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Yeah I'll go ahead and have the Betty White on egg salad, please. 👍 Pin game is strooong today!
#pins #bettywhite #celebsonsandwiches #weird #coolweirdo

We are not the same I am a Martian 👽 #coolweirdo

Ain't no looking back cause I'm running too. #CoolWeirdo

Happy 11th birthday to my Handsome boy Jax! #jaxsonparkermccoy #coolweirdo

Today I celebrate 12,784 days on this Planet 🌎. Which is 1,826 weeks and 2 days. That's 420 😉 months. In other words, that's 35yrs, including 9 leap days.
Happy 35th Birthday to me! 👴🏾#Aries #coolweirdo #saycheese #imsohappytobehere 🙏🏾

This is how I feel after 3x3s. They never get easier. Also, this is what happens when you try to simultaneously make poached eggs and help an eight year old do math. Though in reality, the middles were just about perfect. Underneath the eggs are some cream cheese and Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning, which transformed my less than glamorous 100 calorie English muffin into a delicious everything bagel 😀 #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #iamtheperfectgroot #coolweirdo

Two years ago, this what I was doin lol #coolweirdo

Got another really good left boob workout in today (week 8 drills). So far I'm pleased with my Fitbit, and I really like seeing how long after a workout my hr stays in fat burning range. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #iamtheperfectgroot #coolweirdo


Yeah I'll go ahead and have the Betty White on egg salad, please. 👍 Pin game is strooong today!
#pins #bettywhite #celebsonsandwiches #weird #coolweirdo

Happy Thanksgiving to All !! 💋#coolweirdo #swagsauce 💚🦃🌻🦋🚀

#sweatyselfie for my #coolweirdo @fitgirl_lindalou 💜 Boot camp week 8 drills x 2 done. Super proud of myself ... did not have any motivation tonight but got it fucking done! Tag you're it 💙 ..
Ps I still have to fit in boot camp supersets + 3 runs this week to meet my goal. ..
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Tagged by @diaryofabadasssoccermom & @fitgirl_lindalou ・・・
Day 1 of 7 days, 7 black & white photos, no people, no pets, no explanation, just my everyday life. I nominate my #coolweirdo Kristi to join in. ..
#bootcampweek11 #fitgirl #fitgirlvictoria #fitgirlsbootcamp #fitbabesunited

Whats normal anyway? i use to be embarrassed and too shy to stand out, think differently, and just be me. I can be weird, quiet,and sometimes very distant but when you granted the opportunity to know me im the coolest, most down earth weirdo and i love standing outside the crowd and moving to the best of ny own drum #coolweirdo #justsomeselfloveeeee #dancetoyourownbeat #havefun💋 #enjoyyourlife #smileoftenworryless😉 💖Be Your Own Confident Leader #makemistakesandgrow #getmessybehappy HAPPY SUNDAY

Ride with me to a world of pure imagination ♡
#coolweirdo #photoshoot por: @rociiotr#creative
Yes I dyed my hair ♡
#newlook #grayhair #taemint

I'm a beast in my own way and I'm only chasing what's meant for me #coolweirdo #dopeaf #introvertedaf #blackdaria #fuckwityaselfheavy #reclaimingmytime

I swear I remember taking a pic of breakfast, but.... anyhow, here's today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and strawberries
L: rotisserie chicken leg and thigh
D: other leg and thigh, mashed sweet potatoes
S: plum
Not a whole lot of food going on today, but I feel pretty good. #pnwgirl #washingtongirl #mountainmermaid #coolweirdo #whole30day26

I'm simultaneously excited and terrified for reintroduction. I already know that some of the foods I want to reintroduce (like some dairy) are a bad idea, so it's gonna be tough. But you know what I'm excited to eat? Tacos. I can't wait to eat some tacos. Today's eats:
B:two fried eggs with asparagus and strawberries
L: egg salad, baby dills, and a plum
D: turkey burger topped with grilled onions and a fried egg (I've be breaking yolks like crazy over here. It's depressing), mashed sweet potatoes, and tons of green things (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus)
S: Apple with cashew butter
#pnwgirl #washingtongirl #mountainmermaid #coolweirdo
#whole30day 25

Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with steak, Brussels sprouts, and a banana w/cashew butter. Didn't finish.
L: (again I forgot to take a pic of) pork loin with broccoli and applesauce, half a plum. I basically covered the meat with applesauce and pretended it wasn't there.
D: sweet potato noodles, snap peas, and broccoli in coconut curry sauce. I cut yo a piece of steak and hid it in there. I almost didn't mind it.
S: 1 hard boiled egg, 2 clementines
I don't know what's going on with my body and meat, but I would like it to stop. I'm limited enough already.
#pnwgirl #mountainmermaid #coolweirdo #whole30day24

Another day of the "let's eat meat, no let's not" show. Argh. Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with steak, sautéed Brussels sprouts, and half a plum. Got a couple bites of the steak down before my body just said nah
L: I can't for the life of me remember to take a pic of my pork loin (I forced it down), roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli, and applesauce w/ cinnamon
D: decided just to forgo the meat altogether so I had sweet potato noodles with snap peas and broccoli in a coconut curry sauce
S: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 clementines
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day23

Today was rough, because I felt like my body hated meat. This happens every couple months or so, and usually lasts about a week. Usually,
all I want is pancakes. For a week. But right now I can't eat pancakes. Guess I'll figure something else out. Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with steak, Brussels sprouts, avocado, and strawberries. I only ate about half, and all the strawberries.
L: pork loin with roasted potatoes and broccoli. I only had a couple bites of meat, then finished the potatoes and broccoli. Also, forgot to take a pic. Whoops.
D: turkey meatballs and snap peas in coconut curry sauce over sweet potato rice (it started out as sweet potato noodles, but they totally broke down as they cooked. I didn't really eat the meatballs.
S: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 clementines, a banana w/ cashew butter, coconut cream pie larabar
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day22

Today I did everything I could to avoid student drafts. Tomorrow I won't have that luxury ☹️. Today's eats:
B: turkey burger topped with 2 fried eggs, with half an avocado, asparagus, and some grapes
L: leftover chicken shawarma with caulirice, asparagus, a hard boiled egg, and some cucumbers with balsamic
D: I didn't really have dinner. I had some strawberries with cashew butter, and while I was meal prepping I nabbed a few bites of the pork tenderloin and a few roasted potatoes
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day20

Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, sautéed asparagus, avocado, and half a plum
L: egg salad with half a plum
D: turkey burger with grilled onions, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans almandine
S: grapes, plantain chips, coconut cream pie larabar
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day18

Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, half an avocado, sautéed cabbage, and half a plum
L: pot roast with potatoes and carrots
D: turkey burger with grilled onions (under) a fried egg, sautéed asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes, and strawberries with cashew butter
S: half a plum, grapes, one hard boiled egg, plantain chips, mixed nuts
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day17

I'm not feeling the Tiger Blood yet. In fact, I'm feeling strangely apathetic lately. But I keep on keeping on. Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, half an avocado, and half a plum
L: pot roast with carrots and potatoes, and a hint water. It was pretty good. Literally water with just a hint of flavor.
D: turkey burger topped with a fried egg, mashed sweet potatoes, sautéed asparagus, cucumber in balsamic, and some strawberries with cashew butter
S: one hard boiled egg, plantain chips, strawberries
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day16

We are not the same I am a Martian 👽 #coolweirdo

Glad today is over. The eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, half and avocado, and half a plum
L: pot roast with potatoes and carrots (I actually only ate half)
D: turkey burger topped with a fried egg, mashed sweet potatoes, and snap peas
S: one hard boiled egg, RX bar, grapes, plantain chips
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day15

It's been kind of a weird weekend. My digestive system seems a bit wonky, which kind of throws everything off. I spent some of yesterday catting in the sun on my couch. Also went to the pumpkin patch, ran tons of errands, meal prepped like woah. Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, leftover sweet postage and Brussels sprouts hash, and some grapes
L: turkey burger topped with a fried egg, sautéed red peppers and snap peas, and a cashew butter drizzled banana. Seriously, these Trader Joe's frozen turkey burgers are so damn good.
D: pot roast with potatoes and carrots, and a plum
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day14

Eyebrow day is almost as good as haircut day. Still exhausted, and glad it's the weekend. Today's eats:
B: ran out of bacon, so steak and eggs with a cashew butter drizzled banana
L: the last of the shepherds pie
D: turkey burger covered with grilled onions, roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed sugar snap peas, and a plum. This was actually the most satisfying dinner I've had in a while. Definitely going on next week's meal plan.
S: one hard boiled egg, two dates with cashew butter.
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day12

@misterclarke_ I can't say shit about you wanting alligators when I been trying to get a emu for the last decade, I wanted to chase a zebra on 400 and I want a pet wallaroo. I'm just as bad if not worse #coolweirdo #virgo♍️ #animals

Today iv been even more tired than yesterday, which I didn't think was possible. Supposedly it does get better, so I'll just wait it out. Here. In my bed. Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, avocado, and strawberries drizzled with cashew butter. I'm so glad I decided to get used earlier and eat before I leave, because a breakfast to go just wouldn't be as good.
L: chicken shawarma salad and a giant nectarine
D: shepherds pie
S: two hard boiled eggs, two dates dipped in cashew butter
Okay tomorrow, show me the energy!
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day11

I'm up past my bedtime. Today was my second first day of school for the quarter. From now on, I'll be teaching 4 classes. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I skipped the gym today because the first day of class is really stressful for me, and I just needed to rest. But I still got in just over 14,000 steps, so I call that a win, however small. Today's eats:
B: two fried eggs with bacon, avocado, and a giant nectarine
L: shepherds pie
D: chicken shawarma salad with romaine, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, pickles, roasted sweet potatoes, a drizzle of homemade tahini dressing, and some crazy delicious garlic sauce from Whole Foods. I *almost* didn't miss the pita
S: 2 hard boiled eggs, strawberries w/ cashew butter, cucumber and red peppers in balsamic vinegar, banana
I just drank some tea; I'm hoping it will help me fall asleep, because the last few nights have been a real struggle.
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day10

Não levo mais a vida tão a sério...descobri que o caminho pra ser feliz está justamente aí! 😜😁

Don't take life too seriosly! Otherwise you won't be able to find your way to hapiness! 😜

#fitpaulinha #migasualoka #gordinhafitness #foconameta #projetovidatoda #vidasaudavel #mundofitness #projetofitness #elaé #doida #healthychoices #healthylife #fitnesslifestyle #fitgirl #fatlossjourney #weightloss #bodytransformation #mybestversion #notnormalatall #kindacrazyfitgirl #weirdgirl #coolweirdo #kindacrazy #choosetobehappy

Had to document this good hair day before I ruined at at the gym. Today's eats:
B: bacon and two fried eggs, avocado, plantain chips, a pluot, and some blueberries
L: shepherds pie with strawberries and half a banana drizzled with cashew butter
D: my first time eating out since starting whole30 was a success. Mongolian Grill to the rescue. This plate is all vegetables, with beef and two fried eggs
I didn't get a picture with @fitgirl_lindalou on our date tonight, so I'm throwing it back to one of my favorite pics from one of our first dates. Love you Linda 😘
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirl #coolweirdo #whole30day9

Ready (sooooo ready) for bed. Tomorrow is the last day of this easy life I've been living. On Wednesday, classes start at my second school, and I'll be teaching 4 classes for the next few months. I'm tired already. Today's eats:
B: bacon and two destroyed fried eggs, with avocado, plantain chips, and a nectarine. And some #cholula, of course
L: chicken apple sausage with mustard and applesauce, and a salad (lettuce, peppers, cucumber, carrots, radishes and beets (both from the salad bar at Whole Foods because I'm lazy), pepitas, and balsamic dressing
D: whole30 compliant shepherds pie (this is round 2) with cholula
S: banana, plantain chips
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #whole30day8

I definitely didn't eat enough today. But I guess that's better than too much? I had: B: scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, and asparagus; with banana and strawberries drizzled with cashew butter (I didn't finish the eggs)
L: here's where it started to go downhill. I was running errands and ended yo at Whole Foods, starving, so I just grabbed a few roasted potatoes and a couple roasted broccolis to tide me over (if anyone knows how they get their roasted potatoes SO DAMN GOOD, please help a sister out). Then I had a scoop of egg salad
D: nothing
S: homemade baked plantain chips. Ps, they're delicious.
Tomorrow is another day.
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #whole30day7

My kingdom for a pancake. .
Even right boob stepped it up for today's 35 min elliptical and lower body lift workout. I've been eating right, but my mealtimes are off. I was running errands all afternoon, so I totally missed lunch. When I finally ate, it was after 5, so it was technically dinner. Then I just didn't eat again 🤷🏻‍♀️
B: steak w/ hard boiled eggs, and a banana with cashew butter (I didn't eat the guac)
L/D: egg salad, a few baby dills, and an apple with cashew butter
S: marcona almonds
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #whole30day6

Well, I didn't kill anyone, so I guess day 4 can be considered a success. I sat through a faculty orientation today, and I could SMELL the crackers from across the room. It was pretty rough. And then a student...well, let's just skip to the part where I didn't kill her 👍
Today's eats:
B: steak and poached eggs, and a banana drizzled with cashew butter (how have I never had cashew butter before?🤤)
L: egg salad, a few baby dills and an apple
Dinner: turkey burger with sautéed onions and jalapeños and avocado with a few roasted sweet potatoes and a salad topped with some ranch I made at the last moment by mixing my #whole30 mayo with some #flavor god ranch and almond milk (was it great? No. Was it fine? Sure)
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #whole30day4

I didn't feel great during my workout today (my back was hurting), but I killed it anyway. 35 min elliptical and lower body lift. Apparently left boob likes leg day.
Today's meals:
B: steak with poached eggs, blistered peppers, potato, onion, broccoli and zucchini hash, grapes and a pluot
L: Chocolate Coconut RX bar
D: chicken apple sausage with stone ground mustard and applesauce, potatoes and green beans almondine, baby dill pickles, and some chicken salad
S: mixed nuts
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #leftboobapproved #whole30day2

I don't know why my hair is doing, but I'm just gonna go with it. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #whole30 #fitgirlteacher

Today was the first first day of school (two of my classes don't start until next week, so that will be the second first day of school) and the first day of my @whole30. I'm going to try to keep a photo journal of my meals throughout. Today's meals were:
B: chorizo and eggs with an avocado, blistered mini peppers, strawberries, and a pluot
L: chicken salad made with #whole30 mayo on a bed of lettuce and carrots, a side of broccoli, and grapes
S: cashew cookie @larabar
D: steak, sweet potatoes, sautéed broccoli and cauliflower, hard boiled eggs with just enough mayo to make the Everything but the Bagel stick, and strawberries
Honestly, the only struggle I had today was the veggies. For some reason, they tasted weird (kind of moldy even though I just bought them?) and I just couldn't choke them down. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'll try again tomorrow.
#pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #intersession #whole30day1

Killed my 35 min elliptical and upper body lift workout, then came home for my first @whole30 meal. Sure, chorizo may not be the healthiest meat choice, but it is compliant, and it is delicious. Also, the blistered peppers are a game changer. I just tossed them in my toaster oven for a few minutes and bam! Now to shower and pick out an outfit for the first day of school! #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #intersession #whole30 #hotsauceonmostofthethings

Yesterday I hit up a local farmers market. We ate some crazy delicious wontons, and I grabbed a ton of tiny potatoes, some super fresh green beans, and a few pluots. Then we went to see IT, and IT was creepy. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls #farmersmarket #ilovescarymovies #ihateclowns #ijumpedalot #butididntcry

Got my 35 min elliptical and upper body lift done, then came home to eat. @fitgirlflourishing made us @kodiakcakes when we visited her, and they were pretty good, so this morning I made myself some. And yes, that's only one serving! Paired them with a white nectarine (I'm trying to eat as many nectarines as possible before the season ends) and a hard boiled egg topped with a little cream cheese and some Everything but the Bagel. This was a crazy filling post-workout breakfast. Now on to lesson planning (and a variety of other things to avoid lesson planning). #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls

I got my new lunchbox in the mail yesterday. I'm really hoping that have a fancy new set of containers and the fancy new lunchbox will help me stay on track, since I'm going to have to bring most of my meals with me to work every day. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls

Monday morning cardio and upper body lift done! I hit the farmers market yesterday and bought some delicious loganberry jam from 3 Generations, and I'm sooooo happy. I also did some meal prep yesterday, getting veggies ready for sweet potato veggie quesadillas. I tried making quinoa for the first time, but it was a big ol fail 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Maybe I'll try again, maybe I'll make rice to couscous instead. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls

Here's my #sweatyselfie from this morning's 35 min on the elliptical and lower body lift. Also, here's a pic from yesterday showing the reality of boob sweat. Even if the shirt doesn't show it, the bra will. Oh yeah, and I got my #flexfriday on yesterday but forgot to post. Went grocery shopping today, so tomorrow I'll have plenty of time to meal prep. I've been way off lately, and I've got to get my shit together. I have an appointment with a new endocrinologist this week, and I'm hoping she'll treat me a little more holistically, not just looking at my blood test results, but also considering how I'm feeling. We'll see. I'm relaxing this weekend, since I go back to work soon. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls

It's hard to tell in this shirt, but this morning's 35 min elliptical and lower body lift got me good and sweaty. And I have bananas! Hooray for the sweet side of breakfast. I'm hoping to hit at least one farmers market this week, so next week I might even have jam again! Today is errands day (because I need to lesson plan and don't wanna). The air quality outside is bad, but the heat in my apartment is also pretty brutal. Stupid 3rd floor. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls

Got back from a 4 day camping trip near Mt. Baker last night, and this morning I got right. Ack into my routine, even though all I really wanted was to stay in my cushy, cozy bed. 35 min on the elliptical and upper body lift. Today's going to be busy. Since I didn't do any of my weekend things over the weekend, I've got to meal plan, grocery shop, meal prep, do laundry, clean, and start working on my lesson plans for the fall. I'm exhausted already! #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls #fitgirlteacher

This has been a super sweaty week. Today I killed 35 min on the elliptical and a lower body lift. Man, single leg dead lifts (with a total of 30 lbs) are fucking SERIOUS! Threw in a #flexfriday because j haven't done one in so long. Now it's time to fuel up. A little rascal ate the last banana, and I'm all out of jam (gotta hit the farmers market soon!), so today's muffin is all savory. And all delicious (the egg one is cream cheese, Everything but the Bagel seasoning, hard boiled egg, and a little pepper, and it's so good!). Going camping later today, so I gots to pack and run errands after this. Happy Friday (and long weekend!!) 😍😘 #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls #gonnagetmynatureon

Half hour on the elliptical and upper body lift. I'm sweaty and sore, but it's haircut day, so it's all good. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls #sameolsameolbreakfast #haircutdayismyfavoriteday

Got my #fitgirl5k in this morning, but it was rough. I started feeling pretty ill about halfway through, but I just kept going. So much sweat! Just finished my basic breakfast with an extra shot of protein to replenish after that run. Summer classes ended yesterday (yay!), but I still have a bunch of papers to grade do I can submit final grades (boo!). Then I finally get to have a "summer vacation" for a couple weeks before fall classes start (just kidding, I'll spend the next couple weeks lesson planning). Oh the glamorous life of a teacher. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls #fitgirlteachers

Yo yo yo, got 35 min elliptical in before my lower body lift this morning. Who knew that even leg day would be #leftboobapproved? It's hard to tell, but my hurt is soaked all the way from left boob to right boob! I guess right boob was tired of left getting all the attention. Also, this is getting to be a pretty standard breakfast, and I don't mind one bit. Now to grade all the papers so I can actually have a little time off before fall classes start. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls #leftboobisanattentionwhore #rightboobbetterstepupthegame

Good thing @fitgirl_tuffytiff tagged me for a #sweatyselfie because I almost forgot to post this. Took this between cardio and my upper body lift. It was a fantastic sweaty workout. I'm so happy to be lifting again. #pnwfitgirl #seattlefitgirl #mountainmermaid #flagfitgirlforever #coolweirdo #wearefitgirls

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