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Så har man fået nyt undertøj #fmdk #coop150 #samvirke

Ny skulptur i Albertslund. Mellem de to Coop-bygninger på Vallensbæk Torvevej. Det er den tredje cirkelkaffe-dame i byrummet. Tillykke til Coop med jubilæet - 150 år. Godt gået! #coop150 #Albertslund #elskeralbertslund

✨ Learn about co-op ownership as a sustainable business model for digital platforms ✨ The Disrupting the Disruptors conference will explore an emerging business model for sustainable web based platform businesses. Platform co-operatives are an alternative to venture capital funded platforms because they are owned and governed by those who depend on them most—workers, users, or stakeholders. 📆 Date: Sep 9 📍 Location: Toronto Reference Library 🎟️ Tickets: http://platformcoop.ca/ ⠀

*** ⠀

Julia Buchan: QC and Regulatory Compliance Officer at the Ontario Natural Food Co-op shares her #Coop150 story... My Co-op story begins when I was just a kid, with memories of helping my mom sort Buying Club orders purchased from the @onfoodco Ontario Natural Food Co-op (ONFC). Fast forward to today and I’ve been employed at ONFC for the past five years! ⠀
My interest in the co-operative movement really began while studying International Development. I was encouraged by the democratic functioning of co-operatives, their focus on the triple bottom line, and their ability to improve socio-economic conditions around the world. Soon after graduating from university I was fortunate to land an internship administered by @on_co.op in the Co-op housing sector. Following my internship, I came to work for On Co-op directly, assisting with the Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) program and beyond. ⠀
The co-operative sector’s passionate people and diverse businesses, with their focus on filling a need (as opposed to the pockets of shareholders), continues to inspire me. Co-ops have enriched my life and the lives of countless others around the world. Now more than ever this business model simply makes sense and I’m so happy to have found it. @Coop150 #Canada150 @Ontariocoops #coops @Ontariomember #coopswork @ONFoodCoop 📷 @canadacoop150

It started as a decent job for an underemployed college grad, it turned into my life’s passion. By happenstance, I discovered not all businesses exist solely for profit. Seven guiding (co-op) principles changed everything for me.

It’s been eight years, globe-trotting and networking with the most innovative and compassionate people alive. It’s been inspiring; in my hometown in Alberta, I’ve helped co-op members go from start-up entrepreneur to thriving, multi-million-dollar business owner. It’s been agonizing; in Africa I’ve worked with people using co-ops to fight food insecurity and poverty, and create economic opportunities. I just started a new chapter in my co-op story, one to support First Nations and Inuit co-ops in the Arctic. Co-ops exist to meet cultural, social and economic needs – but I am just beginning to understand what that means for remote Canadian populations facing extreme conditions.

So, to be continued... #coop150 #canada150 #coops

Klar for Coop. #coop150 #olebullscene

I was lucky to be born into a co-op-aware household. My father worked for Co-op Atlantic, supplying feed to farmers in Eastern Canada. At 15, I attended a leadership camp sponsored by co-ops. Things started to really click (the notion of multiple bottom-lines, local ownership and democratic control). Countless mentors/‘co-op elders’ have inspired me, consistently inviting me to the table - thus building my affinity and passion for co-ops.

#Co-ops are a staple in my life, both in my career (Canadian Co-operative Association, Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, North American Students of Co-operation, Nickel City Housing #Coop, Mobilizing Youth to Deliver Advisory Services Co-op) and volunteering (Ottawa Women’s Credit Union, Co-operative Enterprise Council of NB). Now I work with Co-operative Management Education Programs at Saint Mary’s University and I couldn’t be happier to elevate co-ops and credit unions to powerfully serve communities through connecting them with world class education. [Photo caption: African Confederation of Co-operative Savings and Credit Associations conference in Sun City, South Africa, 2014]

#coop150 #canada150

Kasper fandt Dirch i Brugsen. #coop150

...og tænker på dig. Coops 150 års jubilæumsfest. Peter A.G. #peterag #coop150 #jubilæumsslut #63åringenalder


Je suis née en Acadie, les deux pieds dans la coopération! Mon père avait l’habitude de dire « à notre magasin » lorsqu’il parlait du marché d’alimentation où il était membre. La caisse populaire, seule institution financière du village de mon enfance, était aussi « à nous ».
Depuis 2009, je vais à la rencontre des jeunes bas-laurentiens et gaspésiens, pour leur faire vivre cette coopération. Comment, ensemble, ils peuvent mener des projets en mettant le côté humain et le besoin commun au centre des décisions! C’est pour eux une expérience fabuleuse, qui développe à la fois leur pouvoir d’agir, leur sens entrepreneurial et leur vivre-ensemble.
C’est avec un plaisir toujours renouvelé que je rencontre de nouveaux jeunes; les voir apprendre les valeurs coopératives, comprendre le fonctionnement du conseil d’administration, jouer leur rôle d’administrateur dans l’harmonie et la cohésion, c’est fantastique! Et unique!

Sophie Anne Morin
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

I have a 5-digit membership number at Red River Co-op, attesting to a five-decade relationship that began simultaneously with my career and continues into my retirement years, but its origins go back even further.
My father was a founding member of the Ukrainian Farmers Co-op in Fisher Branch, one of many farming communities in the northern Interlake Region of Manitoba that was first established by immigrants from Eastern Europe. They persevered despite marginal agricultural land and scant infrastructure, missing even year-round roads.
He liked to regale his children with stories of walking six miles to the townsite in the winter months to meet with community members as they sought ways to bring about a member-owned retailer that could truly show how savings could be achieved and shared by participants.
I’m reminded of my father’s efforts whenever I stroll into our modern and convenient local Co-op Store or when I pull up to a Co-op Gas Station, and I like to think that he and countless other now-departed members understand the satisfaction that accompanies a yearly refund cheque.
Joseph Hnatiuk
Red River Co-op, Winnipeg
#coop150 #canda150 #coops

It feels like the Old Grace Housing Coop has waited for me. Having lived only a few blocks from the site, since I moved back to Winnipeg in 2001, location is a key. I like both the look and the character of Wolseley. I already know several friends who are moving in and I have enjoyed meeting others who will be. This is comforting. The design commitment to common space will be a great asset in adjusting to much less living space than I am used to. Finally, freeing up capital from owning property will make retirement possible sooner than I imagined. I was a founding board member of a housing co-op back in 1988 but unfortunately had to move before it was up and running. I can't wait to finally find a new home at OGHC.
Glenn Morison
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

I am excited to be moving into Old Grace Housing Co-op, since collectivism (and indeed socialism) is one of the two great traditions that I have inherited.
I was born in Germany, just a few years after the Nazi dictatorship and the Holocaust, and members of my family were persecuted both as Jews and as socialists. Political awareness and social engagement have shaped my life, yet in the past years, dedication to Jewish learning and Jewish practice have stood at the centre of my activities.
I teach Jewish and European history at the University of Manitoba, belong to an orthodox synagogue, and am an observant Jew. OGHC’s commitment to communitarianism, egalitarianism, social action, and ecological responsibility speaks to the overtly political dimension of who I am.
Thus, I am thrilled that living in OGHC promises to help me achieve a more fully developed balance between spiritual attunement and political responsiveness.
Ben Baader
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

After leaving her parental home at 25, my daughter Catherine has since lived for three decades in a house in Wolseley, the "Granola Belt" of Winnipeg - with non-disabled roommates and full-time assistance. After several years of searching for a larger intentional community for her, I was thrilled when I heard about the Old Grace Housing Co-operative being planned in the same area. I became a member on Cath's behalf and have been hugely impressed with the talent and hard work the Board members have put into making this co-op dream a reality. I believe that both Cath and her new neighbours will benefit greatly from her living in OGHC.

Although I've lived elsewhere in Winnipeg since 1960 I've always been a Wolseleyite at heart. This, plus realising it's time to downsize, has inspired me to join the co-op myself - with my dog Jack!

Nicola Schaefer
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Old Grace Housing Co-operative means a lot to me at this stage of my life. It has come into existence at just the right time. I’m excited to be able to spend more time doing the things that bring me joy, and less time on a house that is too big for me now.

Building neighbourliness and friendship with people who share some common values, enjoying the great variety of folks around me, and passing the years with a balance of community and privacy feels like a perfect combination.

As an active member and co-chair of the Membership Committee, it’s exciting to get to know my fellow members while helping build the co-op.

Shelly Blanco
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Co-ops have been part of my life from inception, to now, and beyond.
From my farming boyhood years in Saskatchewan, where my smiling, hardworking parents were not only members but sat on boards of directors for the local Co-op, Credit Union, Wheat Pool, and country Parish Church (while also keeping a caring eye out for neighbours who were in need or unwell), to now, the cooperative ethos greatly influenced my life as I studied and prepared myself for service to others.
Now, in Manitoba, I'm looking forward to moving into the Old Grace Housing Co-operative and gracefully ageing while being actively involved in contributing toward an environmentally friendly, sustainable, caring, life-giving community (not to mention helping to design, raise funds, and build the place). When people come together for a common good, real life happens. Co-op on the prairies vastly and broadly shaped our approach to business and social well-being.
Gerard Bzdel
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

What is innovative about our co-op? A number of factors contributed to our decision to join Old Grace Housing Co-op. First, it is important to us to live in a neighbourhood like Wolseley where there is such a strong sense of community. It is appealing to know that the complex will have a rich mix of income brackets, ages, ethnicities, and cultures. And the ethos of collective stewardship is also important to us. In short, Old Grace will help us live the way we want to live: in the neighbourhood we love, with a more sustainable consumption of resources, in community with other people who share ownership and stewardship of the land.

Debbie Patterson and Arne MacPherson
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Nearly 40 years ago, I was one of the founders of the Pinawa Cooperative Nursery School. I valued the shared leadership and decision-making, and particularly the parent participation in the nursery school program. At this stage of my life, along with my husband Phil, our choice of Old Grace is intentional. Old Grace embodies many of the values we hold dear. We love that our new home is working toward LEED Gold certification. We look forward to living with people of different ages, cultures, abilities and family composition. We value the consensus model of decision-making and the ways in which the skills and gifts of members are given the opportunity to flourish. We know that the Board has worked hard to develop strong community relationships, as consultation with neighbourhood groups and development have moved forward hand-in-hand.

Barbara and Phil Barnett
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

I came to understand the power of cooperation as a teen in the ‘60s in Saskatchewan. My friends farmed. No individual farmer could afford the equipment required to plant, nurture and harvest the crops. So they pooled their resources, bought what was needed, and went from farm to farm until the work was done. I happily worked with the men on the threshing crew, and, reluctantly with the women in the kitchen (my reward being the chance to drive the big truck across the fields to deliver an elaborate, hot lunch to the men). Old Grace Housing Co-operative will soon be my home. Each day I walk past to see the construction progress. To me, its evolution is symbolic of a collective vision that takes me back to those formative years. And as I did then, I feel privileged to be part of something so sustainable, so powerful, so co-operative.
Randa Stewart
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

I first experienced co-ops as a founding board member of a housing co-op in a small New Brunswick town. It was thrilling to see it come to life, but I had to move away so never lived in it. (On a recent visit, I saw that it was still going strong, 30 years later.) I learned more about the co-op movement while living in Nova Scotia – a hotbed of cooperatives! – and writing for the Atlantic Co-operator.
I’m thrilled to be moving into the Old Grace. With our kids now grown, my partner and I can downsize while staying in our beautiful neighbourhood. The low maintenance aspect is attractive, as is being part of a community that shares ideals about living sustainably and cooperatively. I also appreciate the fact that several units are wheelchair accessible, and four units will house refugee families, filling needs in both of these communities.
Alex Merrill
Old Grace Housing Co-operative, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

If you grew up on the prairies, you grew up in the metaphoric shadow of the huge co-op and wheat pool grain elevators. The first co-op I joined was a credit union when I was attending college. It was handy, cheap, and non-corporate. Since then, I have been a member of various retail co-ops and patronised worker-owned cooperatives wherever possible. I appreciate the values of democratic control, member responsibility, and benefits to local communities. Old Grace Housing Co-operative strikes me as being of particular value to the community since it will be creating long-term, low-cost, high-quality, and environmentally sustainable housing in a mixed-income context.

Doug Smith
Old Grace Housing Co-opérative, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

I started working for Arctic Co-operatives Limited April 6, 2011. I had just graduated from the University of Winnipeg the previous year and had been unemployed for about six months. I was starting to lose hope that anyone would take a chance on me; thankfully, Arctic Co-ops home office needed a Receptionist and I needed a job! When I got hired I had no idea the volume of support Co-ops in the north provide to their Members and Communities, I actually didn’t even know there were Co-ops in the North.

After almost seven years, I am in my fourth role within the co-op system and am so grateful for the opportunities I have been provided. I have travelled to several communities where I met people that only knew my voice over the phone for so many years. I’ve worked in four different departments, attended seminars, courses and special events. What I thought would be as temporary position turned out to be the start of an amazing career. Arctic Co-ops invested in me and my future and saw something in me that I might not have seen in myself and for that I am thankful. I take pride in knowing that I’ve provided assistance to our Member Co-ops because without them, I wouldn’t even be here. It’s an extremely rewarding company to work for and it’s hard to imagine myself anywhere else.

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

What can I say about Sarcee Meadows? In two words – it’s home. Here, I feel safe, secure and comfortable. Sarcee Meadows has many qualities going for it – beautiful surroundings, a wonderful mix of friendly, caring people, a strong management team, and a myriad of opportunities for members to participate in co-operative life.
The physical space and affordability are what drew me in, but over the past 23 years, I have experienced so much more. My eclectic little home continues to evolve, both indoors and out, and my inner self is evolving too, through active involvement on the Board, committees, and volunteering or just participating in special events. Most recently, I became a part of the Women’s Circle, and am learning from and sharing with fellow members from other cultures.
I am so grateful to be a part of this co-operative community and I hope to continue aging in this fabulous place.
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Notre but [avec Rendez-vous Estates] ce n’est pas seulement de fournir une cinquantaine d’appartements, mais bien d’arriver à créer une communauté. Un milieu où les gens vont se côtoyer, apprendre à se connaître pour être heureux de vivre ensemble.

Our goal [with Rendez-vous Estates] is not only to offer fifty apartments, but also to create a community. A joyful space where people will live, learn and grow alongside one-another.

Léo Desmarais
Tache Seniors Not-for-profit Co-operative

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Village Canadien Coop is a housing complex off River Rd. Wpg. where I, as a resident of almost two years, enjoy scenic surroundings. The Red River flows some two hundred yards from the back of my residence and the river bank is a wooded area. On the far side of the river deer can be seen on occasion. Our home has been updated lately, with the ground floor having been redone with a wood finish and new carpets. The footpaths in our area were replaced last year so all in all we have a very comfortable home and surrounding area. The property is well managed with good responsive maintenance.
I'm often asked how I got into the co-op and it's simple: through the main gate. I guess someone could have come up river in a canoe, but then you would have to jump the garden fence.
Jim Kavanagh
Village Canadien Coop, Winnipeg

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Travaillant dans le domaine de développement international, les coopératives ne me sont certainement pas méconnues. Mais mon amour pour les coopératives a débuté en 2013. On m’a recruté pour participer à un projet de vélo parce que j’étais cycliste et je commençais à apprendre comment réparer mon vélo. J’ai facilité un groupe d’amateurs cyclistes pour développer la mission, la vision et le genre d’organisme que nous voulions être. Lors de nos rencontres, le modèle de coopérative nous revenait tout le temps! Nous avons travaillé d’arrache-pied pour faire avancer ce projet et pour que ce rêve devienne réalité. La Coop Vélo-Cité inc. a ainsi vu le jour comme coopérative le 26 février 2016 et ouvert ses portes le 18 juin 2016. Emballée par le mouvement coopératif, je suis fière d’en faire partie, et d’autant plus fière d’être la présidente de la toute première coopérative de vélo communautaire francophone dans l’Ouest canadien.
Janelle Delorme
Coop Vélo-Cité, Winnipeg
#coop150 #canada150 #coops

Ever since we stepped into the office of Village Canadien Coop, I have known this is place for us, my family and I! We have always loved to live in a community where we can connect easily with people. We wanted a home not just a house and we have that here!
There is so much to say about Village Canadien Coop: it’s well located, the office is very responsive and they event let you discover new talents: thanks to Village Canadien, we are now farmers!
One morning, a Neighbor was happy to tell me she was traveling to visit her daughter for her birthday. I felt so happy sharing her joy even though we were meeting for the first time.
This experience made me think of an article I had read years ago, it discussed the differences between existing and living. As I see it, I prefer living to just existing, and l am glad my family is living here at Village Canadien. I could talk about our experience at this co-op all day and we have only spent four months here.
God Bless Village Canadien! God Bless Canada!
HAPPY 150th BIRTHDAY!!! Adetayo Makanjuola
Village Canadien Coop, Winnipeg

#coop150 #coops #canada150

When my single mother moved to Toronto we found a safe home in Windmill Line Cooperative within the Esplanade community.
I created my own kids committee at 11 and I was asked to speak on behalf of the children living in coops on CBC radio regarding cutbacks and impacts.
My coop sponsored me to attend the Cooperative young leadership camp and after completing the camp I was hired to a financial cooperative I had banked with since childhood.
After having my son, I volunteered for the board of directors as treasure for my son’s cooperative daycare and started working for another Credit Union, which is where I am today.
Coops for me, have had a grave impact on my entire life and I could not think of a more positive life style. I have love, care and support from all the coops I have encountered and the communities they serve.

#coop150 #canada150 #coops

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