dos mais usados na Amazônia principalmente no tratamento de inflamações. 🌳Possui funções medicinais como antibiótico, anti-inflamatório e cicatrizante, muito utilizado no tratamento de doenças de pele como dermatose e psoríase.

Na loja você vai encontrar o shampoo, o condicionador e o sabonete vegetal e a loção hidratante!

Aproveite na primeira compra, assinando a newsletter você ganha um cupom de desconto de 10%. 🙆

Link da loja aqui 👇 @madeinnaturezaecostore .
🌱Made in Natureza 🌱

Árvore medicinal: Pau de óleo ( Copaiphera langsdorfii) além de muito ornamental, possui importantes propriedades medicinais. Mudas com ótimo padrão e excelente vigor é na Trees em Amparo - SP. #árvores #trees #arboles #arbres #paisagismo #decoração #arborização #jardim #garden #garten #landscapedesign #Gardener #nursery #palmeiras #palms #Viveiro #mudas #Plantas #planting_trees #plantar_árvores #arvoresadultas #paudeóleo #copaiba #copaiphera_langsdorfii

The "driving oil" meaning its good for adding on top of another oil to give it some extra stregth.
I love this with some Epsom salt, & lavender oil in a hot bath.
Can be taken internally to support wellness,daily!!
The fourth oil I'm talking about out of the eleven featured in the starter kit!
#essentials#copaiba#tiffanylynessentials #essentiallytiffanylyn #lemongrassandlavender #starterkit #healthylifestyles #healthy habits#dailyregimen

Have you tried this combination? Some people claim it's the M-Bomb. I'm all for staying proactive and supporting a healthy immune system. How about you?
You may want to take a look at some of the hidden chemicals in your household, things that can be classified as endocrine disruptors. I would be glad to help you take a look around. .
#livingamazed #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #seedtoseal #frankincense #copaiba #idahobalsamfir #mbomb #chemicalfreelifestyle #youngliving #essentialoils #wellnesspurposeabundance #wellness

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