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Give it up for the single mamas 💗🙌🏽 #MomCrushMonday @jlo

In one week he will be on a plane without me or his dad. And in one year, he'll be driving us around ... ✈️🙏🏻🚘#god #parenting #teen #coolmom 😁😉

A proud mother-daughter moment 👩‍👧‍👧 #CoolMom

Thanks for always keeping my secrets #coolmom 😚

Took a little break this weekend to spend time with my kids! The week gets so hectic that I forget to stop and relax with them! My son Victor brought home a straight A's report card last week so we celebrated with a family campout & movie night. Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile the night was a hit! See the details on the blog of the homemade dinner the boys made and how I turned our family room into the perfect fancy campsite! (🔗 in bio) #YourTaxCash #ad #FamilyMobile #Cbias #ABMHappyLife #Shop1108

Buenos días! Aquí aún no hemos asimilado el cambio de hora. Menos mal que después de una semana sin casi poder dormir, esta noche hemos vuelto a tener 5 horas del tirón. Entre mocos y gases no dormíamos más de 2 horas seguidas y yo ya parecía un zombie. Ahora solo nos queda que llegue el calorcito y poder disfrutar de las tardes más largas!

I MISS LOU 💔 #coolmom

So adorable, She is so busy but She always spends time with her Kids 😙😙😙😙 #adorable

Senior champagne brunch with my first entryway as a proctor. Can't help but have all of the #feelings when I think back on how much this first year proctoring has made me feel so grateful to be at, and humbled by, Harvard. Feeling so lucky to have the opportunity to advise incredible students who are already changing the world. And to my freshmen (yes, you will always be my freshmen!) thank you for influencing me more than I could ever imagine. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see what you do next #whatsthe411 #coolmom #stopgrowingup #seniorspring


Mama. In Vegas. On a Monday.....and all y'all ask where I get it from....pfffffff lol back up brah! #coolmom #twerkinforabirkin <-- totally kidding

Only a few of these tees left! Baby bodysuits are sold out. I won't be reprinting to put in stock but if you shoot me a msg I can print them as requested for a limited time. Link in bio!

Ohhh I wish! Dreaming of a Netflix day!
Have a great week y'all... 💕

Ummmm, ya- I think so. At least this is what I tell my kids 🤘😝 I think I need to buy this shirt!!! 🙃#coolmom #notyouraveragemom #scvlife #happymonday #lifeofamom #retailtherapy #positivevibes #mua #mua💄 #macgirl #macartist

Sometimes, after a weekend of shopping for a minivan, I need to put on a rock 'n roll t-shirt and remind myself I'm still cool 😂😂😂 #agnesanddora #leggings #coolmom

Birthday Girl with her #coolmom 👭 #kidslovespur #mommyduties 💝

Morning supplements ☀️
Water with Himalayan sea salt ✔️
Digestive enzymes ✔️
Detox drink ✔️ Now off to the airport to get my hands on my hubby who's been gone for 4 days!! Eeeee! 😍😍😍 #reset #day13


Give it up for the single mamas 💗🙌🏽 #MomCrushMonday @jlo

Made it to Atlanta! Taking the kids to the Coke Museum and Aquarium today! There's 100 different flavors of soda here. I grew up in NE PA and we call carbonated soft drinks soda. What do you call it? Soda? Pop?

Outfit Of The Day: Sm. Carly Dress, OS Leggings, Clark Wedges (I was never interested in shopping at Clarks for shoes, but these wedges are cute and SO COMFY! I can wear them all day without hurting)
. ***Year Of Leggings Giveaway***
Is happening now! Not only will I be giving 1 random winner 1 pair of leggings for 12 months. I've decided to also pick 10 random winners for $10 in Lula Cash!!! (Bc I heart you!) Ends 03/30/17 9pm EST. Join my FB Group (link in profile) to participate!

Happy Monday!! Bring on the chaos 💪🏼 (And the #caffeine , please) ☕️☕️☕️ #chaoscoordinator #bankygirlcreations || Super cute photo by @positivelyoakes

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