I know it has been a few days since I finished my story The Unknown. For those who read it what did you think? Also would you rather wait a few weeks before I share my story Holocron, or would you like me to share my shorter story Grievance while I finish writing Holocron?
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Another haul from bricks and minifigs. Should I do a haul video on YouTube for everything I got from that store over the last three days?
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Bought some stuff from my buddy.
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Yesterday’s bricks and minifigs haul.
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I will be at the Michigan bricks and minifigs store today. Going up with some coworkers to get some Lego!
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Originally I was going to skip Building Vibroblade Ridge this week due to not having parts for a decent video. However, I have started painting Commander Mav, Which in itself looks like it will be close to a whole segment. Should I do a video this week, or save the painting in the event my parts do not arrive before next Friday? So skip this week as planned, or possibly skip next week?

Haul from my local Bricks & Minifigs store. Got a knight, two porgs, and the only two umbarans they had.
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Another look at the next segment of Building Vibroblade Ridge. Remember, I am taking this week off and doing a Why I Buy from Lego video this Friday instead.

Commander Thorn
I will be posting a few pictures from this MOC. It is a alternative version of the bridge I used a little built ago. Do you want to see more pictures?
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“How many languages you speak?” #lego #starwars #legostarwars #c3po #coolridgeproductions

Three days later:

They had returned to Coruscant to give their report. Lacer went with Sines and Strafe to the Jedi temple to make sure Sines did not get court marshaled.
Crossfire remained on the cruiser. Kup was given leave. Crossfire knew Kup needed to see her. Crossfire was slow to stand up from his bunk. He use it to support himself. The mechanical leg took some time to get use to.

Kup walked through the streets of Coruscant. He rounded the corner and looked up. Raffa’s was right where he had left it. The Kup walked in the place was empty, except for two men at the end of the bar. As the door slid shut Srenea turned around. Her face lit up as she saw Kup walked towards her. “Your back, How was your mission?” “Rough,” Kup said with his helmet still on. “Only four of us made it out.” His voice was low since it was hard to speak. “I’m sorry, do you want a drink?” She asked.
Kup put his hand on his burn in an attempt to ease the pain. “No thank you.” “Are you alright?” Srenea leaned forward on the bar and took his hand. When he did not speak she looked at him. “Let me close up and we can walk home.”
That’s the end. I don’t think it’s one f my best stories, but I don’t think it is my worst. Thoughts?
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Here is a picture i was going to use as a close up, but in the end I threw it out.
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Hulkbuster on the platform. Great build!
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Autobot Mirage. Design taken from the Transformers: Forged to Fight app. As well as images online.
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Early look at next building video.
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They heard the explosion from their gunship. “What is that thing?” Lacer asked.
Sines shook his head. “No idea.” The arc just shook his head.

Lacer looked at Crossfire Who was now on a gurney. “Your leg. What happened?” “Lightning, but red.” Crossfire laughed. “I imagine it’s what a lightsaber feels like. I’m fine.” “I told you to be carful.” Lacer said and pulled off his helmet. She looked into his eyes. “You lied.” “I am still alive.” Crossfire pointed out.
Lacer leaned down and kissed him. “Yes you are.” When she leaned back she looked at Kup. “Are you alright?” “I’ll be fine Admiral. Let’s worry about the captain.” Kup said. The medic had began to apply bacta to his burns.

Strafe spoke up. “The scar will make you look tougher.” “From now on we keep it within the known galaxy.” Sines said. “I am not doing this again.” The whole gunship agreed.
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Got some things. Sorry for the glare.
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