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📷Video of Coolsculpting of the inner thighs on a young woman . Before and after photos at the end. ❄️ Coolsculpting Special ❄️. 🎯 Destroys Fat Cells. ⏱ Each Treatment Takes 35 minutes. 📆Peak Benefit seen at 3 months. 🚫No Surgery. 🚫No downtime. ☝️Number 1 Non Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment. 💵20% off 4 or more treatments 💵. 📍205 E69th St. NY, NY. 📲212-327-1428. 📲
✅Schedule a Consultation Today.
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ايشون از مراجعين به مطب هستند كه اجازه دادند ويديوي انجام كوول اسكالپتينگ رو ضبط كنيم . آقاي سي و هشت ساله كه همه روشها و دستگاههاي لاغري رو امتحان كردند و نتيجه نگرفتند ولي چون برادرشون در امريكا اين دستگاه رو امتحان كرده و نتيجه مثبت گرفته راغب شدند به استفاده از دستگاه. كوول اسكالپتينگ با اشعه سردي كه داخل بافت ذخيره چربي ميفرسته اونها رو فريز ميكنه و از بين ميبره . بدليل اينكه گرما توليد نميكنه باعث نكروز بافت اطراف نميشه و عوارض دستگاههاي گرمايشي رو نداره . كوول اسكالپتينگ مورد تاييد و مجوز سازمان غذا و داروي امريكاست . با هربار استفاده حول و حوش بيست و پنج درصد از چربي ناحيه رو از بين ميبره و اين سلولهاي ذخيره چربي چون ديگه از بين رفتند نميتونند در اون ناحيه چربي رو دوباره جمع كنند پس اثر لاغري موضعيش مادام العمره .
دوستان مقيم كانادا ميتونند اين هفته براي جشن هالويين ثبت نام كنند و از تخفيف ديونه كننده كلينيك ما استفاده كنند ✌️
☎️905 237 8647
پي نوشت📌 جواب سوالات اين پست رو در كپشن پست بعدي بخونيد

Small pockets of #fat collect under the chin in many people, no matter how thin you are. This fat can be easily dissolved using the #injectable #kybella, which destroys fat by creating inflammation. Several treatments are required but results are PERMANENT. Lunchtime #lipo? Yes please ! 👩🏼‍⚕️💉💋
To see me as a patient in my Miami private practice, please contact my office by phone or email and ask for a consult with Dr. Vega
☎️: 305-665-6166 📩: cosmetics@mayoralderm.com
💻: www.mayoralderm.com 👤: drjanellevega
🐦: drjanellevega
For more before/after photos you can visit my website or my Facebook page. These are my actual patients. 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸
Images are © Janelle Vega, MD. Please do not use or distribute images herein without written permission.

Good News! Now 100% financing is available. You can get credit as much as you want and pay off in installments. The rate is 10-12% and the term could be as long as 5 years. Let us give you an example. If you are willing to do a $2k procedure and you want to pay it off in 3 years your payments are $66/mo. Imagine that with this low payment you can get your dream procedure. You can get rid of the stubborn belly fat or unwanted body hairs or you can choose the Miradry treatment and stop odor and sweating in the armpits forever. #financing#stopsweating #miradry #hairremoval #coolsculpting

I wish this was me...but it’s not! Look how amazing this NEW #coolsculpting machine works and in HALF of the time! GO VISIT MY FRIENDS AT @nuskinlasersolutions ...I’m going! 😘

Amazing results on our happy client who received 1 treatment of coolsculpting on her arms! 😄 ❄ #coolsculpting #nodowntime #freezeyourfat #summitnj #bestmedspa2017 #cooladvantage #fitarms #ethosspa #noninvasive


🗣FAQ: do you have anything done? .
My clients are shocked to hear that I also get my lips done, and how subtle and natural my results are. I often stress that fillers don't have to be "ducky". We can simply enhance. My aesthetic goal was to create symmetry and restore volume loss and hydration in my lips. I achieved this after two sessions! 💋

STAFF FAVORITE: Glytone Mandelic Chemical Peel
Meet Haley! Not only is she one of our RN’s, she is our in-house CoolSculpting Specialist. Haley does a Mandelic chemical peel on a monthly basis because it helps with her sensitive skin
Professional peels are important for regular cell turnover and exfoliation. With chronological aging, as well as exposure to environmental damage our desquamation slows. This can lead to buildup of dead surface skin cells and dull complexion.
Mandelic peels:
• Reduce appearance in skin redness and pore size
• Improves skin texture, tone and smoothness
• Minimizes mild chrono-or photo again and mild hyperpigmented skin
What type of chemical peel do you need? Call us today to schedule your complimentary Visia Consult to learn what products and treatments would work best for you 231-929-7700. @glytoneusa #sensitiveskin #coolsculpting #coolsculptingpro

@therealdebramessing was shocked! Her #coolsculpting experience was so comfortable, she fell asleep 😴 during treatment. Like Debra, C❄️❄️lSculpting will get you fat reduction results with no surgery and little to no downtime. #Repost @coolsculpting
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Look who I ran into. This is an actual pumpkin. So freakin awesome!!!! #jackskellington, #Disney, #creativity, #art, #talent, #cool, #coolsculpting, #nightmarebeforechristmas, #halloween, #pumpkin

Did you know that laser hair removal could take 6 sessions before you can ditch the razor?! That’s why this is a great time to get started on the process to ensure you are ready for summer! We have HUGE savings on a few of our most popular areas for a limited time so call the office ASAP, 425-413-8292, to to take advantage of these low rates.
⚡️The hormone zone. Lower face laser hair removal, includes lip, chin, jaw line, and partial neck. 6 treatments. $1,499
⚡️Under arms. 6 treatments.$599.
⚡️Brazilian.8 treatments. $3,199
⚡️Full Legs.6 treatments. $2,499
**Special valid until 10.27.17

Men are very welcome at Lavish and nearly all of our treatments are suitable for men. We realise that the modern man is concerned with how he looks. Let us help you to look and feel fantastic. Whether you require fat freezing, a non-surgical facelift or even a relaxing facial let one of our therapists take good care of you 💆🏻‍♂️ #fatfreezing #cryolipolisis #lipofreeze #coolsculpting #fat #marbella #ledlights #facemask #facial #skin #healthyskin #healthyglow #derma #acne #acnescars #wrinkles #collagen #dermalogica #sunspots #sundamage #pigmentation #fillers #botox #nonsurgical #lovehandles #hifu #skintightening #men #male #maletreatments

If you are looking for a top notch professional when it comes to taking care of your skin, Medical Aesthetician, Priscila Campbell of the Skin Care Professionals of Dallas is considered to be at the top of her game according to many of her patients. One patient stated recently "I believe my skin has never looked better since I started having Priscila take care of it over 5 years ago. She really is amazing." Call to book your consultation. Ph: 214-389-9797 #skincaredallas #bestdallasskincare #priscilacampbell #skincareesxpert #hydrafacial #coolsculpting #thermiva #skinmedica #skinceuticals #skincaredallas #bestskincare

Current mood🤘🏼Happy Monday!!! When people say “What do you do for a living?” We get to say “We make people more beautiful!!!” ❤️😍❤️😍

Большинство диет построены на необоснованной уверенности в том, что жирные продукты приводят к набору веса. Что в действительности, совсем не так. Жиры составляют важную часть нашего рациона, благодаря им мы получаем ощущение сытости: на уровне головного мозга срабатывает своеобразный тормоз — «я наелся». Другими словами, это естественный способ контролировать переедание. Как только продукт обезжиривают, он перестает быть сытным, а значит риск сорваться и съесть свыше нормы — велик. Кроме того, вместе с жирами продукты лишаются части вкусовых качеств, а значит восполнять их будут с помощью добавок или сахара.
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I ain't gonna lose anymore weight but I am gonna check out #coolsculpting! I have a free consultation today😘

Wow, @therealdebramessing was shocked! Her #CoolSculpting experience was so comfortable, she fell asleep 😴 during treatment. Like Debra, C❄️❄️lSculpting will get you fat reduction results with no surgery and little to no downtime. Call #LyosPlasticSurgery today!

#Repost @coolsculpting (@get_repost)
@therealdebramessing was shocked! Her #CoolSculpting experience was so comfortable, she fell asleep 😴 during treatment. Like Debra, C❄️❄️lSculpting will get you fat reduction results with no surgery and little to no downtime.
❄Schedule a consultation with Melissa Valdez, Advanced Coolsculpting Provider @bucay_dermatology! Melissa has performed over 900 #Coolsculpting and #Dualcool treatments. Our TREAT!
Tuesday, October 23
3:00 PM to 5:00
Call for your 15 courtesy minute consultation! ❄Promotions!
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Shape what you see without surgery or downtime. Give CoolScultping a try. You’re worth it! See our FB page for our CoolSculpting Happy Hour event this Wednesday in Lenexa!

Stubborn pigment is a common concern amongst my patients. I often prescribe an Obagi homecare system prior to beginning treatments in clinic. Check out at this amazing 4 week skin transformation with Obagi Nu Derm Fx alone!

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