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Reason why I don't blast out products right away is because I want to review it for myself! Especially when it comes to essential oil or work out products, it take times to really know how the products work. This is my go to scents! It help me sleep and wake up more relax than ever!
The colds weather is upon us right now! I have gotten sick and as well as my kids and husband. Let me say that since I got my premium starter kit and using it. Our colds attack to our system was not bad!! My husband and kids usually take a long time to get over their colds. But with this! They get over it in a week!!! 🙌🙌🙌
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Happy Sunday! ☀️ What essential oil magic are you blending up today? 🙌🏼💦

Surrounded by 30k pretty cool peeps learning about so many amazing alternatives to modern medicine!
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Because we lit fam #copaiba

#copaiba Completed.💪🏻🏆

Copaiba essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the resin collected from Copaifera officinalis, a tree native to Central and South America. It has been described as having a spicy, woody aroma. The primary chemical constituent of Copaiba essential oil is caryophyllene, a bicyclic sesquiterpene that is also found in Black Pepper. Learn more about this amazing oil on the doTERRA Science Blog (link in profile). #doterrascience #copaiba

success is a key but not everyone needs to win , losing is a part of learning process 😛 #copaiba #ssgc

Teammates that turned into family 😏 #copaiba


#Marijuana. There is no denying the science behind the healing properties of this medicinal plant. Although marijuana is slowly becoming legal or decriminalized all over Canada and the United States, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the healing herb. And let's be honest, smoking weed isn't for all of us. I, myself, am a marijuana supporter, but do not partake as I do not like the high that accompanies it. Because many others feel the same as I do, CBD oil has become a mainstream alternative to smoking a splif. CBD oil has the medicinal effects of the plant without any of the high. This is because this oil extraction contains beta-caryophyllene (but no THC) which has the ability to mitigate seizures in epileptics, but has also since been found in studies to do everything from fighting inflammation to easing anxiety. While CBD oil contains a strong amount of beta-caryophyllene at about 30 percent, what many people don’t realize is that copaiba essential oil contains a whopping 40-70 percent! This is why Copaiba is a staple in my house! It's great to apply to sore muscles after a tough workout, but I mostly use this oil to apply to my wrists and feet so that the oil will enter my bloodstream and combat any inflammation that may be happening in my body that I don't even know about! Inflammation is the root of disease and even the most health minded of us can fall prey to the seduction of the western diet which causes it. One of the main problems with the western diet is that its nutritional characteristics are completely different from that of ancestral human diets. It’s rich in sugar, salt, starch, omega-6, and trans-fat – nutrients that made up a very small part of the diets our primal forebears ate – and it’s low in fiber, omega-3, and protein – nutrients that were an essential part of the diets that conditioned the human genome. So next time you have a cheat day or, the opposite, a vigorous day at the gym, maybe consider applying some #copaiba #essentialoil to show your body a little love and tender care. #essentialoilsareforeverybody #youngliving #CBD #legalizeit

Shane and I had quite the productive Sunday so we needed a little support from Stress Away, Lavender & Copaiba on this gorgeous night to help us unwind 😍😌🌱 #StressAway #Lavendar #Copaiba #love #relaxingtime #RelaxAndUnwind #diffuser #YL #yleo #oilyfam #OilyObsessed

Chronic muscle and nerve back pain....sigh. I have good days and bad days. Lately mostly bad days. Debilitating pain limiting my choices of where my day can go.
Treatment options are a course of steroids whose side effects I really don’t need, expensive mostly ineffective spinal injections, or narcotics-that just make me feel stoned and leave me at home.

Here I am in Chicago visiting my first born for Family weekend with epic weather and I cannot participate in the activities.
Browsing social media I see a post about Copaiba under the tongue for pain. I have that oil with me! I drop it under my tongue and hand to G-d, minutes later, my pain goes from a 7 to a 3. After about 30 minutes I feel even better.
I feel relief and truly grateful for the literal ability to enjoy my life.

I received a convention kit the other day, which contains the new products doterra released this month. I am excited to share them with you! One of the oils in this kit is Copaiba. “Copaiba Oil is powerful, pure and effective. If you or someone you love, lives with sensations of pain, addiction, anxious feelings, skin concerns or chronic health goals.... I am so pleased to tell you that the earth holds the key to unlock the potential of your body and mind to heal itself." Over the next several posts, I will be posting info shared by Dr. Eric Z, about the 7 TOP health benefits of this powerful oil! ❤️"

When your 🏒🥅 player gets hurt, you get the oils. (He’s OK! Just a sore ankle, thank God!)
This pain blend should help him feel better quickly!
In a 10mL roller —
1💧Blue Tansy & Birch.
10💧AromaTouch, DeepBlue, Copaiba, Frank
Top with FCO

Happy Sunday! ☀️ What essential oil magic are you blending up today? 🙌🏼💦

Day after the work fundraiser relief! My feet are blistered. My legs and back are sore. 9 miles in heels always kills me. Recover plan: first roll on feet to ease those blisters and pain: peppermint, lavender and frankincense. Next use a lot of deep blue rub on my shoulders and back. Last take a bath with some copaiba oil for pain. Blue Tandy for my muscles. And peppermint and melaleuca for my feet. Ahhhh 🛀
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Long story but worth the read I think... Thanks to my sweet friend Tenile and the ridiculous quality of #younglivingessentialoils I was able to fully enjoy our date day today!

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling some tension and I knew it was turning severe pain. And for those of you who know me well--I have had chronic pain that last for days, but after a year or so of research as well as trial and error I had finally found three essential oils that destroy those pesky migraines and allow me the freedom to live life pain free!
Well...I was out of one of those three oils 😩. And the pain was significant.
Thankfully my sweet friend gave me some of the oil that I had ran out of. Brandon made me two capsules to take before bed and he prayed over me. And I woke up...PAIN FREE!!!! 💜💜💜 Y'all these oils have changed my life. I used to mock them and roll my eyes when I heard others speak about oils. But I do not say it lightly when I say -- they've enhanced my life in ways I couldn't have possibly imagined. 💜💜💜 #superthankful #migrainessuck #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo #frankincense #copaiba #idahobalsamfir #powerofoilsandprayer #realdeal

There is a lot of discussion around CBD oil but not enough discussion about Copaiba. So let's talk Beta Caryophyllene!
It activates cannabanoid receptors that calm the mind and trigger a powerful natural response to inflammation. 55% > 16% BCP


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Make your own face serum that you can customize for your skin type! Add Jojoba oil to a glass dropper and top with any skin loving essential oils that you want. I use these ones and put in about 15-20 drops of each ( only 5-10 of tea tree) 🌲
Keep reading If you want to know why I add these oils. ----—---—----—---—----—---—----—-
JOJOBA OIL keeps the oils in your skin balanced, making it great for clearing acne and eczema. It's great for dry and flaked skin because it creates an oil layer over the skin keeping the water and moisture in. Once the oil is absorbed ( about 2 min ) your face is no longer oil and feels moisturized making your makeup go on flawless 💄 it's also rich in iodine and antioxidants which help kill bacteria and prevent premature aging. ----—---—----—---—----—---—----—-
FRANKINCENSE. Everyone needs Frank! This oil is the holy grail of "skin oils". It's anti inflammatory properties are great for any skin issues. Frank is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It's used to fight acne, reduce appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, it even helps lift and tighten the skin. Frank is also known as the miracle scar remover! ----—---—----—---—----—---—----—-
GERANIUM is a cell growth "supporter" it helps get rid of dead cells and regrow new ones which is great for your skin! This helps so much to reduce wrinkles and early signs of aging as well as fight acne and get rid of acne scars. ----—---—----—---—----—---—----—-
TEA TREE, everyone knows tea tree for its natural anti septic properties. Its powerful in killing harmful bacteria making it great for keeping blemishes away and treating the ones you have. ----—---—----—---—----—---—----—-
LAVENDER is literally great for everything! It's great for calming skin irritation and redness. It helps with any swelling and kills bacteria while moisturizing and soothing your face. ----—---—----—---—----—---—----—-
COPAIBA has some of the strongest anti inflammatory agents of any essential oil. It works as a "booster" for other essential oils making it great to add to your skin care routine. People with very bad acne have just applied straight copaiba oil to their skin every morn

Hopefully this nap will make for a happy toddler during family pictures today! .
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Burned myself trying to get ready for church peppermint, copaiba and lavender to the rescue, pain was gone in a matter of seconds

Half marathon training, hard leg workout, sleeping on different beds and long drives... my body is letting me know this morning!
I love that I can turn to plants to help support all the things. 🍂Copaiba: Did you know that Copaiba has the highest beta caryophyllene potency at 55% - marijuana only has 35%. Ha. Throat tickle. Copaiba. Can't sleep? Copaiba. Hard workout? Copaiba. Teething baby? Copaiba. 🍂Panaway: My favorite for my muscles. Magic. Wintergreen/Helichrysum/Clove/Peppermint. It’s got an incredible smell AND it works!! Each individual oil can work wonders but together, together.... you need to get some and just try it. MAGIC in a bottle. Yes, please! 🍂Deep Relief Roll-On: John and I always have this one on us. It’s pre-diluted and you can order it straight from Young Living. Rub it on my shoulders after long days or drives. More people ask about this one because it’s always on me and it smells SO good!

When worlds collide... Had to grab some kinesiotape and scissors from a taping class I took years ago and two of my new favorite oils and give my back a little relief! Ahh... that’s better!

Been a bit rough to yourself lately? Try some Siberian Fir & Copaiba to help get things back to feeling right.
#theoilyedge #copaiba #siberianfir #kinesiotaping #relief

Tratamento, Prevenção e Cura
O Óleo de  Baru + o Óleo de Sucupira agem como:
Prevenção - tratamento e cura
Antioxidante - combate o colesterol ruim
Rico em ômega 3,6,9
Antibiótico natural
Rico em ferro, zinco, vitaminas A e E, do complexo B, manganês, fósforo
Anti viral
Combate a gordura marrom - abdominal
Combate e previne câncer de próstata
Combate Anemia
Doenças degenerativas, cardio vasculares- AVC e infarto
Ácido úrico
Bico de papagaio
Dores em geral
Úlcera é muito mais
100% natural e puro
Prof. Fábio lemos (62) 98131-4314

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