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We love this Brazilian beauty for its sweet woodsy aroma! Try blending it with #Frankincense, #Lavender, or #StressAway. #yleo #Copaiba

打球的巧遇😘 #netballers #captainball #copaiba

So perhaps a person's exterior might look the same but the inside motivator be stubbornness, shrunken courage, or just plain weak. And what's the diff between faint hearted and weak?!? Discernment + skill needed as to which remedy one applies. #labor #esteemthem #copaiba #wolbiqt

Just found this great blog... Did you know copaiba is a "magnifier"? Have you ever tried pairing it with another oil to stretch your aromatherapy? #copaiba #magnifier #aromatherapy

Copaiba oil was one of the last oils I tried from the starter kit. I had no idea what to use it for, but after doing some research this is now one of our favorites! It is related to the cannibas plant, so it's very calming. It also amplifies the effect of other oils. We like to use it in a roller with panaway and peppermint...great for after workout soreness!

#younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #yleo #copaiba #chemicalfree

Teammates that turned into family 😏 #copaiba

I am so thankful for this little Oil. Lots of people have asked if this really works for my teething babies. #magicoil #copaiba #essentialoils #teethingbaby #oilsforteething

Moving is no fun. Especially when you tweek your wrist lifting stuff way too heavy😞 These babies are saving my life today. I'm actually able to still unpack and lift...even though I shouldn't be😳 #panaway #copaiba #naturalhealing #lifesavers #essentialoilsforthewin


I used this oil today instead of deodorant! I have been on a hunt for a deodorant that is healthy for me, and that actually works! @simplefolkcommunity told me that she has been using Copaiba [Koh-pah-E-buh] so I decided to give it a try. I LOVE IT! It has become my new favorite oil. I had no idea what to do with it at first (it has been called a "driving oil" because it enhances the power of other oils) but now I can't wait to look up all the things I can do with it. Also, MY PITS SMELL GREAT. It has a mild woodsy smell that really helped keep away pit stank. LOL. I love it. #Copaiba #DrivingOil #NaturalDeoderant #NoMoPitStank #YoungLiving #BossBabe

Hi sweet friends! Today I want to talk about my favorite Young Living shampoo and conditioner: Copiaba Vanilla. Here is why I love Young Living's shampoos and conditioners: First of all, they are strictly plant based ingredients. These are derived from the actual botanicals, and not simply synthesized in a lab to model nature. Do you see how sneaky that is? Plant based may not mean technically, actually, IRL plant based. But that's how Young Living means it, and that's one of the things I love about them. Secondly, ingredients that are known to be even suspected health risks are never used. This includes parabens and sulfates. That is good news.
I have fine hair and this goodness does not weigh it down or leave it feeling goopy. The shampoo and conditioner are full of botanical extracts, vitamins, silk proteins, wolfberry fruit extract, rosemary leaf extract, yucca root extract, soybean seed extract, palm fruit extract, rice extract, Lavender essential oil, Copaiba essential oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, and Lime Essential Oil. This combination calms and soothes irritated scalps and provides a natural sealant that locks in moisture. While you're nourishing your hair and scalp, you are also breathing in all the benefits of Lavender (supporting calm feeings), Copaiba (powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial), Vanilla (mood uplifting through the vanilloid recepter action in your brain--did you know this?! I did not!), and Lime (strengthening your respiratory and immune systems). Multi-tasking at its best, and a fabulous way to start your day.

Are you ready to start detoxifying your home and body!? Get started with a Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards and I'll send you $20 back and a free oil! DM me for more information on how to get this awesome deal.

Read carefully: to enter this contest you must 1. Like this post and follow rootsandrustic. 2. Tag three friends in three different comments under this post who might love essential oils 3. Post here also what peaks your interest about essential oils! 123go!

Why do we all need Orange Essential Oil? For one, I love the compliments of how great I smell when I'm wearing it topically + it's an energy promoting oil! Blend it with peppermint and a burst of energy should follow! You can ingest orange oil as well! With frequency higher than fresh produce, you are definitely going to benefit having this in your body!

Mini-teacher 💁🏻🍎

Between now and the end of April, I will reimburse your shipping (up to $9.99) when you order your Premium Starter kit thru me. http://bit.ly/2ndb7K2 sent via PayPal or YL account credit!

It's almost May!!! If you want to invest in health and wellness, and join a community of people who are kicking chemicals to the curb, sign up with me this month! You will get a FREE GLASS WATER BOTTLE and Citrus Fresh EO to accompany your PSK! I will also teach you how to use every oil in your kit and help you find solutions! Mother's day is the perfect opportunity to invest in your health or the health of your loved ones! Only 4 days left of this promo so jump on it! * #LAVENDER
* #RC

My 6 month loyalty gift arrived today! I love Copaiba for overall wellness. I layer it with other oils to enhance and magnify the properties. It's such a soft calming Aroma. #copaiba #lovefreestuff #essentialrewardsrocks

Teething is the pits. Snotty nose 🤧, upset tummy 😖 and general grumpiness😠 for the wee one👧🏼. This mama is glad we can spend a little extra time snuggling before we have to start our day.

Conheça as propriedades dos óleos da Amazônia!! 🌿🍶
🍃 Óleo de Castanha do Pará: utilizado no clareamento e hidratação capilar. 🍃 Óleo de Tucumã: usado na nutrição e hidratação da pele. 🍃 Óleo de Copaíba: antibiótico natural com excelentes propriedades cicatrizantes. 🍃 Óleo de Pracaxi: excelente renovador da pele. 🍃 Óleo de Andiroba: utilizado no combate de dores musculares, luxações e problemas nas articulações.
O poder dos óleos da Amazônia está aqui, na Reuter Produtos Naturais!! 😃😉
Rua Sete de Setembro, 694, Centro
Em frente ao estacionamento ao lado da Golden Fass
Marechal Cândido Rondon
Telefone: (45) 3254-0427

So perhaps a person's exterior might look the same but the inside motivator be stubbornness, shrunken courage, or just plain weak. And what's the diff between faint hearted and weak?!? Discernment + skill needed as to which remedy one applies. #labor #esteemthem #copaiba #wolbiqt

I absolutely LOVE #EssentialRewards with #YoungLiving! Where else can you get 10% back on your order to use towards your next purchase? 😉🖒💗
#EssentialOils #Copaiba #Peppermint #OolaGrow #ValorII #CinnamonBark #TeaTree

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